Delicious and easy K-cup Coffee

When you are tired any time of the day or night there is nothing like a nice hot cup of coffee for keeping awake and alert. First get out the filters, and pot, and then get some coffee grinds ready. Then make a large pot of regular coffee. Well, this is one way to make a nice pot of coffee but how about if you want only a cup or just a few cups maybe. Then use the K-cup coffee maker. It is fast and easy.

A manufacturer for this one cup at a time method is called Keurig and they use the K-cup system. Like the typical coffee maker you can make coffee of course, but with this machine it is very simple and easy to make one cup at a time very fast. The machine has a water storage tank that holds several cups all at once, and filters the water to be used so it is clean.

Using the Keurig coffee maker

When starting the machine just press the start button. There is a LED display window to help inform you with various status messages. First the water is taken into the machine automatically, then it is heated up to a boiling temperature very quickly, usually it takes no more than a minute or so. Then when the water is completely heated you will receive a message on the LED display window that it is ready to make coffee. Just choose what size cup of coffee you want. Small, medium and large size cups are available selections and there are separate buttons for these types. While the machine is in the ready mode insert the K-cup cartridge. The cartridge has the ground coffee inside and acts like a filter. Lift the handle of the machine to insert a K-cup cartridge. Then after the cartridge is inside, the machine will show on the LED display window that it is ready. Just press the button for the size cup of coffee you want and it will fill your cup. It is as easy as that.

New ideas

You can choose many varieties of K-cups that are different styles of coffee and flavors. From regular style coffee to Hazelnut, Vanilla, Espresso and Donut shop there are countless types to choose from. Some of the Keurig machines have different options or capacities and these vary by model.

It is fun to shop for K-cups at the retail store, shopping mall, or online. So many varieties to choose from. One seriously must consider having one of these machines at the office or even at a party. All kinds of varieties of quick and easy beverages can be dispensed very simply without the preparation hassle or time needed to produce the drinks. Great deals on large quantities of K-cups are available and also mix and match deals on varieties and flavors.

Gifts and accessories are available online like novelty mugs, K-cup display carousels, coffee milk frother, water filter cartridge refills, iced beverage tumblers, water reservoir options, ice carafe, condiment drawers, cup holder accessory, shelf accessory, gift certificates, select custom flavor trial packs, and personalized K-cup filter holders - My K-cup. With the My K-cup accessory you can use your own coffee grind or tea that you place inside the empty filter, opening up a wide range of possibilities for custom brewing. I also have used some custom filters similar to the My K-cup. They are available from different companies and have various filter densities that release water at different rates.

One can try different styles and types of custom filters to see what works best for the type of beverage being brewed or made. For example it might not be a good option to use a custom filter cup for a strong Espresso type coffee because it may let too much water through too fast and water down the coffee. Also many types of tea may taste too mild with a high release water filter cup. Some My K-cup manufacturers may also have filter designs that just don't work well or the way they should, this is something to keep in mind but is really just a personal preference of the person using the filter.

Easy maintenance

One fine detail about the Keurig machine is that there are replacements parts readily available. Whether it is a water reservoir, drip tray, reservoir lid or some other kind of part, you can get it. No need to necessarily throw away a broken machine. Just order the replacement part and you are ready to make beverages again. Some parts are very easy to replace and no special skill is needed to service the machine, some additional labor may need to be required to replace more complex parts or mechanisms. Whenever you are not sure if a part is easy to replace it is best to send the machine in for service. I would think these machines are pretty reliable from what I have heard and I have not had any concerns about both my machines. They have always worked great.

Various models of machines have different options available like extra water capacity for making a lot of drinks without refilling often. Also there is a special machine for making Cappuccino & Latte, Lavazza espresso, and froth milk fast at the touch of a button. With this machine you can probably save money by making these types of special coffee treats at home, office or almost anywhere.

More to come

In the future who knows what’s next with these types of machines. Hot fruit juice, vegetable juice, soup broth, soda, maybe more. As these technologies improve I am sure there will be new exciting innovations. For many of us we can still use ice also and get creative like for example making fruit flavored slush type drinks, or perhaps ice cold chocolate drinks, ice coffee, and vitamin sport drinks.

Custom variations of K-cups are also available to make different types of beverages. You can also choose drinks like hot chocolate, black tea, green tea, and hot cider. Almost any hot beverage can be made and is said to be available soon. So if you want to try something new and want your coffee fast and easy by the cup anyway you like try this machine, it’s very good and highly recommended.

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