Charities, Scams & The Truth About AIDS (Plus A Bit Of Data On Zappers & MMS)

Written by Devtome contributor: Bomac

Meet Wallace Wattles


There is an awesome little book called, The Science Of Getting Rich, written by Wallace Wattles, first published in 1910. This book and it's author were precursors to classic authors, books and movements, including, Think And Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill), The Magic of Thinking Big (David J. Schwartz), Dale Carnegie (Lifetime Plan for Success, How To Win Friend & Influence People), The Power Of Positive Thinking (Norman Vincent Peale), and now hundreds of contemporary prosperity personalities (like Tony Robbins) and messages (like, The Secret.)

Some people have accused Wattles of teaching people to be greedy and non caring. Perhaps the biggest reason for those accusations is his stance on charities. In chapter 9: How To Use The Will, he says, “Do not spend your time in charitable work, or charitable movements…”

At first glance, one can see why people might find such a notion lacking empathy. Here is a man telling you the importance of getting rich, while simultaneously saying not to waste your efforts on charity. It sounds harsh, if you stop reading there, but the quote actually says, “Do not spend your time in charitable work, or charity movements; all charity only tends to perpetuate the wretchedness it aims to eradicate.”

Dude Nailed It

Here we are in 2015, and all one has to do is a cursory investigation into some of the biggest disease based charities to discover how Wattles nailed it more than 100 years ago. The charities have become large businesses that actually need the diseases to continue to thrive in order to justify their existences. Much like the medical industry in general, the eradication of disease would threaten to bankrupt them. They end up suppressing information about preventing and healing the diseases, and they accept donations from industries that contribute to the diseases – for instance, diabetes charities accepting donations from the sugar industry. That money is always going to come with a quid quo pro.1)

In another conversation here on the Devtome wiki, I will delve more into Wattles, including things he said that I have mental blocks about, (and how those pre-existing mental blocks of mine have been holding me back from attaining prosperity.) For now though, let's focus on how organizations, ostensibly created to help people suffering from diseases, are now actively responsible for helping to ensure that massive numbers of people actually get those diseases.

Wattles obviously had an acute understanding of human nature. He must have realized that anytime someone starts an organization with a stated charitable goal in mind, if the organization grows and lots of money flows into it, there are going to be problems. The people in the organization are going to be faced with the situation of being successful due to the very problems their group is supposed to be eradicating. A conflict of interest tends to naturally ensue.

One Century No Progress

That is why we have 100 years of “fighting cancer,” with billions of dollars, both public and private ostensibly going to research to find the cure, yet with virtually no changes in medical treatment today, than 75 to 100 years ago. We keep being told that the big breakthrough is right around the corner, yet it never comes. We keep participating in projects like Run For The Cure, and all kinds of pink themed events, but the cancer rates keep skyrocketing.

In the meantime, at a grassroots level, people are independently learning of numerous, mostly low cost protocols that are not just preventing cancer, but actually healing cancer.2) All the while, though, the individuals running the big charities that are supposed to be looking for cancer cures are usually among the first and most vocal opponents and deniers of these exciting, life saving cancer protocols.

Personally speaking, I feel worse about these charities going over to the dark side than I do about the medical industry operating from darkness. I suppose I shouldn't feel any difference at all in that regard, but the thing is. medicine is presented to us, as a business. We have to pay for services. Profit is expected. We all know that businesses are often shady. Charities, though, are supposed to be all about helping people, however they have become businesses themselves; multi million and sometimes billion dollar businesses. When charities have executives making not just 6 figure annual salaries, but even 7 figures, you can pretty much give up on having any hope that they are working toward their stated purpose. 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11)

The American Cancer Society (ACS), one of the worst charity scams in my book, didn't even make the list of the top 50 worst charities, by the Tampa Bay Times. With the CEO making $2.5 million, I find that choice breathtaking, in a bad way, that is. The Times parameters included the percentage of money that was paid out, compared to the what was kept among the organization and executives. That's how the ACS managed to keep off the list. In this writer's opinion, the parameters were wrong. No non profit organization that funds itself by begging for personal donations should have a 7 figure executive. Beyond that, The newspaper makes no distinction as to how the money that goes out is actually spent.

Suppressing Life Saving Information Isn't Very Charitable

The ACS suppresses information dealing with prevention and low cost alternative cancer protocols that have been shown to often be effective.12) The organization only spends money propping up status quo treatments that often lead to the creation of cancer, like mammograms, chemotherapy and radiation. Crazy how cancer treatments actually create cancer; ain't it?

In my opinion, that's worse than charities that give 90% of their donations to the solicitors who got the donations. The reason I feel that that way is, while it's disgusting, at least it doesn't invest most of the donations into protocols that are responsible for the creation of the exact scourge the money is supposed to be eliminating.

Medical charities are usually just another cog in the machine of status quo, including the government, the medical industry and the media. They work in tandem to bilk the unsuspecting public out of their money. These charities help to prop up the lies about health and the real cause of illness. As bad things are when it comes to cancer, they may be much worse with AIDS.

