Could Cosby Have Killed Any "Alleged" Victims?

Go ahead. Say it. I know a lot of you want to.

“What kind of troll article is this? My God, how irresponsible to speculate that Cosby may have gone so far to kill any alleged victims,” you say. Right?

You are quick to remind me that Cosby hasn't even been arrested for disturbing the peace. He hasn't even been ticketed for letting his dog poop on the neighbors lawn. And in the civil case he settled, in what his attorney inappropriately used a punny term, namely that the differences were resolved to the, “mutual satisfaction” of his client and the plaintiff – Cosby didn't, technically, publicly admit to being guilty.

(Yet, I'd remind you that when his attorney made a sweeping generalization that all of Cosby's accusers were discredited or liars, it only took one day for him to go on record, admitting that generalization did not apply to Andrea Constant, who settled out of court with him.)1)

Evidently Agreed Not To Deny Constand's Accusations

You'll probably ignore that he obviously is legally required to not deny Constand's allegations, but instead you'll tell me that people settle cases all the time, just to stop being taken advantage of by manipulators misusing the American court system… and never mind the fact that one of the few documents made public about that civil case, said that he agreed to apologize to the plaintiff and her mother.

I suppose you'll tell me that people apologize all the time for things they didn't do, just to get people who are falsely accusing them off their backs. (Seriously?) Yes, you say. That case meant nothing, and I might as well forget the fact that more than a dozen other women, besides the plaintiff, were going to testify in that case, telling their stories of Cosby doing the same drugging and/or raping/sexually assaulting to them that the plaintiff said he did to her.

8 Jane Doe's Still At Large


Never mind that so far, only 5 of those 13 women (who would have been called Jane Does, when they testified) have come out publicly, meaning there are 8 more women than the more than two dozen we already know about, all claiming to have been assaulted and/or drugged by the funny man, or that hardly a week goes by without at least one other accuser going public. You want me to ignore the fact that adding those 8 accusers brings the total of women who have either already gone public, or were ready to testify under oath in 2006, to more than three dozen.

All these women have virtually nothing positive to gain out of this experience and a lot of negativity to deal with for sharing their often eerily similar stories publicly. It's really interesting to see stories citing, “more than a dozen women,” or, “at least 17 women,” have come forward, when the number is actually, more than three dozen. Not all of them are at the same level of alleged despicability, but so far, close to 40 have come forward with allegations.

Here are their names, but only as of Christmas, 2014. No doubt the list will grow. You can click the links, or enter those names one at a time along with, Cosby, into your favorite online search engine, for more information: Beverly Johnson,2) Helen Hayes,3) Chelan,4) (as seen in the Gloria Allred press conference, providing no last name), Judy Huth,5) Jena T.,6) Jewel Allison,7) Kristina Ruehli,8) Joyce Emmons,9) Linda Joy Traitz,10) Angela Leslie,11) Victoria Valentino,12) Carla Ferrigno, 13) Louisa Moritz, 14) Renita Chaney Hill, 15) Michelle Hurd, 16) Therese Serignese, 17) Janice Dickinson, 18) Joan Tarshis, 19) Barbara Bowman, 20) Beth Ferrier, 21) Tamara Green, 22) Andrea Constand, 23) Lachele Covington, 24) P.J. Masten, 25) Shawn Brown, 26) Donna Motsinger, 27) Chloe Goins, 28) Lisa (as seen on the Dr. Phil TV show, providing no last name or initial), 29) and Katharine McKee 30) make for a subtotal of 29.

Add the 8 other women yet to come forward again from the 2005-2006 civil case that Andrea Constand filed against the Cos, and that would bring the total to 37 women who have either gone on record, or who have been willing to testify under oath regarding their allegations of sexual criminality against Mr. Cosby. (Of course, this total is as of 12/24/14 and will not be up to date very long.)

Those Don't Even Include The Hearsay Victims

One of his accusers, PJ Masten, says she is in touch with about a dozen other former Playboy bunnies who also have their own stories, and a number of other accusers say they know at least one other woman who isn't sure if they'll ever go public due to the tremendous backlash his accusers have to live with. So when people like comedian/actor Patton Oswald speculate that there are hundreds of victims, your gut has to tell you he's right on the money.31)

Journalist Charlotte Laws 32) is speaking up for Sandy, a long lost friend of Laws, who palled around with Sandy when they were in their late teens and Cosby was in his 30s. Sandy had a consenting relationship with Cosby, but she was upset when she confided to Laws that Cosby had drugged her and raped her one night.

Then there is Paige Young. 33) Hefner passed the former playmate of the month around to a lot of his friends, including Cosby. Knowing what we know about him, if I had to bet as to whether he drugged her to have sex, even though he didn't need to, I'd have to put my money on, yes. We'll never know, since she killed herself with a handgun. Her suicide note talked about being eaten up and spat out by male celebrities.

Selective Focus

The only facts Cosby supporters want us to focus on are, there have been no arrests and no admissions of guilt, along with their belief that the women are pathetic, pathological liars. 34) because otherwise. they wouldn't have waited so long. And, since Cosby denies the allegations and hasn't been arrested, his supporters want to take away our rights to say – or at the very least, brow beat the hell of the rest of us for stating our opinions – that it's obvious to anyone with the slightest modicum of an open mind, the man is guilty of legendary serial sexual predator assaults spanning five decades.

