Ceiling Fan Project Interrupted

The other day I was planning on going to a home improvement center that was located at one of the local shopping malls in my town, in order to buy a new ceiling fan for my kitchen. Which I needed because two of the fan blades on the old one had finally fallen off after years of being whacked with a broom and mop handle every now and then, while the fan was running and spinning around. The glass globe that covered the ceiling fans light fixture and bulb had also been broken and the glass scattered onto the kitchen floor, after being whacked by the end of the mop or broom handle too. It might have been done accidentally each time, but every time it happened it seemed so haphazard, as I quickly lifted the mop or broom handle up while working with them in the kitchen, and during or after cleaning them in the kitchen sink. I had tried to fix the two broken fan blades, but the metal hardware that holds them in place was all cracked, broken, and some small pieces were missing. The warm weather will soon be here when a full working ceiling fan with all of its fan blades in place will be needed. The way it is now, with only two fan blades, you have to keep the fan on the highest speed in order to get any kind of decent air movement, circulation, and cooling performance out of it when the weather is warm, and then the whole ceiling fan shakes and wobbles a lot.

On My Way Out the Door

So it was time to replace this now 2 blade 3-speed ceiling fan with another more modern, better looking and working 4 or 5 blade design with a more powerful motor and 3 or 4 speeds. I had done plenty of home improvement projects for my own and other peoples homes over the years and figured that I could handle this kitchen ceiling fan removal, replacement, and installation project as well. As I was on my way out the door I noticed that there were a few local Utility Co crews working on my block. They had a lot of trucks with them and they were working on the outside of some of my neighbors homes. I was interested in what they were all doing there that day and was wondering if I should wait around before leaving, to see if they were going to be visiting my house too.

I also wanted to go over and ask them what they were all doing there that day, but I decided to get going without waiting. So I got into my car to go and as I was leaving I noticed that some Utility Co workers were walking up to and knocking on my neighbors doors and talking to whoever was home and had answered the knock on their door. I just figured that I would go over and talk to one of the workers after I returned from the shopping mall, in order to ask them what was going on with all of them being there and the work that they were doing that day. So I took off in my car driving to the end of the block, then I turned right, towards the best scenic route that leads to the shopping mall.

Time to Go Buy a New Ceiling Fan

As I drove along the highway I recalled the time that I was given that ceiling fan as a present from one of my relatives when we first moved into our new home, and how I had spent hours and hours trying to hook it up correctly. After installing it initially for the first time, I then had to keep taking the screws holding the top vertical cover plate and the flat ceiling electrical box cover plate off, in order to get to and loosen a certain nut and bolt, so that the height of the ceiling fan could be adjusted a few times, until I finally got it right. Also complicating things was the fact that when the ceiling fan was turned on to the higher speeds it would shake and wobble a lot. So I had to remove those two upper cover plates again and again in order to fix that problem too.

It took a long time to try and fix it, but I did finally solve it by around 90% as good as it should and needed to be. While doing all of that adjusting, every time I figured that the job was over and done, I had to keep taking those two upper cover plates off again, in order to make further adjustments to those same parts, and then put it all back together again and check the results. I figured that after having already gone through all of that before, that this time around I should be able to do a much better job of preparing for and setting up this ceiling fan project, before proceeding with the installation, and hoped to thereby not run into those same kinds of problems again.

As I was driving along the local road on my way to the shopping mall I noticed that there were a lot more of those same kinds of Utility Co crews working on the sides of peoples houses along with their many trucks lined up on the residential streets. That's when I realized that there was probably some kind of utility service related work currently going on now for the whole town. I had received a notice in the mail a few weeks before about an upgrade to their system that they were going to be doing, maybe that's what this was all about. I would have to wait until I got home to inquire with one of the Utility Co crews workers or with one of my neighbors that I saw talking to the Utility Co's workers earlier, as to what this was all about.

More to Do at the Shopping Mall

As I drove my car into the shopping mall parking lot I noticed that there was someone wearing a wacky looking clown type suit and costume and they were jumping up and down as they were pointing to a big sign that said:

Grand Opening - New Furniture Sale ! -- Visit Our New Store In The Shopping Mall !

I figured that I might have enough time to walk through that new store after choosing and buying my new ceiling fan. It was early in the day, but there were already a lot of cars parked in the parking lot. Luckily I was able to find a good parking spot that was close to the popular big name home improvement center that I was going to be shopping in. It was a new and big store that they had been working on for a long time in order to get it set up and ready for business. The new owners of this store had bought out and replaced a bowling alley that had been there from way back. It had been built at a time when bowling was one of the most popular games, sports, and recreational activities for kids and teenagers to keep busy with after school and on the weekends. This new store had everything that you could possibly need or want for any kind of home improvement project. So I was sure that I was at the right place to buy my replacement ceiling fan and any other related items needed for the job.