AIDS may very well be the biggest global scam the world has ever known. Listen to this discussion if you have yet to start your education regarding the disinformation around HIV allegedly being the proven, incontrovertible and sole cause of AIDS. There is an ever growing group of esteemed molecular biologists and other scientists who are telling the world that it's crazy to believe that a virus can cause 30 different diseases.

Fear Factor

The status quo medical authorities told us that AIDS is sexually transmitted, and that while it was initially most prevalent in the homosexual male demographic, we could expect it to jump over to the heterosexual community, due to bisexual males who would get it from the male to male liaisons. (Ironically, many of this men identify as strictly heterosexual. They have a wife or girlfriend, but they cheat on them with gay men.)

We were also told that the large number of IV drug addicts who are heterosexual would end up giving AIDS in large numbers to their spouses or unmarried sexual partners. We were told that female prostitutes would contract HIV from all the “switch hitting” johns (male customers), and also because many prostitutes are IV drug addicts themselves. They were said to give their johns HIV who would go home and give it to their wives. It turns out that the heterosexual HIV transition never happened on any kind of scale, more than 3 decades later. In fact, female prostitutes never became adversely affected by HIV & AIDS. For that matter, the pornography industry was never decimated, as predicted, including the gay porn industry.

Let's not forget that all this time, nobody has been able to even document the HI-virus itself. Subsequently, the test for HIV is a test for natural antibodies that the body creates to fight it off. The question must be asked, “Is the reason that only the antibodies, and not the virus itself, can be detected, due to the fact that the antibodies did their job so effectively that the virus has been eliminated? There are plenty of other viruses that are detectable, along with their antibodies, but with the HI-virus, that's not the case.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is simply the name a scientist, Robert Gallo, put on it. He could have called it the Question Mark Virus (QMV), since he was merely theorizing and did not really know what it is or does. The theory is that the virus leads to an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which is mix of up to 30 different diseases. No virus has ever led to so many different types of illnesses; not even close. It is totally against the realm of known viral behavior.

Independent, non status quo researchers tell us that all those diseases are manifestations of the deadly cocktail of extremely toxic, debilitating antiretroviral drugs that are given to HIV patients. These are supposed to be miracle drugs, but a growing number of researchers and doctors are saying they are nothing more than death and sickness drugs.

Chemotherapy Sabotage - It's Not Just For Cancer Any More

Many of them are old chemotherapy drugs. If you do any reading of the alternative health data regarding cancer treatment, you are at least aware that millions of people swear they will never take chemotherapy regardless of ever getting cancer, because they know that chemotherapy kills all cells in general, not just cancer cells. It is responsible for the deaths of most cancer patients. Sometimes it kills enough cancer cells first, before killing the patient, but it's a bad bet to risk.

The first so-called miracle AIDS drug was AZT.which was actually developed in 1964 as chemotherapy for cancer patients. Independent researchers are convinced AZT is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of HIV identified, but otherwise healthy individuals. After years of use, it became so obvious that it was hurting, not helping, it fell from general favor among the more pro active HIV and AIDS patients.13)

This ever growing number of dissenting researchers tell us that you could put the healthiest Olympic athlete on the AIDS drugs protocol, and they would acquire an immune deficiency syndrome. They say that getting an HIV test is not in your best interest as it tends to give the medical establishment license to treat you with their “standard of care” protocol, and that is what leads to getting up to 30 AIDS related diseases. Moreover, about half of AIDS patients are dying from diseases that the medical industry admits is not even a part of the AIDS spectrum of diseases. They are dying from kidney and heart failure which is absolutely 100% traceable to the very drugs they are being administered.

Below, is a piece of a rather common story. It's published on the Virus Myth website.14)

You should also mentally absorb the following excerpt from the same site:

Concerned readers are highly urged to read the full web page, and to explore all of the website.15)

AIDS Myths & Folklore

There are vast amounts of spoken and unspoken assumptions and folklore that goes along with AIDS. From very early on, it has been a huge political football and made a big freekin' deal, on the basis of fear based projections of its alleged global deadly potential. There were respected, credentialed individuals suggesting that it could wipe out a third or more of the global population within a couple generations.

In a way, AIDS has kind of been like the nuclear energy industry in terms of potential promise, except the ridiculously over inflated promise of nuclear power potential is stated as positive (while ignoring all the reality based negativity), while the projections of the power of AIDS has always been a matter of overstating its threat.

The public was informed that once someone is diagnosed with HIV, it will almost always lead to AIDS, usually quickly, which would then soon lead to death. Many dissenting medical researchers say that whatever the virus is that HIV make be a part of the equation, but it is hardly the only culprit. Keep in mind that the deaths were occurring primarily in subsets of recreational drug users and/or gay men. That means, the vast majority of gay men and recreational drug users were unaffected.

