D'ydii is a fantasy planet thought to be located somewhere in the Digitalis D'ydii Cluster supercluster of galaxies.

Begun in 1973 using the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons, it evolved through various other rule-systems throughout the pencil-and-paper era, eventually using Aftermath character-mechanics with Iron Crown Enterprises spells grafted on to the psionics system while still using Chivalry and Sorcery for some aspects of political structure, positions and influence/favours.

D'ydii is known to have a moon that waxes to full every night, a feature which is important to were-creatures. It is believed by some that this is due to its moon being a huge starship, possibly the very one in which the being known as Aum brought the Elves to D'ydii “in the beginning” (over 250,000 years ago, apparently, though this number probably refers to D'ydii's 280-day years and is probably rather approximate; it relies mostly upon the testimony of Oceania, who purportedly has claimed to have been a youth aboard that ship when it arrived).

It is thought that D'ydii has a “dark side”, a side which faces a black hole around which their sun orbits. Supposedly the sun is always on the planet's side of its orbit when the “light side” of the planet faces the black hole, thus concealing the presence of the black hole from the inhabitants of the “light side”. The city known as the Rainbow City or City of Rainbows, seemingly located in the twilight zone or near the edge of the night side, supposedly enjoys a rainbow of colours as light from the sun bends around the black hole during the sun's transit behind the hole.

Whether this peculiar state of astrophysical affairs is physically possible might be moot, inasmuch as the planet is, after all, a fantasy planet, and thus, in the imaginations of non-fantasy types, quite possibly or even probably a myth.

When Aum arrived at D'ydii he had four “heralds”, who were elves he had equipped with powerful magickal devices, the four rings that later cam to be called the Four Rings of the Elves. These were the Ring of Wisdom, the Ring of Eternity, the Ring of Life and the Ring of Fire. Oceania's father was the wielder of the Ring of Fire. He seems to be a kind of Prometheus figure, a sponsor of the humans that eventually developed upon the planet; apparently the elves, under the guidance of Aum, were instrumental in creating these humans by assisting the evolution of the rather primitive hominids that were indigenous to the planet at that time.

Some of the tales that survive from those early times come from s shipwright who, like Oceania, arrived on Aum's ship; however that ancient shipwright was slain by Nicodemius when Nicodemius came t the Far Havens to capture Ancarion the Wise. As is well known Ancarion talked Nicodemius down, so to speak; but too late to save the shipwright.

Apparently at some point Oceania's father, the Lord of Fire of that early time, rebelled against Aum and was punished by exile or death; some say by exile that eventually presumably led to death. For this act of Aum's, Oceania avenged her father by slaying Aum. The Ring of Fire is said never to have been worn by an elf since, in memory of Oceania's father. No one has ever really come up with any clear explanation of how it was that the Ring of Fire came back into circulation while its wielder remained forever lost. Presumably he get rid of it somehow to keep it out of the hands of Aum. In fact it is not even really clear that these Rings were Aum's, that he gave to the elves who became his heralds, or were already treasures of the elves before Aum ever came upon them. There are some indications that the four elves who became Aum's heralds already had these rings, and that it was due to their being the bearers of these rings that it was they who took up with Aum in the first place. It has been suggested that Aum came to their world as a threat, and they talked him into allowing it to survive in return for the service of the ringbearers.

By some forty thousand years or so ago Fox had come into existence; she has never really made clear how old she was by that point, nor when and how she originally came to exist. Humans had evolved into their modern form by then too, and largely dominated the world. It was the period known as the Age of the Overlords. The light side of the world was largely divided into three parts, under the rules of the Overlord of the East, the Overlord of the North and the Overlord of the South. Alchemy was far enough developed that each of these three realms had a number of “immortal” humans in the court of their Overlord, that is, humans whose lives had been extended by potions of longevity. Supposedly it was Fox who invented alchemy, and for some time she alone knew how to create the elixirs of longevity. Her crowning achievement, her Great Work that an alchmist performs once having created and learned to control his or her Philosopher's Stone, was the creation of the One Tree, a tree that basically operates an an alchemist itself, cycling through the traditional progression of alchemical experiments producing the products of those experiments in the form of its fruit. This leads periodically to its growing of a number of golden apples of longevity, which are the form take by the longevity potions produced by the tree.

The One Tree was originally one of the treasures of the East, being located somewhere near the Plaza of the Moon. However three of the “immortals” of the North stole it, which is how it comes to reside somewhere near the City of Rainbows nowadays. One of these three thieves was he who was and is known as the Lord of Lies; it was by following the thieves and insinuating herself among them that Fox ended up learning the secrets of his powerful illusions and becoming known as the Lady of Lies.

The moon that orbits D'ydii is artificial, black on one side and luminous white on the other so that it does not rely upon the sun in order to provide light at night. It seems very likely that it is in fact the very ship in which Aum originally came to D'ydii. It apparently enforces a quarantine upon the planet by shooting down anything larger than an individual humanoid that flies up above the atmosphere of the planet into space. However there are some indications that Fox has some control over the ship, at least when she is able to make use of the Plaza of the Moon to do so. We can see indications of this in the tale of the dancing of the moon into the sky, in which by dancing upon that plaza she seemingly conjured the moon into existence.


The best known calendar is known as the Eos calendar, used all over the continent Eos, the East Continent.

This calendar divides the 280 day year into ten months of four seven-day weeks each.

The seven days of the week are named, in order, Day of the Rat, Day of the Cat, Day of the Toad, Day of the Beetle, Day of the Ant, Day of the Mouse and Day of the Gods.

The weeks of each month are named, in order, Week of the Eastern Moon, Week of the Southern Moon, Week of the Western Moon and Week of the Northern Moon. Note that the direction of moonrise changes in accordance with these week-names. That is, the moon rises in the east in the Week of the Eastern Moon and so on around the compass.

