Chapter 15 - To Kill a Mockingbird

Lynching happens often in the south, even before any kind of proven crime whenever a colored person is convicted. In Atticus’s clients case, this was no exception. In the earlier parts To Kill a Mockingbird, people would comment Atticus and his family mean and hateful slurs, and act abnormal around them. The people in Maycomb would not act with physical violence towards the Finch’s, and Atticus would not care either. The first confrontation happened to be a peaceful persuasion, the second was a forceful approach, and Scout persuaded the mob to stop.

The first confrontation happened to have a group consisting of Atticus’s friends. It took place in front of his house, so they would have to talk about the tomorrow trial over his lawn. The mob discussions were peaceful and nonviolent. They would try to convince him not to represent Tom Robertson in the court of law, but Atticus didn’t care.
In the second confrontation, a lynch mob had appeared and broke into the prison. Atticus knew there was going to be a mob trying to kill his client, so he got there just in time. Atticus was trying to protect Tom Robertson from being killed from a violent outburst. However, the mob seems to forget that killing another person is a sin.

“Of course I do, don’t say nigger, Scout. That’s common.” (page 99). Scout passses through the crowd along with Jem so everyone could there are kids there. Once everyone saw the kids, they all stopped trying to break through Atticus. Having to see the kids there made everyone realise that they are setting a bad example for their own children. Most of the people in the crowd were wearing peculiar clothing, in a style where they wouldn’t be so familiar. This is probably because they aren’t proud of what they are doing.

In conclusion, it doesn’t take much for people to know what they are doing. In this case, Jem and Scout, 12 years old and 8 years old respectively made a lynch mob riot back to their homes. This is a good example of where situations can go stale very quickly, even if the opposing side was for out of anger. Atticus says that the mob was like a pack of wild animals during the second confrontation, but they can be stopped because he states that they are simply human (page 120). Atticus tells Scout that she made Mr. Cunningham view his life in his own perspective at that last minute, and jokes around having a police force of children to have people realise what they’re doing.

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