There were (and are) behaviors that caused (and cause) a very small subset of these groups to fall gravely ill. In the drug users, it was not simply those who introduced the drugs via IV (intravenous) needles, but they reused needles after their initial usage. In the male gay community, the people who were getting sick were in the “fast track” gay lifestyle, which might be as high as only 3 percent of the entire male homosexual population.

They often had multiple sex partners per day, (not per year, month or even per week.) They took heavy doses of all kinds of drugs, including massive amounts of alcohol. Many times, they ironically further compromised their immune systems by taking massive amounts of antibiotics, in hopes that it would help them avoid STDs (sexually transmitted diseases.)

These people would become severely sick, and the illness would often not be confined to one particular type. That is how the human body often works. One thing leads to another. The overburdening of one organ or gland or system, leads to the overburdening of others. Left untreated, or treated incorrectly, overburdened systems can lead to systemic failures which can lead to death.

What About All The Deaths Before AZT?

These illnesses and deaths were primarily a result of hardcore, immune system destroying lifestyle choices, exacerbated by the medical industry's inappropriate response. Critics of this type of alternative information like to create a straw man argument and say that if AZT is what killed so many people, how does one explain all of those who died before 1987 when AZT started being used for AIDS. You have to realize that drugs are all toxic. It's not just AZT or other antiretroviral AIDS drugs that kill people. When you take a look at lists of the leading causes of death, like the one posted later in this article, they rarely look at it from the big picture perspective.

The truth is a good percentage of the people who are said to have died from each of the various listed diseases, actually died not from those diseases, but from the pharmaceutical drugs they were given to treat the diseases. (Even some of the deaths in the non disease causes of death, like accidents and suicides, can arguably be categorized as pharmaceutical mortalities.) In the United States, pharmaceutical drugs are at least the fourth leading cause of death.16) 17) So while AZT was more ruthless in killing off AIDS patients, other drugs were (and are) also deadly and complicit in all kinds of deaths that become systemically miscategorized.18)

Doctors generally do not treat people by educating them about the value of nutrition and healthy lifestyles, pure alkaline, ionized water, super food supplements, getting healthy amounts of daily sunshine, exercise, lymph flow, oxygenation, reducing stress, avoiding GM (genetically modified) food, eating organic food, juicing vegetables, getting proper sleep, having a positive attitude, maintaining social contacts, having pets, letting go of resentments, spending time in nature, filtering your indoor air with technology and/or house plants, and the like. What doctors can be counted on is to hand out toxic drugs like candy. It's what they do. The combination of the excess, toxic lifestyle choices and the inadequate, inappropriate medical response, along with the acceptance of a faulty theory about a virus being the cause of everything, led to the initial illnesses and deaths. When AZT came into the equation, it accelerated the human carnage.

To this day, people are still acquiring immune deficiencies once they test positive for the mystery (HIV) antibodies, and get placed on the HIV = AIDS medical protocol. It often leads to early death, but more and more, people are taking themselves off the protocol, taking action to naturally rebuild their immune systems, and regain their health… or they simply refuse to get on the protocol in the first place. Falling for the HIV = AIDS misinformation is not conducive to good health.

Worrying about having the HIV antibodies does you no good whatsoever. Early detection is basically a marketing ploy to get you onto the medical industry treadmill, and to take your money or your insurance company or Obamacare money. Accepting personal responsibility for your health and taking daily action to build up your amazing, miraculous, God given immune system is how you are going to live a long and healthy life.

Back To The Folklore

Getting back to the AIDS folklore, it is probably an incredibly small percentage of people who have any idea of how many people were actually dying from AIDS back during the panic and the dire predictions about the global population being reduced within a generation or two. Nor are they likely to know how many people died in subsequent years, including more recent years, but they probably would be quite surprised by the actual numbers, compared to other causes of death.

Based on the panic, the folklore, political activism, the propaganda, et al, most people tend to have the feeling that relatively huge numbers of people have died from AIDS, especially in the early years, before the so called miracle drugs and miracle drug cocktails came to the alleged rescue. (As we have already mentioned, the drugs did not come to the rescue. They actually killed off people who could still be living today if they were treated appropriately by rebuilding their immune systems.) The truth is that 30 or more times the number of people who die of AIDS in the United States die of cancer. The same is true for AIDS versus heart disease. There are even 3 times the number of suicides than there are of AIDS deaths.

Armed with this knowledge, and the understanding that $800 billion has been spent on AIDS, can you see how out of whack things are? I don't have the stats offhand, but it seems entirely plausible that the money that has been spent and donated for AIDS greatly exceeds the money that has gone into dealing with the top several (maybe top 10?) leading causes of death during the same time span. I just found this Reuters post that says the Washington has been spending close to 5 billion dollars a year on cancer research the past several years. It probably was nowhere close to that 30 years ago, though. Besides AIDS, cancer has probably been the disease that gets the most attention, so my speculation could very well be true.)