His supporters like to say that in the US, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. What they seem to not understand is that pertains to the government's ability to imprison a person. It doesn't pertain to the public's right to formulate and express their beliefs. Moreover, it isn't even absolute in terms of preventing the government from locking suspects up, pending trial.

Interestingly, many people who like to use the presumed innocence defense for the former universally beloved philanthropist/jazz lover are the same people calling every single one of his accusers liars, gold diggers and human fecal matter. For these hard core Cosby supporters, it seems that, presumed innocence only applies to their hero.

The Homicide Speculation


When I speculate that it may even be possible that Cosby is not just one of the most “successful” unindicted sexual predators the modern world has ever known – at least outside of war zones, (where, many times, soldiers from all sides, including the USA, wantonly and with total impunity rape girls and women in captured territory,) – and also outside of the realm of ritual abuse and murder – I'm really not thinking in terms of Cosby being a killer, the same way that I think he is a serial rapist.

Although, I guess, at this point, I shouldn't be too surprised if I'm wrong on that point, but really, I'm thinking that if he did kill someone it would have been in a rape gone awry scenario. Perhaps a would-be victim managed to hurt him, fighting back, and that enraged him to the point of striking her, which would have led to her death. I'm guessing that if that ever did happen, he may not consider it as bad as wearing his pants so low that any part of his underwear can be seen,35) but still, he tries not to let it happen.

Alleged Threats

A number of his accusers, who purportedly were the 'lucky' ones, who got away by fighting back, have said that he became livid that they dared to fend him off, and that his anger made them even more afraid of him. Some have told of eery threats he left them with, including Barbara Bowman who says Cosby told her, “I better never see your face again or ever hear your name.” Louisa Moritz claims her told her on the way out, “Now you don't want to upset me.”

Super model Beverly Johnson who was as transformational in race relations in the world of modeling as Cosby was in television in the early part of their careers,36) said that when she fought Cosby back verbally, and he realized she was going to prove problematic, she thought he was going to end up breaking her neck by the force of which he pulled her down the stairs. She didn't realize at the time, she had won her freedom, and that he was taking her outside to put her in a taxi cab. For all she knew, he was taking her to some secret dungeon.

Bolstered By Her Friend's Courage


Johnson said that seeing her friend, fellow former super model, Janice Dickinson, get raked over the coals when she came out with her story about Cosby (drugging and raping her in both the front and back doors without a condom), was instrumental in motivating her to break her self imposed silence about the night Cosby drugged her. If you get the chance, read her account of that night in Vanity Fair.37) She also talks about the days leading up to her drugging, in which she said Cosby was masterful in getting her to feel totally comfortable to be in a room alone with him. She says that on that fateful night, when she realized he had drugged her via the cappuccino he basically had forced her to drink, she put her hand on his shoulder to try to keep from falling and looked at him in the eyes and said, “You're a motherfucker. Aren't you?”

Johnson says she kept calling him that, louder and louder, and that she could see that he was becoming angrier and angrier, but ultimately the stand she took led to him letting her go. It's that kind of anger, though, in addition to understanding the kind of depravity that allows a person to drug and rape people through a span of several decades, that leads me to believe that he is capable of murder.

You're Going To Have To Kill Me

Tamara Green, another accuser, talks about how she got away by fighting him off and continually yelling, “You're going to have to kill me.” Those words, even repeated several times, didn't seem to phase him, but when she managed to turn a table over and really make an even louder ruckas, he made like a tree and leafed the scene – or he, made like a banana, and split.

Is it really beyond the pale to speculate, to wonder, if at least one of his allegedly unknown alleged victims did something, like allegedly break an alleged lamp over his Jello head, he might beat her with such force she wouldn't survive? What if there was a victim whom if he believed she went to the police, he would probably spend his remaining years on earth, this time around, in prison? Do you think there's even the slightest chance he would either kill her or have her killed?

Oh They're All Just A Bunch Of Publicity Whores

You gotta love all these people who are calling Dickinson and Johnson, publicity whores, as if bringing the wrath and the mental & emotional assault of millions of hard core Cosby fans upon them is some kind of publicity any of these women would want. His hard core fans will never believe his accusers, even if he were to be convicted in a court, or even if videos of him committing the crimes became available. Rape and assault victims virtually never want to go public. When the assailant is someone as powerful and beloved as Cosby, that factor increases astronomically. Yes, that includes people who enjoy publicity maybe too much, (which I think Dickinson has a history of, but Johnson doesn't.) It's extremely illogical to accuse them of trying to benefit from lying about something of this magnitude when there is so much downside for them. It's downright silly.

Howard Stern Interview Supports Her Claim


Howard Stern played a tape of Dickinson from 2006 when she was promoting her tell-all book. He asked her what she left out of her book and she said the publishers refused to leave in what she wrote about Cosby because they were scared of his attorneys. She said, “Bill Cosby's a bad guy. He's not a nice guy. He preys on women who just come out of rehab. I'll say that.”38)

When people started calling her a liar39) about her story of being drugged – and only remembering Cosby being in a patchwork robe starting to lay on top of her before she blacked out, she published a photo she had taken of him a just before the drugs took effect. Can you guess what he was wearing? No, not a pudding pop costume! Who said that? Get him out of here. That's stupid. He was wearing a patchwork robe, dummy!

