Choose The Right Platform For Internet Marketing Through Smartphones

Choosing the platform to work on for mobile marketing is a tricky matter, and keeps many business owners wondering where to start and which one to pick. There are loads of online programs, and the top picks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest etc, all have their own place, and according uses which makes them popular and has eventually created their demand in the field of internet marketing. Now it’s upon the business or site owner that which one they decide to be the most happening platform for their mobile marketing campaign. But to decide that, there are a few factors that needs to be understood beforehand.

What Type Of Mobile Apps Your Target Audience Uses

Firstly, being a business or site owner, you will have to analyze that what kind of audience you are actually targeting. To do that, first understand that not all people use mobile apps, and the ones using mobile apps also have varied choices on the selection and use of apps. Apps are not run by just any phone. Though most people have one or more mobile phones in their possession nowadays, yet how many of them have smartphones, is a question. And, then it is not necessary that every smartphone owner will have the same choice of apps, and the same choice of social media platform.

The choice and selection also depends on the age group, gender, ethnicity, and the social and professional background. This means, you will have to make a good research on these factors before deciding the platform best suited for mobile marketing. This counts for the first important factor on list.

The Type Of Media To Choose From

The second and one of the most important factors is, that what type of media you will exactly need based on the type of information or material you will be broadcasting every time as updates or news. If you have simple factual information, news and updates to share in short intervals, then textual information will be your conveying media. On the other hand pictures and videos would need different supporting apps, and there are a lot that supports instant sharing of pictures and videos.

Instagram is one of the new breeds and one such application. Each platform offers its own array of features and interactivity facilities that makes it popular among a segment of business owners or among mixed segments. Let’s explore the most visited and popular options available online.


This is famous as the micro-blogging site, allowing quick and catchy updates on the go. Now there are mobile users who have less time yet the thirst for frequent interactivity. This group mainly involves students and young IT based professionals, who are always busy and moving, yet have all the time in the world to gossip and chat. For them Twitter is the best, as it allows small one liner sentences to be the eye catchers, and people are somewhat crazy for this platform, as this highlights and messages and updates easily.


This one is a totally picture and video based sharing system, and is one that is getting newly popular and slowly adapted among users. Video and picture sharing, and that too with a little editing through an app, is a feature that enables sharing of heavy files easily and on the go. Thus Instagram is getting slowly popular.


Flickr had been in business for years as a basically free photo sharing platform, which had no limits for the file size, and was a photographers’ hot spot. The main reason for its popularity was that, it came to life when no other picture sharing app came up with so many features. It has this nice feature of adding some nice lines and messages to every picture, making it a much better piece of information. This is great for business users. However, now most users are flocking around the powerful and vibrant Pinterest for sharing pics. Lets find out why the interest has shifted.


This is the newest craze for picture lovers on the internet. The awesome grid theme of the site has made it a hot favorite owing to its perfect design for picture showcasing. As pictures are shown here in clusters in a grid, and each such cluster are again shown as small icons in a grid on any related page or home page, this gives the site pages a very vibrant and bright look. You would instantly start clicking over the bright pictures peeping out here and there on the page inside the small grid checkboxes.

It’s reported that most of the Pinterest users are females, because they are attracted to vibrant colors and photography. Moreover, site owners who have to rely a lot on portfolio type themes to showcase their work, like estores, gallery sites, and multi product sites etc, rely a lot on Pinterest. The place is getting popular and crowded fast. The only thing you should keep in mind while choosing the platform is, there is no scope for textual presentation anywhere here, and this a complete photographers’ paradise.


LinkedIn is for plain business. Though there are scopes to share links, pictures and videos like Facebook, yet the interactivity has been kept at a quite serious level by keeping away chat and other features. This has made it an all inclusive business profile creation and internet marketing tool, where only likeminded business owners and entrepreneurs interact to find out better opportunities, and share resources.


Undoubtedly the best place for your videos, where you can market them before the whole world at once is YouTube. There could be no place better than this to showcase your videos, and with each video, you may attach text notes, and links etc as related information. Being the highest visited video platform in the world, the place has taken the position of a virtual TV, and shows ads at the beginning of videos – it’s the ideal start any internet marketer would like to get.


Facebook is reigning, and will continue to reign the online marketing world until some other platform with the same features comes its way. The best things about it are, it’s a multi-faceted social platform, which allows sharing of pictures, videos, texts, and continuous online chatting etc. It’s for all types of users who love to stay alert over the net through an active Facebook account.

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