Now mind you, my argument isn't that money going to the cause of AIDS should be going to cancer or other disease research. I'm saying it pretty much all seems to be a crock of shit. Nobody in the medical community is going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. If you came up with a pill that got rid of all disease, you'd be killed before you could get the word out. The more money that gets thrown at any of this so called research, the less innovation, honesty and solutions there are to be found.

That said, there is a behemoth of an AIDS industry, including charities, that do not want you to know this information. Prepared to be labeled as a hater of homosexuals if you discuss this, even if, like me, you champion equal rights for homosexuals, including marriage for people of the same gender. In fact, even if you are homosexual, you will be called a self hating homosexual if you try to help bring this data and perspective to the light of day.19)

This is a weapon that the various other disease charities and groups making money in the disease industry do not have. Accusing someone of hating cancer patients isn't as harmful as accusing them of hating gay people.

Actual Numbers Versus Folklore Feelings

Take a gander at the chart above. AIDS deaths – or at least deaths that have been attributed to AIDS – were not tracked before 1987, when there were about 13.5 thousand in the US of A (or the US and A, as Borat would say.) We can safely assume that the numbers were smaller before that point. It obviously makes no sense to assume that in 1986 there were, say, one hundred thousand AIDS deaths, for instance, but then in 1987 it inexplicably went down to 13 thousand.) Seriously, in the entire United States, 13,000 people dying from a disease is not exactly earth shattering when compared to many other diseases that killed far more. It was probably much less than that in 1979, the first year the mysterious deaths were noticed in the gay community.

AZT was introduced in 1987, (when there were less than 14 thousand AIDS deaths.) Just like many vaccine charts that show disease deaths getting worse after the vaccines are introduced, AIDS deaths skyrocketed in the ensuing years after AZT came to market..20) In fact, it more than tripled in the US within 8 years.

As more time went by, AZT became less popular. Many people figured it out, that it made them worse, not better. A lot of AIDS patients have quit taking any medication, opting to focus on nutrition instead, and have had much better results.

Referring to the above chart again, you see a big drop from 1995 to 1996 and then an even bigger drop in 1997. I am being speculative here when I say that I could believe those drops happened when the popularity of AZT first started waning. The 1997 figure is close to, but somewhat higher than the level when AIDS deaths first started being recorded. The chart below, 1999 to 2009 indicates that deaths attributed to AIDS has been holding steady in that range since. (I couldn't quickly find more recent statistics.)

Currently AIDS isn't close to being in the top 10 list of the leading causes of death in the United States. The website Medical News Today has a list which it says is the most recent (without telling us what year) top 10 causes of death in the United States.

  • Heart disease - 596,577
  • Cancer - 576,691
  • Chronic lower respiratory disease - 142,943
  • Stroke - 128,932
  • Accidents - 126,438
  • Alzheimer's disease - 84,974
  • Diabetes - 73,831
  • Influenza and pneumonia - 53,826
  • Kidney disease - 45,591
  • Suicide - 39,518

Only in 1995 and 1996 when AIDS deaths were said to be 40,000 + and 41,000 + respectively, would AIDS have broken the top 10 (if all other things were the same.) Yet, from the fear mongering in the 1980s, one would have thought that about 1 in every 3 people would have AIDS by now, if no cure were found. The truth is, not only have we not found a cure for HIV, we haven't found the HIV, more than 30 years after it was agreed upon by mainstream scientists to be the cause of AIDS. (Again, all we have evidence of are antibodies of some unknown virus. When these antibodies are discovered, the individual usually gets placed on highly toxic ARV drugs which cause all kinds of health issues, which are mistakenly thought to be caused by the mystery virus, that no one has ever actually found, isolated and identified.)

When I was studying vaccines to write my Devtome contribution on the topic, it was really the first time I truly grokked how massively inexact a science, medicine really is. Most of us think of diseases as objective entities, but in reality, they are often speculation, theories and agreements. What often happens is, researchers notice symptoms, and they rather arbitrarily decide that certain symptoms constitute a disease.

They give it a name – often using the Latin language to sound impressive – to these series of symptoms, and in effect, they create the disease as if it's always been around and is real and not to be ever questioned. Nowadays, instead of going Latin, researchers sometimes go silly, and they create downright goofy diseases. For instance, “restless leg syndrome.”21)

Many times, these “new” diseases are side effects of pharmaceutical toxins they we take as medicine for other diseases or issues. These new diseases become reasons to take more medicines that have more side effects, and so the cycle goes.

In terms of vaccines, statistics have been historically manipulated when symptoms that used to be identified as one disease, get classified as a different disease after a vaccine for the initial disease becomes available. Then they draw up charts showing less people are getting the disease, which, of course, they attribute to the vaccine, when in fact, the real reason is people who would have formerly been included in the statistics, are now included in the statistics for a newly identified disease. Dr. Walter Hadwen used to crack jokes about this phenomena in the 1800s, and it's still going on today. I guess when it comes down to it, there really is no new thing under the sun.22)

What's That Got To Do With AIDS?