Personally, I can't say I have a definite hunch that Cosby has killed, but I certainly wouldn't it past him, during the wrong circumstances. What I do have a definite hunch about is that a number of people are protecting him – and I don't mean, like the way Debbie Allen recently publicly opined that she can't understand why all these woman are coming out now. You may or may not know that Allen, the deeply talented, actress, dancer, choreographer, television director, television producer is the sister of the actress who played Cosby's TV wife on not one, but two situation comedies, Phylicia Rashad. Allen worked with Cosby on spinning off the Cosby show, with the show called, A Different World.

Protectors, Accomplices And Drug Dealers

However, when I say I'd bet the farm that people are protecting him, I don't mean his wife or a rare colleague calling into question the character of some of his accusers. No, I'm not talking about people at that level. I'm talking about guys who got, what is known in colloquial parlance as, sloppy seconds.

I believe there are people who very well know exactly what he was up to, and have sworn to total silence. There have to be drug dealers who realize they are supplying him with knock out drugs for Cosby to use on other people. And yes, I believe that in some cases a number of these protectors were actually in on a number of sexual assault and raping crimes with him.

I'm not even talking about the remorseful 90 year old, Frank Scotti,40) the facility manager at the Brooklyn studio where Cosby was taped, who said he eventually had to quit because he realized he was up to no good, and that, in working for Cosby, he realized he was actually helping him take advantage of women and even some underage teenagers.

Scotti said that Cosby would have young actress, often underage models, from a certain local model agency, that he was working with, allegedly to find crossover talent from modeling to TV, come in to his dressing room and spend time alone with the mogul while he and the model du jour would have private mentoring time. Soctti would stand guard so that the, ahem, mentoring, would not be interruptus – I mean, interrupted.

Scotti said Cosby gave him cash to buy money orders in Scotti's own name, and then deliver a couple thousand dollars a month to multiple women.

Did Cosby's Largesse To Buddies Include Drugged Unconscious Women?


Playboy bunny P.J. Masten tells how Cosby told her to meet him at his hotel room so that they could go out to dinner. She said when she arrived, Cosby invited her in, revealing there were four other men, all playing cards and watching sports. She said Cosby poured her a glass of wine, which she started to drink, at which point she has no memories until it was 4 AM and she was naked, hurting and bruised. The esteemed actor-producer-comedian was purportedly asleep next to her.

Perhaps Masten's bruising and pain was the result of five men having their way with her. She says he gave her the drink right away in their presence. The women generally report that the drug would take effect very quickly. Are we to assume that Cosby didn't think the men would get suspicious when she suddenly blacked out shortly after drinking a few sips of wine?

I suppose it's possible that the Cos could have laughed at her, and told his buddies, 'Get a load of this one. She obviously started partying before she got here.' Then he could have put her on the bed, fully clothed and simply gone on to finish the card game. It's not inconceivable that the four men could have left with her sleeping, thinking she might have been trashed when she came in.

Would Cosby Have Taken Such A Chance?

On the other hand, I'm not so sure that Cosby would take a chance like that. It's true that according to his professed victims he was often downright brazen with them. Many have stated that after he assaulted them and they lost consciousness, he would still be there with them when they came to, and he would be in various stages of undress.

Sometimes, as in the case of Masten, he would be sleeping next to them. Other times he'd walk in the room wearing a bathrobe. When they would ask what was going on, he'd say they must have had too much to drink. Sometimes they hadn't even been drinking alcohol, but the drug was delivered in the form of capsules that he had said were rather benign, like cold medicine or herbal relaxants.

One would think he'd be wary that they'd go ape shit on him, either knowing something was amiss since they had no memory at all, or having the memory of him groping them, fondling them, digitally penetrating them, or remember him having taken off their clothes and forcing himself on them. Yet, there he would be, cool as a cucumber.

If these stories are true, and it's hard to imagine that all of them are false, it must have been some kind of non spoken, psychological power play, along the lines of, 'Sure, I drugged and raped you; did everything I wanted to you, saw and touched every inch of your body and totally dominated you in your naked, spread eagle, unconscious state. So, what are you going to do about it, Bitch?'

Really And Truly A Different World

It's kind of ironic that The Cosby Show spun off a series titled, A Different World, because Cosby and his alleged victims lived in completely different worlds. He has a team of lawyers, not only able to defend him. They can and do go on the offensive. Don't be surprised to get sued by Bill Cosby if you say bad things about him. Even if he doesn't sue you, he and/or his team can call you a pathological liar who is trying to take advantage of his wealth and his celebrity status. Moreover, many of his alleged victims were in show business, hoping for more (or any) success, while others would have loved to be in show biz. The stories indicate a pattern where Cosby is said to use those desires as a way to get the women alone.

With Cosby's vast entertainment industry connections, anybody could hurt their careers (or hopeful careers) by coming out and telling what Cosby evidently had done to them. Indeed, it must have been tempting to think that if they would just go along and let him do what he wanted, when he wanted, then perhaps he might make good on his promises. Perhaps that's the price of success.

