Chairless Chairs For Camping

chairless1.jpgFor the hikers who want to keep down all unnecessary weight, how about a chairless chair, a chair that's not a chair?

Quite frankly, I wish I'd had one of these when I was in the Marine Corps – I was often in places where there wasn't any place to sit comfortably, and the idea of having a “chair” in my pocket would have been quite appealing. (And what's really sad – is that as Marines we have all we need to construct these… any rifle sling would probably work quite well – all we needed was the original idea!)

Now, while you can buy a chairless chair (and in a multitude of snazzy colors!), why not just make one? I'm sure that many people have the parts needed just laying around somewhere, and it's so lightweight that you can pop it into the backpack and never notice the added weight.

According to Vitra – the manufacturer, the chairless chair relieves the spine and legs, so that hugging your knees, or using a support, is simply no longer necessary. They claim that because pressure is taken off of so many areas of the body, that you end up being more relaxed. I'll admit to having a homemade version, and they are indeed quite relaxing when you don't have a chair to sit on. But don't take my word for it… grab a rope, or a strap of some sort, and try it out right now! You'll never head out camping or to an outdoor event again without your chairless chair!

Chairless Chair For Ayoreo Indians

chairless2.jpg Although 'designed' by Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, this seating strap is commonly used by the Ayoreo Indians, one of around 18 different tribes that live in Bolivia & Paraguay.

Being by their very nature, __the experts on outdoor camping__, we can learn from the Ayoreo people - its interesting to see a method of sitting down for long periods of time that is both comfortable, and is 'chairless'. This chairless chair can also be used anytime you head out to an event, a picnic, a park, the beach… anyplace where you might not find a chair to sit down in.

So modern society learns from an 'uncivilized' hunter/gatherer tribe. A brilliantly simple device, the chairless chair will make you comfortable sitting around camp. So, sit down, cross your legs, and sit down in your chairless chair – and you'll be able to roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories around the campfire for hours.

You can even think of other uses if you're creative enough – especially if you're out camping with your kids… I know my Dad would have reached for the chairless chair if one of us kids started acting up. :-)

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