DEVBUZZ - The DVC Bitcoin PR Buzz Investment Fund To Be Listed on CryptoStocks


DEVBUZZ will be an investment fund denominated in Devcoin (DVC), paying monthly dividends in DVC and listed on CryptoStocks. The fund will convert Bitcoin PR Buzz's monthly BTC profits into DVC to pay investors. Bitcoin PR Buzz is a unique and profitable digital currency business, which has been serving the community for one year. Due to the recent BTC/USD exchange rate Bitcoin PR Buzz has seen a huge increase in traffic and customers. DVC investment will be used to ensure a smooth expansion and further profits for all stakeholders. Bitcoin PR Buzz currently earns BTC revenue through its unique Press Release service , Bitcoin earnings through advertising on the website, and the Bitcoin affiliate programs on the Bitcoin PR Buzz website. Demand for the Press Release service has risen 500% in the last two weeks, and traffic has gone up by 400%.


The fund name will be “Bitcoin PR Buzz DVC Investment Fund”


The fund ticker will be “DEVBUZZ”

Bitcoin PR Buzz DVC Investment Fund's Purpose:

The fund will have three key objectives:

1.) To increase DVC liquidity through providing a new investment vehicle denominated in DVC. To stabilize the DVC/BTC exchange rate and increase the DVC market cap - as BTC profits will be converted to DVC to pay investors. To help ensure Devcoin can continue its mission of funding world changing open source projects across the globe.

2.) To enable Bitcoin PR Buzz in this early stage of rapid growth to expand and increase profits by:

  • Establishing arrangements with top tier Press Release distributors: to enhance the unique and important Press Release service Bitcoin PR Buzz currently provides to digital currency projects worldwide (Bitcoin PR Buzz's Press Release services: As well as enabling Bitcoin PR Buzz to serve its clients to an even higher standard, these deals will also further increase Bitcoin PR Buzz profitability.
  • Hiring writers to create original content for the website. is currently serving over 1500 unique hits per day. This will rapidly expand due to even more original content posted on the Bitcoin Press Release platform. This will lead to increased revenue from new Bitcoin Press Release enquiries, advertising revenue, and from the current profitable Bitcoin affiliate arrangements Bitcoin PR Buzz has in place.
  • Promoting Bitcoin PR Buzz's affiliate offers (which are a current BTC revenue stream for the business), and paying out these profits in DVC to shareholders.

3.) To ensure shareholders are paid in a timely manner on the first Tuesday of every calendar month - after Bitcoin PR Buzz's BTC profits have been converted into DVC.


Dividends will be paid in DVC on the first Tuesday of every month. BTC profit from Bitcoin PR Buzz will be converted to DVC to pay shareholders.

Shares Issued:

Bitcoin PR Buzz will hold 90% of shares. 10% will be made available to investors. These will be released gradually over a week or more - to ensure that all interested investors can secure shares at the lowest possible price.


Possible investment risks include:

  • Collapse of BTC network / exchange rate
  • Collapse of DVC network / exchange rate
  • Decreased Bitcoin PR Buzz profits (unlikely but possible)


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