CoffeeMUD is one of the few free open source MUD platforms that is free to be used commercially.

It is java based, and includes web-browser interfaces both for playing and administering the game and also as general information web-pages about the game.

It has quite a bit of support for crafting, though some critics have suggested that its default configuration has “artisans” (crafters, basically) advance too fast, resulting in crafters run by client-side macros/scripts attaining maximum level in only a few weeks. Possibly it might be reasonable to look into methods of slowing down such automated progress, especially if it is intended that scripting not be penalised but, rather, be a normal and accepted method of play.

It has a clans system that implements various types of “government”, for want of a better word, structure for the group. This ranges from despot type regimes in which one character holds all power through democratic regimes in which all members of the group vote on all group decisions. These clans also gain certain advantages by the accumulation of clan experience, such as being able to set a clan treasure room members can apport goods to using a “clandonate” spell all members automatically acquire, clan recall location clan members can recall to at will (again using a spell they automtically acquire), an a clan morgue their corpse, with all carried items, automatically teleports when they are killed. Some of these benefits, obviously, are more appropriate to fantasy or post-transporter-technology worlds than to more “mundane” settings. Like Crossfire RPG though, CoffeeMUD does have configuration settings capable of implementing a “permadeath” (death is real/permanent) setting, and in fact its actual support for such settings might actually be better than Crossfire RPG's in some respects.

Playtesting (see MUDgaard) has shown CoffeeMUD to be an excellent platform for text-mode play, and in fact it has turned out to be wildly popular, attracting such large numbers of characters that the logistics of setting up more and more servers are currently being explored. A lot of this interest is based on the concept of CPU mining, and in fact it is that aspect of play that causes the most load on the system and is thus the primary factor in the logistics of deploying more servers.

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