The ten months of the year are named, in order, Month of The Lizard, Month of The Centaur, Month of The Hog, Month of The Dryad, Month of The Scorpion, Month of The Serpent, Month of The Owl, Month of The Horse, Month of The Fox and Month of The Wolf.

Winter and summer are three months long, spring and fall are two months.

Winter is months nine, ten and one (Month of The Fox, Month of The Wolf and Month of The Lizard).

Spring is months two and three (Month of the Centaur and Month of the Hog).

Summer is months four, five and six (Month of The Dryad, Month of The Scorpion and Month of The Serpent).

Fall is months seven and eight (Month of The Owl and Month of The Horse).

Historical Notes (from the Archaeological Society of Lethron)

The First City, Mendarion, was founded in the Year of the Founding, which is reckoned as the First Year of the Sixth Age of Eos.

The Second City, Orintar, to the south, was declared such in the Year of the Two Cities. Previously Orintar had been but a large town, and had in fact been at war with Mendarion a few years before. The Year of the Two Cities was seventy or more years after the Year of the Founding.

The Third City, Zurban, in the Provonce of Zurbanistan to the north, was declared the Third City in the Year of the Three Cities, which was almost 200 years after the Year of the Two Cities. It seems that the entire Province of Zurbanistan was founded by the people who migrated north from Mendarion and Orintar in the Year of the Migration, which was, apparently, only a few years after the Year of the Two Cities.

The Fimbulwinter, in the Year of the Fimbulwinter, seems to have been with 50 years after the Year of the Two Cities.

The Year of the Duke was the year in which the title of Duke was given to the Lord of Orintar. Presumably the Lord of Zurban was known also as Duke after the declarion of Zurban as the Third City.

The Year of the Coronation is a date to which some importance seems to have been attached. Possibly the Crown, Orb and Sceptre of the Kingdom date back to this time, as no mention of them was made in any earlier records.

More Historical Notes (from the Archaeological Society of Lethron)

(520 year old manuscript dating from the end of the Sixth Age of Eos)

The Province of Dragonkeep, which was once part of the great Kingdom of the Three Cities, was delcared a separate Kingdom in the Year of the Coup (later known as Year 1 of the Atapul dynasty) by King Atapul I, when communications with the Kingdom had ceased. A few runours circulated the Province to the effect that War had broken out in the Kingdom, and that the Three Cities had fallen. This has not, however, been proven, as no further word has been received in the almost Five Hundred years which have elapsed, nor have any invaders come to the Province of Dragonkeep since that time - or at least, none have won through, as a few old legends and rumours indicate that sometime just over two hundred years ago a battle may have been fought just below the Palace of the Overlords, North of Lethron. This, however, is uncertain, and it seems that if there had been such a battle it was swiftly and quietly finished - and as we have no further knowledge of it, it would seem that if there indeed was a battle we won it!

- According to legend, Dragonkeep was founded in the 48th Year of the Moon in the Sky, or almost 900 years ago, approximately.

- The founding of Lethron, it seems, has no date known, and it is possible that the Village was founded even before the Three Cities.

- The Sixth Age of Didi began with the founding of the First City, Mendarion in the Valley. This was some 2000 years ago.

Dates and Events of the Seventh Age of Eos

Here are a few very brief notes regading some seemingly somewhat randomly selected events of the Seventh Age of Eos, known as the Age of the Glory of Mendarion.

Year 1 - Destruction of the Palace of the Overlords of the East.

Year 454 - Disappearance of Mintar.

Year 460 - Destruction of four South Kingdoms cities, including Ilyon. (See A City Dies.)

Year ??? - Birth of Nicodemius of Nord.

Year ??? - Birth of Oliver Bronze.

Year 508 - Hatching of Glenoria Auriel Draconis.

Year 508 - Return of Ezekiel Homo Draconis D'Or.

Year 508 - Slaying of Duke Onrial of Orintar in Mendarion Area using the Axes of Dra.

Year 510, month 2 - Wedding of Dra the Lion and Lady Dragonwing.

Year 510, month 10 - Assasination of Zaladar, the Wizard Laureate.

Year 511, month 7 - Death of Ezekial Home Draconis D'Or.

Year 511, month 7 - Nicodemius takes the Fane of the Jewel.

Year 511, month 8 - Kidnap of Ancarion, Lord of Dirinar, “The Wise”.

Year 511, month 8, last day of the month - Nicodemius mates with Tiamut; they marry at midnight.

Year 511, month 9 - Nicodemius slays Isis and Shu.

Year 518 - Gamerin Auriel Draconis cast out of Faery.

Year 519, month 9 - Diamanta Scarletti head off on 1st expedition to Nord and is never seen again.

Year 524, month 4 - Death of the King of Mendarion.

Year 527 - Earthquake cast by Lich devastates Orintar.

Year 532 month 2 - Priestesses of Himtep, from Nord, arrive in Mendarion on a diplomatic mission.

Year 533 - Dark Queen (Himtep) invades Zurban.

Year 537 - Dark Queen (Himtep) attacks Orintar.

Year 539 -Midsummer Madness; Dark Queen in Orintar sends army north.

Year 540 - [illegible] at Rainbow Lake.

Year 542, month 9, day seven - Third and Final expedition arrives at Rainbow City.

Year 542, month 5 - Dustwalker and Ailantha return from Nord with the Sword of Julian the Martyr.

Year 544, month 4 - The Dark Queen Himtep arrives in Mendarion and takes over.

Year 549, month 5 - Coronation of King of Mendarion.

Year 549, month 6 - Datura Pantherina and Nicros the Damned arrive from Nord.

Year 550, month 5 - Queen of Oceania defeats Dark Queen at Grand Tourney in Mendarion.

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