In the 1960s and 1970s virologists were trying their best to show that cancer was caused by a virus. They wanted to blow the roof off of cancer research and announce that cancer was contagious. They tried their best to find any evidence they could to support their theory, but it just wasn't there. When fast track gays started dying in the late 1970s, many of these same virologists perked their ears up. They took their failed theory from cancer, and pointed it to this new cause of illness and death.

Remember GRIDS?

Originally, there was the term, Gay Related Immunodeficiency Syndrome, GRIDS. That didn't get much attention since the homosexual community is a small subset of the greater population. There was a need to increase the fear factor in order to get the attention of the government which funds studies, and in order to get the attention of the broad spectrum of the population so that organizations who were asking for donations could have a large base of contributors. What was needed was for everyone to feel like AIDS was a threat to their very lives. The viral theory was a great working model for charities who wanted to collect a lot of money. Even though the health issues were currently affecting a small subset of gay men and a small subset of drug users, if it were a virus, then it could spread to everyone. It was just what the charity movement needed.

Furthermore, it was the perfect rally cause for gay activists. They had gone through the Anita Bryant craziness, and as a direct result were unified and organized and coming out and being proud like never before. It's difficult to gauge the full effect Ms. Bryant had on not only inspiring the gay community to organize politically, but to also form bonds and receive empathy from millions of heterosexual individuals and thousands of mainstream organizations that had never felt much for – or at least, been nearly as supportive for – gay people and causes. (Oh, the irony.) Hence, a viral working model of an explanation of AIDS, that threatened everybody and their brother became the next great clarion call for the 'queer' community.

Fast Track Outliers

There were a few fast track gay bath house members who believed that their lifestyle was creating the illnesses and deaths. They were starting a branch of gay activism calling for recognizing what they were doing to themselves, and to accept personal responsibility and make changes. There was debate between them and other gay activists like Larry Kramer, who went on to found ACT UP (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power), who ultimately won out. Kramer and his people felt that such a message of taking responsibility for AIDS would only bring more derision toward homosexuals and it would sabotage the inroads that had been made in recent years.

AIDS activism messages largely shunned themes pertaining to excesses, or irresponsible lifestyle. While safe sex was touted, it was directed to everyone, gay, bisexual and straight, men, women and sexually active minors, rather than to the fast track gay male community where the bulk of the tragedy was coming from. The enemy became the mystery virus that the former cancer researchers were beginning to ascribe to GRIDS. The name needed to be changed, though, so GRIDS became AIDS and soon, network TV news magazine shows were instilling fear into anybody and everybody.

They told the public that when they have sex, they are effectively having sex with every person the partner had ever had sex with. The message included that even if sexual partners showed no signs of illness, they might have HIV, if anyone of their past partners had it no matter how many years ago it might have been, and that if any of their current partner's past partner's did, in fact ever have HIV, the likelihood that they and their current partner would get it was great. Furthermore, if they did get HIV, then it's only a matter of time, probably a short time, before full blown AIDS arrives, at which point, death would come soon… if they were lucky.

The Eugenicists Must Have Gone Wild With Happiness

I imagine that when this hysteria based disinformation was being perpetrated on the masses, any eugenicist leaning person who believes that billions of people need to die so they can have a better world, must have giggled like a school girl with uncontrollable glee. Perhaps you were too young (or not around) in the 80s, but most of us were thinking billions of people might soon (or, at least in the not too distant future) be dead from AIDS.

Of course it never happened. Indeed, last year, more Americans died after slipping on a banana peel than people who died of AIDS. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the drift. There have been learned, scholarly dissenters who have tried to bring this evidence to the mainstream, since the beginning. They have either been either ignored or laughed at.

75,000 AIDS Foundations

To say that the whole HIV = AIDS = Death is a fraud of epic proportions, doesn't do it justice. Author and researcher Gary Null says in the aforementioned, highly recommended YouTube audio that there are 75,000 AIDS charities worldwide and more than three quarters of a trillion dollars have been spent on a virus that has never been found and that does the impossible.

Doctors, to this day, are getting kickbacks from drug companies to put healthy people with mystery antibodies (called HIV) in their blood, that are naturally created to keep them healthy, on dangerous drugs that will take a dreadful toll on them, cost them lots of money, and sometimes kill them. Thousands of charities continue to collect untold millions of dollars and pay executives sweet salaries. This is so very wrong, but yet, so very typical in the charity industry.

The Truth Is Out There

Scientists keep looking for the HIi-virus, similar to how cancer researchers are just a red hair away from the big cancer breakthrough, and actually, somewhat like OJ Simpson is still holding out hope for finding the real killer of his ex wife. But the truth is out there. All you need is Internet access and an open mind.