Yet, very few of the women telling these stories continued to have any kind of relationship with him. Of those who did – both, the ones we've heard from as well as all the possible ones we have not heard from – yes, they get to have it both ways. Some of their detractors are saying they don't have the right to talk about how bad Cosby is for doing what he did to them, if they willingly continued to let him take advantage of them.

Zero Justifications

The truth, however, is that regardless of the manner in which they reacted, it does not, in any way, shape, form or manner, absolve Cosby of any and every crime he committed against them. As to why they would go back, that is great for conversation and for understanding psychology and sociology, but it does nothing to take away accountability from Cosby for drugging them and assaulting them.


If you allow me to amputate your fingers, one by one, over the course of time, for the fun I get out of it, that doesn't absolve me from taking advantage of your psychological condition that allowed me to do it. Moreover, if the sick relationship started when I drugged you and amputated that first finger without your conscious knowledge and consent, then that even puts me in more of a position of accountability.

If He Really Wanted To Keep It Secret...

Even though the outwardly affable Mr. Cosby purportedly showed off-the-chain levels of brazenness to his alleged victims, I find it hard to imagine that he'd drug a woman in front of four buddies who had no idea of his double life, if he was interested in keeping it a secret from them.

I can tell you that if a woman who was steady on her feet and lucid in her communication, took a sip of a drink that a friend of mine gave her, and then, within moments said she suddenly felt bad, and showed signs of needing to sit down to prevent falling, I'd think that it might have been a reaction to what she drank. If a doctor were called in, I would tell that to the doctor.

If the friend who gave that to the woman walked into the other room, I'd bring it up to the three other friends I was playing cards with. 'Did you see that? She seemed perfectly fine until she took a sip of the drink he gave her. What do you think is going on here?' Then I'd either confront him alone, or with the other friends.

More Evidence To Back Up My Hunch


My hunch is that all the men playing cards knew that Cosby slipped her a mickey and they all probably enjoyed her; some of them, in an especially rough manner, accounting for all the bruising and pain Masten has reported. Adding to my suspicion is the story of Joyce Emmons who knew Cosby since she ran comedy night clubs in the late 70s and early 80s.

She says that one night Cosby gave her a white pill when she complained about a migraine. The next thing she says she remembers is waking up, naked, in bed with a comedian friend of Cosby's. Cosby was not there at that time.

My hunch tells me that at least Cosby and the unnamed comedian, that Emmons says had been hitting on her earlier that evening, got their jollies on her while she was unconscious. She seems to be assuming that she was only violated by that other comedian and not Cosby, simply because Cosby had left by the time she woke up – just as Masten seems to be presuming that the other four men left her untouched just because only Cosby was in bed with her and the others were gone when she woke up. I guess they would rather not consider such scenarios. I can't say that I blame them.

Emmons claims to have confronted Cosby about it later on. She says Cosby thought it was funny.41) He just laughed and admitted that he had given her a quaalude.

My Question To You

Don't you now have to admit that the idea that Cosby's card playing42) buddies taking turns with Masten's unconscious body seems quite likely, once you realize that Cosby drugged a woman who woke up nude, in bed with one of his comedian buddies? I am so sure that Cosby has accomplices to some of his sex crimes, I'd be willing to die if I were wrong. In fact, to make it interesting, I'd even wager $20 on it, to boot.43)

As I stated earlier, it's not a hunch I have that Cosby definitely has killed any victims, but it is a hunch that he could do it, if circumstance played out in certain ways. Yes, it's speculation, but you will admit it's speculation that Cosby brought on himself, unless you are one of those people who refuse to believe there's a single iota of truth to any of the claims.

I'm afraid there are many, MANY, millions of people in that category. No matter how much evidence comes in, they will refuse to believe it and have intense hatred for all the women who are speaking out against the man. He could be convicted and it wouldn't matter. He could break down in court, sobbing, admitting it was all true, yet these people would still be in denial.

They'd say something to the effect that the stress of being innocent and raked over the coals has been so severe that his mind was shattered, and he created false memories, to which he then confessed. They may go on to say that such a confession to crimes he didn't commit shows the deep nature of his love for people, much like Jesus, he was paying the price for the sins of others.


The irony in this, is that a lot of Cosby detractors are probably the type of people who believe that every person who has ever been convicted of a sex crime of any nature should be executed.44) It's funny how you can have extreme law and order views about crime and punishment, until one of your heroes is accused of committing crimes.

Should Cosby Welcome CeeLo Green's Support?

Singer CeeLo Green has shown public support of Cosby. The question remains, does that help or hurt Bill Cosby's case in the court of public opinion? Green was accused of secretly drugging and raping a woman he had been dating. 45) Even without a sexual assault charge, the district attorney still could have charged Green with drugging another person against their knowledge, but his celebrity status is what probably led to the decision to simply charge him with possession of an illegal drug.

Green recently stated, “It's about time Cosby start (sic) fighting back.” The online comments to that story were overwhelmingly negative, directed at both Green and Cosby. It very well may be a case of, with supporters like CeeLo Green, Bill Cosby doesn't need detractors.

