Dating After 60

I just wanted to share with you some things that I have learned about dating as a baby boomer. I think that dating in later years is definitely different than dating at any other age, and it comes with its own set of challenges. But as you work through those challenges, I believe it can be the best dating years of your life!

The biggest thing I found is that the older we get, we tend to develop unwavering stereotypes. These stereotypes can be good or bad. I met one man who associated everyone who laughed a certain way with his ex wife. He wouldn't even talk to these women because he didn't want to date another woman like his ex, and that stereotype probably held him back from finding a pretty good woman.

I've seen it go the other way too. A woman who lost her husband was desperately looking for a man who held the same traits as him because she thought that she would have a similar relationship. That stereotype that she was holding onto could have forced her to get into an unhealthy relationship, just because the guy reminded her of her husband.

So, that would be the biggest tip I have for dating in your later years. Drop all of the stereotypes you have collected and look at each person as someone new and fresh and unique.

The next biggest issue I've seen is emotional baggage. I know firsthand that if you have been hurt and carrying around issues from your past, then that can influence how successful you are in the dating world. For example, if you are carrying around a victim attitude from years of mistreatment (I see this often!), then you may not believe that you accept a man who or woman who treats you well.

It is very important to deal with emotional baggage before you even think about dating. That ensures that you are in a good frame of mind and ready to find someone who adds to your happiness.

Also, make sure you have learned from your past relationships! There was a point in my life where I kept have the same relationship problems over and over again. I quickly figured out that if you do not change something, then history is doomed to repeat itself over and over and over…

I found the best way to learn from past relationships is to identify the issues I have had and work towards fixing them.

For example, there was a time in my life when I would not communicate my needs. Of course that led to unhappiness, but I kept doing it in every relationship and was consistently disappointed when my needs were not met! It was ridiculous. But when I finally figured out that I need to communicate my needs, everything changed.

I think that at a certain age, we have enough life experience to choose a partner that makes us happy and interact in a relationship in way that is healthy. I really think that letting go of stereotypes and emotional baggage, and learning from past mistakes, is one key element in doing so.


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