We only touched upon cancer and AIDS frauds and charities, (with an dishonorable mention going out to diabetes charities), but rest assured, every big disease and many smaller ones have a similar situation going on around them. Furthermore, this type of thing is endemic to all kinds of charities, not just charities related to illness. Whenever there is a disaster, you can bet your life that there will be people setting up ways you can donate to help the victims. In almost every case, a percentage will go to the people running the charity, and in many instances, it will be a large percentage. (Of course, if they get enough people donating, they can still get rich from taking only a small percentage for themselves.)

So What To Do?

You may wonder what I am suggesting that you do in terms of giving and charities. Do what you want, but just be aware what the deal is. Many a parent have come to the realization that giving their grown child money, and/or housing them well into adulthood was not helping them, but actually hurting them.

When you give a pan handler money, you are usually just motivating them to not do anything to change their situation. National parks have signs about not feeding the wildlife, in large part, to protect the wildlife from becoming dependent on humans.

Many, if not most, liberals don't find alarming the large percentage of people getting public assistance, for instance, food stamps. They feel like everyone who wants food stamps should get them, no questions asked, and they aren't concerned about the fact that many people on the public dole are spending money everyday on cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs, lottery tickets and they own the latest iPhone, while many people who refuse to take assistance don't have a penny for anything other than bare necessities.23)

I definitely think Wallace Wattles was on the right track. I need to create my own wealth, and be an example for others to be able to do the same thing. I need to build up my immune system to be and stay healthy and show others how to do that, instead of donate money that will never actually go toward getting rid of diseases.

Zappers And MMS

This article may have presented you with a paradigm on AIDS that is new to you. I want to leave you with more information for your edification. Did you know there are a number of alternative protocols that have helped a lot of people who were dying from AIDS to regain their health?

Two that I will share with you now are zappers and MMS.

Dr. Hulda Clark found that small electrical impulses that had sine waves, had a way of effectively killing parasites and pathogens. She created little devices powered by small 9 volt batteries, that zapped people with those impulses. Many people have testified that they got over AIDS (and other life stealing diseases) as a result of using zappers. A souped up version of the Clark zapper is known as a terminator zapper. You now have enough information to do online searches to learn more.

The zapper got rid of severe sore knees for me and has helped with various other things. I've also loaned it to friends who reported feeling much better to a person, with the exception of one pal who reported feeling much worse. That was, in all likelihood, a healing reaction to the parasites dying off.

The most dramatic report was from my boss, at the time, who had a young son in the hospital with a dangerously high fever. After a number of days they sent him home, saying there was nothing they could do. She was worried sick because the fever was truly dangerous and nothing modern medicine had to offer was able to help.

I loaned her the zapper, and the next day she brought it back, announcing the fever broke. The following day she said the fever came back, so I loaned it to her again and the fever subsided again. I told her to keep it for a few more days and zap him some every day. The fever never returned.

Jim Humble

MMS stands for Master Mineral Solution. A senior citizen named Jim Humble (or as I call him, humble Jim Humble) stumbled upon it in the late 90s. I had been hearing about it since that time, but all the things people were claiming they got well from just seemed too good to be true. In recent years, I started reading various forums where people discuss their experiences dealing with MMS and so many different kinds of health issues. After several hours of reading, it becomes hard to ignore that something very special is going on, and nobody in those forums is reporting anything dangerous happening to them.

Last year, I finally got some, 15 years after first learning about it. I now take MMS daily, just as I zap some daily as well. MMS also kills pathogens, parasites, viruses, bad bacteria. Many people also claim to have been brought back to life, from the death bed from various illnesses including cancer and AIDS.

You may be able to download an ebook on MMS by Humble here, but if not, you can easily discover information about it online. Of course, mainstream sources will warn you that it's bleach and that it's dangerous. Click here and here to see his response.

MMS has gained in popularity so much in recent years that the medical industry is feeling threatened so governments and media outlets are really ramping up a fear based campaign to dissuade its usage. There are efforts to ban it, although I”m not sure how effective such a ban will be since it's simply a mixture of sodium chlorite (related to sodium chloride, aka table salt), and citric acid. It's a water purifier and is sometimes used in pools and for disinfecting hospitals. There are patents granted to use it in medicine. Yes, governments can ban it, but kind of like banning marijuana, it's not going to stop most people who want it, from using it.

The powers that be have recently started a demonizing campaign, calling Humble a cultist. Humble has used the United State's constitution and the laws and common laws of other nations to start a church that uses MMS in order to provide legal protection to it's members. There is no cult activity involved, by any stretch of the imagination. He is always accused of selling MMS, but he has actually only given it away.

Now is probably a good time to get a supply of MMS, because it might be difficult to obtain later, and the price could much higher. Part of what is so threatening about MMS is that for $20, people get a supply that lasts them a year. People are coming off their death beds for $10, yet part of the propaganda against MMS is that it's expensive, depriving people of their money.

MMS is related to the chlorine family and I could believe that by taking way too much, harm could be done, but I'd guess in most instances, you'd throw it up and not die. Frankly it tastes so bad, you probably wouldn't be able to get a lethal dose down.

