Deathrun is a game mode in Garry's Mod. The game mode features two teams, Deaths and Runners. The goal of the Runners is to make it to the end of the level, and then kill the Deaths. The goal of the Deaths is to kill the Runners using various traps in the level. The level is comparable to an obstacle course.

There are a large amount of runners (around 10-20) and a small amount of Deaths (usually 2-5). A level also has a limited amount of traps, and since Deaths can only use a trap once, they want to kill as many Runners as possible with a trap. Deaths also must make sure to use it at the correct time. If a Runner fakes to run over a trap, but backs out at the last second, and the Death uses the trap, the Runner gets a free pass. This is basically all of the game. The Runners try to fake crossing past traps so that Deaths will use traps at the wrong time. Deaths have to be super aware to make sure they use it at the correct time. They can't do it too early, but they also can't do it too late. If they are too late, the Runner already passed the trap zone, and is free to move on.

The traps vary from pieces of the road disappearing to spikes popping up out of the ground to blowers blowing you off the level. There is literally all sorts of traps in all sorts of different levels.

When a runner reaches the end of the level, he can pick up a gun, and then gets access to the Death's area. He should now kill al the Deaths before they slice him to Death. Once all Death are dead, the Runners win. If the Death happen to kill all the Runners, either with traps or melee at the end game, they win the game. Some levels feature an alternate ending, like a bunny hop parkour.

A lot of servers have a point shop, where you can buy alternate skins, hats and trails for your Runner. You earn points by winning rounds.


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