Crissy is a character of the Galactic Milieu whose importance (albeit unknown to most characters in most current aspects of the Milieu) dates all the way back to the tabletop era of D'ydii play. Some characters in the CrossCiv server though, who have met Crissy in the planetary capital of the galactic diplomacy planet represented therein, are aware if not of her actual origin on D'ydii then at least of her claims that she and Fox both originate on D'ydii and that all her “Crissy tales” about Fox set on D'ydii are true.

Crissy has always been known as a storyteller. Supposedly she is fact but the latest in a long family line of storytellers who specialise in tales about Fox. Although some might think it more suitable to refer to such tales as “Fox tales” or “Tales of Fox” they have traditionally, at least since Crissy took up her hereditary role, been known as “Crissy tales”.

This aspect of the character, very familiar to D'ydii players, is seen again in Between the Worlds, in which she appears as an author of holodramas and holobarrack combat-training programs. She is in fact apparently one of the authors, or possibly even the primary author, director, producer, writer or some such, of the documentary holodramas Martian Invasion 1594, Mystery in 1596 and Mutiny in 1626. (Some students of these docudramas have expressed the opinion that the character “La Tess” in the latter is a Mary Sue inserted by Crissy.)

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