Cryptographic Currency Will Change The World

I believe cryptographic currency has/will change the world for the better. I have always been a visionary thinker and I have been drawn to crypto because of the potential that I see in it. The design and marketing are brilliant for a new technology. Notice that I said technology and not product or currency, because that is what crypto is… Bitcoin is definitely the leader and deservedly so in my opinion because it was the innovator. What Bitcoin did that I love is deliver the technology freely. Since it is completely open source, there is no reason that everyone cannot make or decide on which currencies to use and why to use them. Yes Bitcoin is the most popular since it was first, but if you doubt the integrity or honesty of BTC, or the BTC community, then you can simply use another crypto instead. I see the point that can be made about being coerced into BTC because it is the market leader and so the most convenient, but that is all it is (a convenience). If people want to study up and take time to look into the details of a coin, they can decide free of coercion whether or not they want to take part in the use of that coin. *For example, there is no reason at this point that I cannot use Dogecoin, Litecoin, or Madeitupcoin instead so long as others feel those coins are worthwhile.

Here is what I would like to see happen in an ideal setting (feel free give your opinions on this) #1 cryptographic currencies and other technologies stemming from it (Etherum etc…) are mass adopted and spread to most if not all of the world. #2 Now that this has happened, there are hundreds of thousands of coins out there all with different purposes which people can decide to use or not. #3 Finally, once most of the world is using cryptographic technology (which we should be making as easy as possible by helping spread it and making tools for it to function as simply as possible for new users even in 3rd world countries) then at that point we are free to try and solve the problems we face collectively whatever they may be. What we should be doing regardless of the currency is trying to create true value for the world (value meaning higher standards of living while also reducing our impact on the environment or perhaps even reversing damage we have caused).

I hate politics, I do my best to stay away from anyone political and yet for the first time in my life I am being driven into politics with cryptos. I see such a bright future for them because once we start using them we can effectively prune corruption in our political systems by controlling the power we give to politicians. I would say we can do this with USD too (I am from the USA), but the way our system works currently there is not enough political support.

Choice is Power

Cryptographic currency makes it clear for the first time in my life that the true power one holds lies in choice. We choose our actions, our morals, our goals, and our stance in the world with regard to anything and everything we are faced with. Money is no different. So the bottom line for me is, whatever businesses, people, and currencies I see as the best creators, innovators, and refiners of this world, those will be the ones that I place my faith in. I imagine the rest of the world will do the same. I would love to spend my time and effort helping these causes, but other than researching and discussing them on message boards and forums I have no real outlet with which to do so at this time.

I am working on it and am hoping that tools are developed that I can use to help, but until that time I will try to do it myself, make my own tools, and simply support those technologies. People joke regarding cryptographic currency all the time saying that the goal is not to make money, the goal is to change the world. This is true and if we want to prove it and not be selfish we should be constantly using our cryptocurrency to advance the world and if we ever feel like we have more than we need, it should be donated to a proper cause. This seems so simple to me and does not require force to be implemented.

We need to use our cryptocurrency to bring positive change to the world as we know it. We were given the tools, I am choosing to use them, what will you choose to do?


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