All kinds of things can cause illness and death when too much is taken. Some people have died from drinking too much water. Their death certificates list the cause as, water toxicity, so please, let's be realistic here. If we ban everything that has the potential to be abused or misused, we'll ban everything.

Pharmaceutical drugs kill people everyday and rarely get banned. The pain drug, Vioxx killed 60,000 people and caused hundreds of thousands of heart attacks, and the government never banned it. (Merck finally dropped it due to all the lawsuits.) Most of the people trying to whip up a frenzy on the Internet against MMS, scaring people with industrial bleach comparisons, don't seem to have nary a problem with proven mass killer pharmaceuticals.

Trolls And Snowden

The Edward Snowden leaks proved that the government pays people to be trolls online.24) 25) 26) 27) I just did some searches for MMS and Jim Humble and the amount of bashing has increased by what appears to be at least hundreds of times more than I've ever seen it in the past. This is almost certainly due to an organized campaign by the powers that surely will not always be.

I put several drops of the sodium chlorite and several drops of the citric acid in a vegetable capsule, then I shake it for about half a minute to complete the transition into chlorine dioxide, and wash it down with several ounces of purified water. (That way, I don't have to taste it. By the way, Humble says that city water isn't good to use because it has actual chlorine and it doesn't mix well with chlorine dioxide which is what sodium chlorite turns into when mixed with citric acid.) I didn't have any diseases I was trying to heal from when I started taking it, so I don't have a dramatic story to share, like so many thousands of other people, but I do have something worth noting.

For at least a year before using MMS, my back would hurt every morning after sleeping for several hours. Once I got up and about, the pain would start to go away, and usually within an hour, it would be gone. Before I got up though, it was quite discomforting, to the point of just laying there, avoiding the increased pain that came with the initial movement of getting out of bed. This was a daily occurrence, without exception for a good year.

After just 2 days of taking 6 drops of MMS a day, I woke up and noticed my back didn't hurt. It remained that way for many days until I forgot to take my MMS for a couple days and it came back. Once I started taking it again, the pain vanished. There have been a few times since, when I would forget to take it, and the pain would return.

After several months of almost daily MMS intake, now, sometimes I forget to take it for a day or two or even a few days, and I do not experience the back pain. What pathogens or viruses or parasites have to do with back pain, I have no idea, but I can tell you the pain was very real and it was part of my daily life in the mornings for at least a year before I started taking MMS and now it's a thing of the past. I also am no longer bothered by constipation, which sometimes used to affect me.

Virtually every winter, I used to get sick for many days, and often weeks, and sometimes months. About 3 years ago, I was sick all winter. This winter, my first one with MMS, I only had 2 nights of symptoms. That's the only illness I've had in the almost year since I've been using it.

I have also lost 40 pounds, and while it's not completely attributable to MMS, the last time I lost weight several years ago, my body responded with constipation, which led to the worst hemorrhoids known to humanity (at least as far as I was concerned.) I didn't know they could cause such agony. I gave up on weight loss because I needed bad food to stop the constipation, which had created the 'roids. This time, I'm able to eat good, nutritious food, and constipation and 'roids are simply nowhere to be found. I continue to lose weight, slow and steady, virtually week in and week out. I feel like MMS is my secret weapon.

Malaria And MMS

Perhaps the disease that MMS is most impressive dealing with is malaria, which kills between half a million and one million people annually. It works usually within a single day. Blood tests are done showing the person to be positive and then the next day (or maybe two), the blood test shows the individual to be negative.

Of course, more important than a medical test is how the person feels. They always feel better, no matter how bad they had been feeling before. More times than not, there are feeling much better within a few hours.

The local Red Cross in Uganda took part in a test of MMS on 154 Malaria patients. All of them were cured. When the RC members presented to the evidence to their superiors, excited at the prospects that the Red Cross would then use MMS everywhere Malaria was present, nothing ever came of it.

When MMS proponents kept questioning the Red Cross about the test, after a period of stonewalling, the International Red Cross finally made a statement. They denied any knowledge of such a test. When a video was given to them, showing Red Cross workers in Red Cross shirts taking part, they responded that maybe some low level members were there, but it was not an official Red Cross event, and they had no knowledge of it and they don't believe the MMS cures malaria.

On the Internet, detractors use this denial to try to indicate that MMS proponents are using false information to spead their whackadoo lies and tin foil hat theories about this dangerous snake oil. If they are sincere, they are foolish in that there is this video of Red Cross workers taking part in the test in Uganda in 2012, and it makes the International Red Cross look horrible that they would try to deny their participation and claim ignorance. However, my guess is that most of these people are not sincere, but are paid trolls, putting out the B.S. they are told to say. It's generally gets back to how you'd have to be an idiot to drink bleach and think it's going to do anything other than hurt or kill you. The truth is, anybody saying that who isn't outright consciously lying and trolling, has simply not done her due diligence, and certainly has never tried it for herself.

