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Cryptopayer is a fork of the Thardferr's game that only includes the Devcoin Web Wallet, you can check the status of the game and the wallet here, a legal note is required for all the wallet's users and it's presented in this place, the goal is to make a fair web wallet and protect the site owner of risks like fraud, hacking, Denial of Service Attacks, etc.
If you are interested of make your own Devcoin wallet, you must check this site, it contains all the information regarding only the web wallet, I recommend you adapt this Terms of Use if you decide to make your own web wallet, even if isn't related at Devcoin at all.
The proposed Terms of Use are the following:


You must read carefully the entire text, if you don’t and access the site, we’ll assume you agree completely the terms described in this document, if you don’t agree don’t use the site.

The terms of Use (“Terms”) are applied to the entire site (cryptopayer) and subdomains.

Cryptopayer can change or modify at any time the terms and conditions in this document at its sole discretion, we’ll publish the changes done to the document in the main page for a reasonable amount of time, any changes will take effect immediately except when we post a certain date, if you continue the use of the site, that action will confirm your acceptance, if you don’t agree to the changes, you must stop using the service.


Cryptopayer provides an online wallet that permit the users to store Devcoins, send and receive to other Devcoin users regardless the wallet they are using.

1. Eligibility

The people allowed to use this site is anyone from any part of the world or outside and you must have only one account.

2. Registration and Account

Cryptopayer will only ask a few information to make an online wallet, giving you the freedom to share or not some of your personal information. By registering an account you agree to: (a) Don’t share with anyone your access credentials (b) Change your password constantly (c ) If you can add the 2FA security yo your account will be great (d) If you discover security issues in the site, you must notify the site administrator (e) You must take full responsibility if your account is compromised or have an unauthorized access, we encourage you to store only the minimum amount of Devcoins in the site, if you want a safe way to store the coins, you must install a native wallet (f) Even if this site is considered secure, it can be hacked and the coins stolen, if this happens, we'll do all we got in our hands to recover them, if we can't you agree to accept the lost.

3. Privacy Policy

Cryptopayer have a little usage of cookies to store some session information, like page numbers or markers, we may gather a log containing for statistical usage the ip, web browser, operating system, the date/time you logged in and the information you registered in the site. All of them will be kept by us and we’ll not share it with anyone without your express consent, except if it’s required by the law (Only if we consider it fair, as an international website we aren’t specifically regulated of any country, if we think the information requisition is unfair we can change the web server to another country).

4. Security risks

If we consider your account as a threat of the system, you’ll be banned and the funds of your account frozen until the administrator decides what to do. If you make a proven fraud the evidence will be sent to the competent authorities.

5. Fees

The fees of the withdrawals and payments can vary depending of the site administration or the Devcoin algorithm itself.

This site is distributed with Creative Commons licence, you can freely use the source code without any warranty, but you can’t use the logo and the name “cryptopayer”, that’s because we don’t want the people to be confused if you use it in your site.

7. Changes on the site

Cryptopayer reserves the right to make adaptations and changes without advice, including or removing features, and even the website can be suspended temporarily or permanently.


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