Cryptogenic Bullion

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This coin has a new and creative name, Cryptogenic Bullion, but Nanotokens, a competing cryptocurrency, was released at about the same time. Nanotokens won out and it is trading on Cryptsy, while Cryptogenic Bullion is surviving on Google Docs exchanges. Because there are only one million pieces of bullion, the creator claims that it has the potential to become at least 20x the value of BTC. The reputation of the “coin” has been tarnished due to the fact that the creator has been posting in the “Newbies” thread about CGB and its potential, though most skeptics say that scarcity does not always equal value. This coin is one of the runner-up coins in the cryptocurrency competition and miners and traders can decide its fate. Also, due to a strong marketing team, this coin has caught up. Though public interest has died down, its devs are still persistent and hardworking. Physical CGB is available at


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