The Czechs are one of the civilisations included in the standard distribution of the free open source game Freeciv.

In the Galactic Milieu, they existed on the planet known as M4, where they were one of a number of civilisations that made war against the Martians. In 1598 a.d. they, the Ethiopians, the Brazilians and the Hungarians of the planet known as M4 granted the Martians of M4 a ceasefire. The Martians made an offer to the Czechs that if the Czechs granted actual peace the Martians would set up for them a blockchain based cryptocurrency (CZech Bitcash); prototyping work to that end was done, incouding setting up the dCZB asset contract in the Digitalis Open Transactions server, however it is not yet known whether the Czechs accepted the offer, which is why at this time we have not yet seen the CZB currency actually in use.

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