Judith Huth Lawsuit And Cosby's Countersuit


That quote from Green was his reaction to the news that Cosby had filed a counter lawsuit against Judith Huth, who claims that Cosby drugged and assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion when she was just 15 years old in 1974. After Cosby's attorneys announced the countersuit, attorney Gloria Allred talked Huth into going to the LAPD to file a charge against Cosby despite the fact that it was decade past the statute of limitations.

After Huth and Allred met with detectives, there was a press conference where the public was urged to contact the police if they had been victimized by Cosby. They were interested in finding crimes that were not protected from prosecution from the statute of limitations because they happened so long ago.

It is entirely possible that Cosby's latest accuser, Chloe Goins, came forward as a direct result. It turns out she also was a teenager and it also happened at the Playboy mansion. The difference is it only happened 6 years ago, so it can be prosecuted. If it turns out that Ms Goins – or as Cosby might think of her, Ms. Groins – came out as a direct result of the appeal of the detective at the Judith Huth press conference, it would be a case of poetic justice, because it probably would have never would have never happened if the Coca Cola pitchman had not filed a lawsuit against Huth, one of the women he allegedly had victimized and HAD already been allegedly responsible for many negative issues in her life.

Putting The Red In Allred


I think the prospect of Huth having to pay many thousands of dollars, at the very least, for Cosby's attorney fees in his countersuit, brought out the red in Gloria Allred. She must have been seeing red when Cosby had the hubris to file a suit against Huth, and that is evidently why she contacted Huth and talked her into filing charges, and held a press conference after the police interview, in which the detective made his plea. We can expect to hear more such pleas from detectives if Cosby is indeed ever arrested.

It's my guess that if Cosby were arrested for the Goins story, there would not be enough evidence to convict him. Can't you just hear the Cosby supporters when that verdict is read? To them, that would be proof that this whole thing is a witch hunt.

Of course, they will also feel similarly if the district attorney chooses not to charge Cosby due to lack of evidence. That, by the way, is why the prosecutor did not charge Cosby when Andrea Constand filed charges against him. It wasn't because he thought Cosby was innocent.46)

The Truth Regarding The Lack Of Evidence

Lack of evidence is why many of the world's most notorious criminals are walking free. And, if you ask me, lack of evidence would have been a more reasonable reason to not charge Cosby on the report filed against him by Cosby show atmosphere player (i.e., extra), Lachelle Covington, who said after a dinner that Cosby had invited her to at his house, to give career advice, he placed her hand under his t-shirt and then moved it down to his groin, at which point she quickly left the house.

That case was a matter of he said/she said and she had stopped it before he managed to escalate it. Lack of evidence is certainly an understandable response for that, but the police report said that it was consensual, as if they would know. By the way, she went to the police within 3 days, so contrary to Cosby supporter's meme, all the women did not wait years and decades to speak out, and some of the women did file police reports.47)

The prosecutor who did not act on those charges said he believed Constand, but, singing a familiar refrain, he felt there wasn't enough evidence to justify a trial. (Isn't there something to be said for arresting people and having them go to trial, even though you know they probably will not be found guilty?)

Will Anything Become Of The Goins Accusations?

The Goins story remains to be seen how detrimental it will be to Mr. Cosby. Charges may very well be filed, in my opinion, even if the same story about an unknown man might not have brought about a charge. At this point, law enforcement is wanting to have him face a day in court, and even if a case is weak, they may go with it, in part, because the added publicity may motivate more victims whose assaults took place within the statute of limitations to come forward.

Cosby's lawyers have said that Goins is not only lying, she is trying to extort Cosby. They must be getting tired of repeating themselves. At this point, his attorneys should issue the media 2 or 3 index cards with a boiler plate response printed on each. As more accusers get up the courage to come forward, the lawyers can simply give numbers, 1, 2 or 3, from which the media can quote.

Now, what I'm about to say next is really going to upset a lot of people – Well, no it's not, because not many people will see it – but if it were to be widely circulated, a lot of people would get upset by what I'm about to say. Please understand, this isn't even one of my hunches, nor does it even qualify as speculation that comes under my, “I wouldn't be surprised,” category, because the fact is, I would be totally surprised if the following were true.

The Curse Of My Writer's Mind


A penny for your true thoughts, Camille

I have a writer's mind and if this were a fictitious story I were writing, I might have the Camille Cosby character be revealed to not only be fully aware of the Bill Cosby character many and deeply disturbing crimes stemming over five decades, but I would have her a large reason for why he does it. She makes sure that he always gives her the graphic play by play of how everything went down.

Whenever possible he has video surveillance files to share with her. It enhances their marriage bed and is a big reason they never got divorced. Sometimes she suggests future victims and has to talk him into it because he genuinely cares about them and he realizes how it is going to screw up the rest of their lives. There would be conversation where he pleads with her, “Camille, please. We agreed no more underage girls.” Perhaps she reluctantly agrees but requires him to victimize barely legal gals like Goins, who was 18 years old.

At one point Cosby says he will no longer take part in their depraved lifestyle. That is when Camile pulls a glock on him, and lets him know that if he ever stops, she will kill him, claim self defense and then tarnish his legacy in his death. She said she will tell the cops she discovered what he was doing, and that he said he was going to kill her right then and there, so she had no choice but to shoot him.

