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Dade feels at first feels strong and good about when he catches a thief, but then feels remorse. I think this is because when he first catches the thief he’s proud of himself and think that he did something great. Then he starts to feel sorrow for the person that steals the food because they probably need it and he feels awkward and bad having to punish them. He does not want to have to get the person in trouble and make them feel bad about what they did but he wants the person that stole the food to also realize what they did was wrong and shouldn't be done again.

Dade has a good kind personality and always wants to do what he thinks is right but if he sees a person that struggles and look like they stole the food for a purpose, then he feel remorse and more ensuring about punishing them. The one lady that tried stealing the food multiple times came in and took food. When he brought her in for questioning he found out the food was stale. This shows that she wasn't trying to steal for no reason and she needed the food and she took the minimum. When this happened Dade at first felt proud and felt good that he caught someone trying to steal something but then later he realized that she needed the food so then he let her go. He felt remorse for her so he allowed her to go because even though he knew she was doing a wrong action he knew she was doing it just to feed herself.

Out of kindness he lets her go because he knows this is the right thing to do and his mom would approve. We are meant to think that the family’s willingness to compromise and their absence of anger add to Dade’s confusion. Throughout the story Dade is always confused about what he should do because both of his parents have opposite opinions and he can’t please both of his parents at the same time. Whenever he tries to please his parents he only has the ability to please one of them because on everything he does they end up having opposite opinions.

He is confused and doesn’t know what to do because he wants to please both of his parents but sometimes that turns into a struggle to complete. When Dade’s parents start to have comprises between the mom and dad on what they want this starts to really confuse Dade. He really just wants to please them and before this was an impossible task because they always kept opposite opinions. Once they start to compromise on thing Dade gets really confused because they were never able to compromise before. This added to his confusion because he always wants to please both of his parents but never could but when they start agreeing he’s really surprised and doesn’t know why his parents are doing this.

Compare and contrast

The 2 characters I am comparing are Dade from Star Food and Neil from the movie Dead Poets Society. To begin, I am going to start with showing Similarities towards these two characters. I know that both of these characters are hard working. Neil is very hard working because he make sure he has all his grades up before he asks his dad if he is allowed to do the play and Dade is because he gets work done and tries his best to please both of his parents.

Also, both of these characters are not able to follow what they want to do in life because of their parents. Neil’s parents won’t allow him to do the play because they don’t want that interfering with his future doctor career and Dade’s isn’t able to do what he wants because his parents are trying to mold his future though they have opposite opinions. Next I will be sharing their differences.

Dade in the movie gets really depressed commits suicide because of his parents won’t let him follow his dreams. On the other hand, Dade doesn’t take it that personal because he knows they are just trying to do what is best for him. After that, Dade’s parents are a much more caring than Neil’s. Dade’s parents throughout the story still care about his opinion and give him a little freedom in what he does but Neil’s parents are very strict and won’t give him any choice in what he does so this makes it a lot tougher for Neil. Lastly, I know that Dade has a much easier life that Neil. In the movie Neil has no choice in what he does and what school he attends while Dade is more free and isn’t stuck at some extremely strict boarding school.

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