When it comes to the zapper, I don't see how the powers that shouldn't be can create a smear campaign saying it harmful. No amount of zapping is going to harm you, save for the possibility of burning your skin if you don't move it for hours on end. (You only need to zap for 20 minutes to get benefit, but if you want to go hours, it's a good idea to move it around from time to time.) It's just tiny electrical impulses that you usually don't even feel.

The worst anyone can say is that people may not go to a doctor and seek help because they think the “useless” zapper is going to fix them, and by not going to the doctor, they may end up dying somehow. (The truth is actually more times than not, the opposite. By staying off the medical industry treadmill, and not being exposed to the dangerous and toxic drugs, you are much more likely to remain healthy and live longer. (There are some exceptions, but they are relatively few and far between, however I always say, that in those instances, it's a Godsend. Most of those instances are life threatening cases, not the general, chronic reasons most people go to a doctor for.)

I suppose the medical mafia could pretend like there are large numbers of people choosing not to seek medical help and hence are being harmed as a result, and they could ban zappers too, but zappers are easy to make with simple electronic parts so a ban would be hard to pull off. Of course, they could start house to house searches in the middle of the night (kind of like what the Israeli Defense Force does to Palestinians whose children are reported to have tossed a rock earlier that day, week, month), to search for MMS and/or zappers and put anyone in prison who has one or the other, (for their own safety, no doubt.)

That was meant satirically, but I wouldn't be shocked if it were to come true. California just made vaccinations mandatory.28) 29) People are having their kids kidnapped for their refusal to subject their children to toxic vaccines, chemotherapy, radiation and the like. Sometimes it happens just for telling a doctor they are going to seek a second medical opinion.30) 31) 32) 33) The medical mafia is becoming bolder, seeming in direct proportion to the number of people who are waking up the reality of medical abuses, lies and hoaxes.

Anyway, since many thousands of people have reported being healed from cancer, AIDS and many other health issues, using zappers and MMS, I felt like I would be remiss not to bring those two protocols up in this discussion.

Since the AIDS information in this article may be a new paradigm for some of the readers, I'm ending this post with two pages from Dr.Rath's website, so that everyone will have access to more infomation. He is an AIDS researcher. The links are here and here. Below you will see many blue links, but they are not actually links here on Devtome. So, if you want to navigate to any of the referenced pages, you will need to go to the two pages linked above, to get to them.

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Quid pro quo means, “something for something” in Latin), an exchange of goods or services, where one transfer is contingent upon the other.
How much of your weekly paycheck are you willing to donate to the Clinton Foundation?
What do I mean by miscategorized? Most cancer patients are categorized as dying from cancer, when in reality, they die from the effects of the treatment. It would be more accurate to say that the person died of chemotherapy, because without the chemotherapy, they would have lived longer. Or perhaps, the chemotherapy took away the patient's appetite, so it could be accurate to say the patient died of starvation or malnutrition. When vaccinated individuals die of a disease they have been vaccinated against, their doctor often will categorize their death as coming from a disease that shared some of the same symptoms, or they will simply mark down, “Unknown,” on the death certificate, because they won't admit that vaccinations are less than foolproof. Modern medicine is constantly killing people everyday, but it is quite rare for a doctor to ever document it as the cause of death. Miscategorization of death causes is rampant.
It kind of reminds me of how you get labeled anti Semitic if you bring up the fact that the number of deaths brought about by Hitler seems to have been purposefully exaggerated. In a number of countries, you can do hard time in prison for stating such truth, and be treated worse than baby rapists. And no, I'm not a Hitler apologist in any way. I can't stand the Nazi atrocities or the fact the my country's government brought thousands of Nazis to work in high level government positions in the pentagon, various intelligence agencies and NASA. I simply want to know the truth and find historical inaccuracies accepted as fact, I don't repeat them or pretend they don't exist.
Other vaccine charts show the disease in question having already dropped dramatically for years before the vaccine was introduced. Except they are not the charts the medical industry or government show us. Those charts tend to start with the year the vaccines came out, so as to suggest any subsequent dropping had to do with the vaccine rather than the factors that had already caused the previously dramatic downward trend.
Then they find a drug to deal with the symptom(s), often repurposing existing drugs, including existing drugs that failed to show any effectiveness for some other disease they created, and it gets presented to the public. Then hypochondriacs hear the news that the people in the white lab coats not only found a new disease, but they have the new (or newly named) drug to deal with it. “Hmm. Restless leg syndrome?,” they think… “Do I have that? Yeah, come to think of it, my legs ARE restless. Thank God they have a drug for that. Sign me up!” Of course the drug has side effects, but not to worry. Their doctor can give them more drugs to deal with the new side effects, and never mind that those drugs also have side effects. If you believe in evidence based science, don't be a trouble maker and bring up things like side effects all the damn time.
Ecclesiastes 1:9 “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”
I knew someone who used to say you have to be foolish not to take the free money that the government is giving away even though he was a licensed real estate agent and perfectly capable of providing for himself.

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