Didn't See It Coming

Now for everybody cussing me out, I'm sorry, but you're not cursed with my writer's mind.48) I didn't try to think of this. It came to me. You have to admit, if you are like most people, you wouldn't have seen that plot twist coming.

In my story, I'd probably have this big reveal placed toward the very end, although many would argue that classic writing structure might be to have it at about the two thirds point so the reader could spend more time with the question of whether she is able to get off49) Scot-free.

But, in my book, I'd have near the end, and then I have Cosby get arrested shortly after the reveal. He would confess and sing like a bird about Camille, but Camille would prove to be a much more talented actor than Cosby ever was, and play the part of a totally shocked and shattered spouse, to a tee.

As far as what she felt about the revelations, starting when they first started going public in the mid 2000's, she could play it off that she, like most people, just found it too bizarre to believe. She thought she knew her husband cheated once in while in a moment of weakness, but she never dreamed he was a serial rapist. She believed Bill when he said it was people taking advantage of his celebrity, and she figured that maybe someone behind the scenes was even bribing the women to make the false charges.

The Obligatory Oprah Interview

She would break down crying to Oprah Winfrey on international television that she feels so stupid and so used. She would apologize to Bill's victims for not believing them, and say she too now knows that they all have been victimized by that man, including her. How could those poor women ever forgive her for being so blind?

The public would hate Cosby even more for making up such outlandish, sick lies about his wife. Why couldn't he just confess and at least be able to die with a that part of a clear conscience, instead of despicably trying to take her poor innocent wife down with him?

Almost at the very end of the book, she would turn over the videos that she made Cosby make of his exploits, saying she was shocked and disgusted to find them in a secret cubby hole in their New York brownstone. Because of those videos, prosecutors would seek and get the death penalty50)

The last page of the book would show Camille trying to pick up the pieces of her so-called shattered life. She goes on a speaking tour with Bristol Palin.

Back To Reality

OK, back to reality: What do you suppose is really going on in the real Camille Cosby's mind? I know she recently made a statement wondering if the media does any vetting at all on her husband's accusers, (and who the real victim is), but who knows what she's really thinking? Yes, she understands the way a lawyer would defend her husband in court would be to try to discredit the alleged victims in any way possible, but is Camille just trying to get people to cut Cosby some slack even though she knows there has to be something to this, or does she actually believe he's completely innocent?

I realize that it seems like family members always believe in the innocence of their loved ones, but that's not always the case. Sometimes you hear parents apologize to the family members of their loved one's victims. Personally, I can tell you I had a friend who had done a year or two in prison for molesting his step daughter.

When he got out, one of his cousins made a remark to me before we went into a Christmas party that he was attending. The remark was along the lines of, I guess there really isn't any justice in this world.

Not many years later, he was remarried with two step sons. Within two years, he was busted again on charges of corn holing both boys, and molesting a number of boys and girls in the neighborhood. Not a single one of his family members claimed he was innocent, even though he swore up and down on his life that it just wasn't true.

They didn't talk about cases where children have lied and men were sent to prison. They knew such cases exist, but they didn't pretend his was one of them. They didn't disown him, but they didn't share in his denial. One can't help but wonder if Camille is able to let in the possibility that it is extremely doubtful that every single accuser is trying to frame her husband.

If so, why is she making statement trying to find chinks in the armor of the alleged victims? If not, what will it take for her to at least be open to the possibility that she is married to one of the most successful, prolific serial rapists, outside of the realm of internationally sanctioned ritual abuse, the world has ever known?

Can Any Good Come From This?

There is a hidden world where what Cosby has been doing is like wading in the kiddie pool. There are people, both not well known and extremely well known who are doing a lot more than giving their victims drugs to go to sleep and then sexually getting their rocks off on them before they wake up. The victims I'm talking about, would consider that a picnic. They would welcome it as a dream come true.

Ritual Abuse And Mind Control

You can learn about it by doing some Interwebs searches on terms like, “ritual abuse,” “project monarch mind control,” “international pedophilia rings,” “elite ritual murder,” and the like. You can read about Jimmy Saville who was a weird DJ and tv presenter in the UK, who was unusually close to the royal family and Margaret Thatcher, who was protected from prosecution for raping and killing children for decades.51)

There are countless adults who have told their experiences as children who were forced to watch and take part in ritual abuse, including rape and murder of infants.52) Little kids who could not possibly have knowledge of such graphic things unless they had experienced it have told their stories, one after the other for decades on end.

There are politicians and royalty around the world as well as celebrated and beloved figures who are very much a part of this. It is natural to want to deny it and to label anybody who is read up on the voluminous literature on this topic, as paranoid conspiracy theorists, because to even consider that it could be true is nothing less than shattering to one's belief system.53)

Ultimately, it's a cop-out to take that tack because innocent little babies and children, along with older kids and adults are being slaughtered on a daily basis. As long as people are not willing to look at the evidence and accept reality, there will be no way to protect these people.

The good thing that can come from the shocking Cosby revelations is that, en masse, people will realize that the world really can be as mind boggling different as the so-called conspiracy theorists say it is. Things and events that we thought we knew and understood, can be utterly nothing like what we believed.

