Cryptostocks is a virtual share trading platform which features investment opportunities denominated in Bitcoin (BTC), Devcoin (DVC) and Litecoin (LTC).

Both shares and bonds can be listed on the Cryptostocks website. It should be noted that these are not stocks, shares and bonds in a legal sense – in that they do not conform to the necessary regulations which constrain the traditional financial markets – but are instead a kind of virtual tokens which behave in the same way. The majority are shares listed on Cryptostocks are best classified as 'income investments', by which I mean that they pay regular dividends and aim to provide the investor with a good ROI primarily via these dividends rather than through capital appreciation on the share price.

Investors looking for an opportunity to invest their cryptocurrency holdings and generate a return can view dividend and price history for each share or bond on the website itself, and can order search results according to currency or volume. You can also view each project's annualized yield based on dividends paid over the past 3, 6 or 12 months.

In addition to placing or taking market orders, investors are also able to buy call or put options, which allows you to maintain the option to buy or sell a share at a pre-defined price at any point within a given period of time.

When a new project is added to the Crytostocks website it is initially sold under an IPO flag. This means that shares are sold at a price determined by the issuer, and no other trade offers may be placed by other users until the IPO flag is lifted. The length of the IPO period is set by the issuer themselves.

At the time of writing, almost 100 different projects were listed for investment. Most of these projects are involved in a cryptocurrency based business of some kind, such as mining farms, new exchanges, trading and investment funds, and so on; but there are also business working primarily in other sectors - an example of this is UNITELY, a company which runs a nightclub bookings app that raised funds on Cryptostoks in order to pay for the development costs of adding a Bitcoin payment option.

Investors should take care when investing money in any project listed on this site. Of course that is true for any investment, but it is particularly true when investing in an unregulated market such as this. Although may projects on this site offer excellent returns (I have personally invested in around a dozen, starting around 2 months ago, and have been very pleased with my returns so far) there has also been a history of scams and fake projects being listed on the site, only to run away with the money, never to be heard from again.

The site offers both a data and a trading API to allow for automated trading or integration into other services.


Cryptostocks charges a 0.15% trading fee for all transactions, and the owners of any given project may also charge a fee surcharge of their own in addition to this basic fee.

Fees are also levied for creating a listing, issuing or exercising an option, share transfers and withdrawals.

Withdrawal fees are set at 0.005 BTC, 0.1 LTC, and 25 DVC.

You can view the full fee schedule here.

Requirements for Issuing Shares on Cryptostocks

All new projects must pass a review process before being listed on the Cryptostocks website. The minimum requirements for passing this review process are as follows:

  • The person listing the project must have a premium verified account on Cryptostocks.
  • The project must have a live website.
  • To prove ownership, an account must be created using an email hosted on the business's own domain, and the IPO must be mentioned somewhere on the website.

Devcoin Shares

Although maintaining an up to date list of all the current projects seeking finance through Cryptostocks is beyond the scope of this article, since I'm publishing it on Devtome, which was designed to support Devcoin, I have decided to provide a much shorter list of the projects currently seeking funding in Devcoin to give the reader an idea of the kind of project you will find:

  • – This is a cryptocurrency news and information website which generates revenue through advertising and sales of mining equipment. Dividends are paid on a monthly basis.
  • Devcoin Bounty – This listing is based on the creation and promotion of Devcoin bounties, which support open source developers.
  • Pyra-Proxy DVC Mining Fund – Invests in Bitcoin pyramining and converts the profits into Devcoin to pay dividends.


Cryptostocks was the first website to offers the kind of functionality described above to digital currency businesses and investors, but it is no longer the only one. In recent months another service called Bitcoin Bourse has emerged as a strong competitor.

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