If Cosby could be this monster living a double life, all this time, before our very eyes, what else about our world could be different that we never would have been willing to believe before? What else are we wrong about? Who else really doesn't have our best interest in mind? Who is pretending to be our friend but is really our enemy?

The next time you come across some information that you want to automatically shut down and label the person or source who brought it to you as delusional conspiracy theory, stop and think about Bill Cosby. If this same source had told you that Cosby has been drugging teenage girls for 50 years and having sex with them, would you have believed it?

Perhaps it's time to reconsider what you think you know. Don't believe something just because somebody tells you something. Open your mind enough to do an investigation. The only way humanity is going to get out of the grips of an elite group of sociopaths is if we can use scandals like Bill Cosby to wake ourselves up to the matrix we are living in.

So What Do We Do About It?

I saw a video where a big man who was obviously a skilled fighter, knocked another man out who had almost gotten into his car. With both legs bent back and under him, his body showed no signs of life.

The man who knocked him out bent down and continued to strike blows that appeared powerful enough to knock a man out, each time. He just kept going, although sometimes he seemed to walk away, only to come back in a frantic way to deliver more knock out powered blows.

Some brave women from time to time approached him to beg him to stop. He didn't knock them out, but he easily brushed them away each time and would go back to what could only be considered as trying to murder his victim.

The whole thing is being videoed by a guy yelling, “WorldStar,” off and on, while giggling nonstop and repeating constantly the phrase, “That nigga's dead,” over and over. WorldStar is a website that shows, among other things, violent videos, including people playing the Knockout Game. (It's a different kind of knockout game than what Cosby is said to play.)

The Knockout Game

That is where somebody picks out a victim walking down the street and tries to knock them out in one punch. The punch, as you might imagine, is devastating, but what is often worse, is when the victim's head hits the ground. People have died.

I saw another video of a nanny stomping the hell out of a tiny little child who had gotten sick and spit out her food. It was sickening to watch. It went on and on, and got worse and worse. The baby quit moving. The story said the baby was alive, so what I must have witnessed was the baby was knocked out.

When I see things like any of this – a man repeatedly punching an unconscious man, a teenager sucker punching a woman walking home from work, a woman repeatedly stomping on a toddler – I swear I want to harm the perpetrators without mercy. I mean, to borrow from Tarantino, I want to go Old Testament on their asses. I certainly can understand people wanting to hurt the likes of a Bill Cosby, and even more so, anybody who is involved in ritual rape, torture and murder of babies.

The Futility Of Revenge

It is natural and understandable to have that reaction in the heat of the moment after witnessing things like that, but it is not desirable, as individuals or as a society to continue to be in that vibrational frequency as a way of going through your day to day life. So, while we need to do everything we can to stop people from doing these things, we must not stoop down to their level and give them some of their own medicine, as the saying goes. To do so, would be to allow the sickness of the perpetrators to be contagious to us.54)

The same goes for Islamic extremist fighters like the rebranded Al Qaeda group going by the name, ISIS or ISIL or IS. A part of me would like to see the people who are torturing and beheading people to get the exact same treatment. Hell, I think, bombing them is too good for them.

Really though, what are we going to do? Train our soldiers to dismember ISIS fighters while they are alive? Is that in anybody's best interest? Are we going to arrest ritual murder secret society members and ritually torture and murder them in court?

Are we supposed to send Cosby to prison where guards drug him and stick there batons up his ying yang? Does that help us get better? Or does it create more of the same?

We Shouldn't Add To The Problem

Even experiencing hatred for these perpetrators, I believe, is extremely detrimental to ourselves and our world. I definitely believe that the dark forces that are behind this level of evil, on a spiritual level, feed off our negativity.

First they feed off the negativity of the heinous crimes. Then they feed off the negativity of the good people who want to be an end to the madness. Either way, they win. Obviously, these are huge problems that I certainly don't have the detailed blueprint for solutions, but I do have some general ideas.

First, the masses, we the people, have to come to terms with the reality of the matrix we are living in.

Second, we need to understand that the physical world, just like science tells us, is simply energy vibrating in a way to create it. Third, we need to recognize that we are vibrational energy.

Increase The Frequency

Then we need to change our vibrations in a way that quits feeding the forces behind the sickness.

On the physical level, we need to organize to stop the madness. It goes on because there is corruption everywhere. If the masses were awake to the corruption, game plans could be formulated and action could be taken to start to deal with it. It would become apparent who the corrupt players are because they would be the ones blocking (or trying to block) the implementation of the plans.

There are a lot of, “ifs,” to these ideas; if this, if that, if only, and so on. The bottom line is, we are individuals, and we can only have control over ourselves. So it starts with us being willing to admit where we've been wrong and how we've been fooled. We have to give ourselves permission to realize we're not always right.

Being The Change We Want To See

We can't expect the world to come around, if we aren't willing to come around ourselves. We need to be willing to be of service to others and realize that the things the matrix is telling us makes us whole and makes life worth living, are lies and traps designed to keep us from knowing who and what we really are and what we are capable of.

So, the crazy sounding answer to what are we supposed to do about people like Bill Cosby and people thousands of times worse than Cosby and the crazy state of our world, is – we need to open our eyes to be able to see them as they are, yet we are not supposed to hate them.

Also, we are supposed to work on ourselves and to show kindness and respect to others – not just when the spotlight is on us, but when no one is looking, and when we are anonymous on the Internet.

Of all of the things I have said in this entry, for which if there were a comment section in which I would take a literary beating, the previous paragraph would be the paragraph that would be the most attacked and made fun of, to no end. I realize that.

So be it.

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Not to mention, ungrateful little you-know-whats, since all he was trying to do, out of the goodness of his heart, was to help many of them, either break into show business, or transition the ones who were already in show biz, to be major stars, on his level.
Cosby broke the race barrier, co-starring in the 1960s slick TV drama, I Spy. Johnson was the first black model to grace the USA edition of Vogue magazine (1974). They were both incredibly groundbreaking artists who became archetypes in their fields, in the minds of Americans, altering some of the ways both blacks and whites perceived black people. Even though Janice Dickinson likes to say she was the first super model, if the vote were between Dickinson and Johnson, you'd have to give it to Johnson who came on the scene years before Dickinson. Personally, I think Margeaux Hemmingway beat them both to the punch, but really, I'd award the title to a little lady I like to call Betty Brosner, who came on the scene in 1948 at the age of 13, and who would go on to grace hundreds of magazine covers and win 50 beauty contests. Between her Marilyn Monroe (before anybody knew of Norma Jean) face and her mind bending 18 inch waistline, hourglass figure, she was truly breathtaking. At 79, in 2014, she is writing columns on health and fitness, and has maintained her girlish figure.
Cosby's lawyers called her a liar and mentioned that the rape story doesn't match what she wrote about him in her book. In her book, she only talks about a time in a hotel where Cosby made an advance and became outraged when she rebuffed him. The fact that she didn't tell about the time he drugged and raped her unconscious body, doesn't mean she is lying about the other encounter.((It could be that both encounters happened, or that if she was presented from telling the truth by her publishers, she decided to at least tell something that hinted of his true nature. If the latter is the case, of course you can ask why believe her if she were lying about what she did write. If the question of ever believing someone comes down to not being able to based on if they have ever lied in their lives, we couldn't believe anybody about anything. If it's a matter of her possibly having lied about Bill Cosby, per se, before, the answer has been covered. She tried to tell the truth, but her publisher was afraid of Cosby's lawyers, so she came up with a tamer version. Her 2006 interview with Stern definitely lends tremendous credence to her drugging and rape allegations. Yes, it's a shame she didn't go to the police, to the chagrin of Whoopi Goldberg, who has evidently never been raped, and believes that every rape victims gets a police rape kit, (or was it a “ "rape rape” kit?), because Dickinson says she had semen and pain in her vagina and anus. The tape from the Stern show explains exactly why she didn't include the more serious allegation in her book, and why she was reluctant to speak about it. If that large book publishing corporation was fearful of Cosby suing them, can you blame any of his accusers for being fearful of the repercussions? And yet, people are still asking why these women didn't come out until now, even though more a dozen have come out in 2005, and one went to the police in the 80s.
His poker buddies may have also been his poke her buddies.
My thanks to whatever Get Smart TV show writer penned that line. Maxwell Smart was forced to play a game of billiards for his life. He proposed that in order to make the game interesting, why don't they put 20 bucks on it. I know a great joke when I steal one.
If they had the power to make that happen, they would do it. That would mean a lot of people in their young 20s who had consenting relationships with older teens who be executed, as would a lot of people who simply were urinating outdoors, as well as men who were seduced by teenaged girls who set them up, as well as men who didn't do anything at all, but were the victims of minors who lied about them.
Like a couple of alleged Cosby victims who said they were drugged even though they were already having a consensual relationship, the district attorney dropped the rape charge because the woman admitted to having consented to sex with the singer in the past. What are the implications of that? If you have had consenting sex with a woman in the past, you have carte blanche to have no consent sex with her whenever you want? That reminds me of one of Cosby's “alleged” victims who immediately filed a police report after Cosby took her hand, place it under his sweatshirt and then moved it down to his groin. The police said that there was no sexual assault because it was consensual right until the time she withdrew her hand. What? So let me see how this works. People are allowed to go up to other people and grab their hands and place it on their groins and that is consensual? Anyway, Green was only charged with possession of an illegal drug. He wasn't charged for drugging another person, so I guess it's also okay to slip drugs into anyone's drink you feel like.
Andrea Constand filed charges a year after her alleged raped by the Fat Albert creator.
And for all you writers cussing me out, because you would never have thought of such a thing, I can only repeat what I said… You're not cursed with MY writer's mind.
…So to speak
Some states have laws regarding certain rapes of certain aged minors. Or perhaps one of the video victims was a gal who had been reported missing and never was seen again, and he was charged and convicted of murder.
I'm not saying that to stop such acts nobody should ever use deadly force. If we were truly living up to our human potential we'd probably have ways to stop people caught in such activity, without the use of deadly force, but that's a big if. Considering, however, that in our state of human evolution, we currently need deadly force to protect from deadly force, than such force is often necessary to stop these perpetrators and lock them up. Yet, once they are locked up, there is no room and no excuse for taking revenge out on them. I'm not even saying I would never seek revenge, but I am saying I would know that it's not the right thing to do, and that it really doesn't honor the person whose vengeance I was seeking.

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