Different Types and kinds of Ceiling Fans to Choose From

One of the store clerks told me which part of the store that the ceiling fans were located and which aisle to go down in order to find them. After getting there I started to look at all of the different kinds of styles, shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors of the ceiling fans that were out of the box and on display. While doing that, I decided, since there were so many different types and kinds of ceiling fans to choose from, I should just grab as many of the ceiling fan Co brochures that they had and take them back to my car. Where I could sit down, take my time comparing them, take some notes, and then pick out the best one for my kitchen and situation. The store clerk who was in charge of this dept said that was ok and he gathered up the ceiling fan Co brochures that he had and gave them to me.

Then I went back to my car and started going through and comparing all of the different types of ceiling fans that were listed in the Co brochures, which were from 4 different brands. They gave all of the info that was needed in order to choose the right ceiling fan for any size room, situation, purpose, and budget. One brands ceiling fans were in a very high price range, two others were more reasonably priced and affordable, and the 4th brand was in the lowest price range. Included in most of the Co brochures were pictures showing the different types, kinds, and varieties of styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes, of the motor housings, fan blades and hardware, lighting fixtures, and vertical and flat ceiling electrical box cover plates.

A full list of details with the number of motor speeds, 1-3 or 1-4, motor rpms, motor power and electrical usage in amps and watts, air volume movement in cfms, any other included features, and all of the different dimensions. It didn't take long to realize that in order to avoid the recurring problem that had caused the need for a new ceiling fan in the first place, I had to get another 4-blade ceiling fan. The 5-blade fans all had larger overall dimensions, ceiling-fan.jpg so the 5-blade fans would be even more in line and prone to getting accidentally and haphazardly whacked, while the ceiling fan was running and spinning around, by the end of a long handled item, such as a broom or mop, for whatever reason or cause.

Ceiling Fan Finishes, Features, and Price Ranges

The higher quality medium through higher cost ceiling fans blades are constructed of sturdy real wood and the lower priced ones are made of high density press board. The choices for fan blades, motor housings, hardware, ceiling cover plates, colors and finishes are as follows:

  • 1. White, off white, wood grain pattern, or stained, wood or press board blades, with white or off white painted metal motor housing, hardware, and cover plates.
  • 2. White, off white, wood grain pattern, or stained, wood or press board blades, with metallic painted, brushed or polished brass and other type metal motor housing, hardware, and cover plates.
  • 3. Custom color painted or stained wood fan blades with custom color painted, brushed or polished brass and other type metal, motor housing, hardware, and cover plates.
  • 4. Most ceiling fans are available with or without a light kit. Light kits vary from using one or more bulbs and from having one main glass globe or two to five separate open glass fixtures.
  • 5. Besides the standard pull chains that control the motors on off, fan speeds, and the lights, most new fans will include a wall and or remote control. Most ceiling fans that don't have those already included in the box can be adapted for wall and remote controls. 1) ceiling-fan-1.jpg

The medium through high priced ceiling fans all looked well made and fine looking. All of the white or off white and brass fans would have matched my kitchens ceiling, walls, trim, and appliances well. But I really liked the way that the fans with the wood grain blades and brushed brass motor housing and hardware looked, which is similar to the type of finish that the ceiling fan that I was replacing has. And more importantly it is the type of style and finish that matches the natural oak finish wood kitchen cabinets the best. All of the brands offered their ceiling fans in 4 and 5 fan blade models, but it was going to have to be a 4 fan blade type for the reasons mentioned above. The more expensive ceiling fans featured more powerful motors with higher cfm's and 4 available speeds to choose from. I had planned on maybe getting a 4-speed fan, but that much power and extra features is mostly needed for larger sized rooms or areas. 2)

The better quality brands Co brochures say that their 3-speed fans will be fine for the size room that my kitchen is. If you can afford to pay for the extra performance and features and prefer getting an even better ceiling fan than what is necessary for the size room you'll be installing and using it in, you might want to choose that option. That would be the same as buying a more expensive (anything - fill in the blank) which is over and above what you really need, just because you can afford to and or just want to get “that one,” by choice and not because of the bottom line basic necessity. The more expensive ceiling fans, fan blades, motor housings, hardware, cover plates, light fixtures, and overall design, shape, style, and finishes, had a higher quality and more custom look, with some additional finishes, color combinations, and more included accessories, that were not readily available in the medium price range fans.

The highest cost brands ceiling fans price range started at $250 and went all the way through and over $500, the medium price ranged fans varied from $175 through $350, and the lower priced brand was in the $100 through $200 range and $75 through $150 for some of those same fans that were on sale.3) ceiling-fan_1.jpg I ended up choosing and buying one of the medium price ranges higher quality ceiling fans with stained wood finish fan blades and brushed brass motor housing, hardware, and cover plates. After paying for the ceiling fan I put it onto a hand truck and rolled it out to the parking lot and put the box into the back seat of my car.

Furniture Store Grand Opening Sale !

I wanted to get back home and talk to those Utility Co workers and find out what they were doing on my block and in other parts of the neighborhood asap, but it was still early in the day and those workers were probably going to be there all day and the rest of the week too. So before driving home I decided to go and check out that new furniture store in the mall. The one that was being advertised by that wacky looking clown suited person who was jumping up and down at the entrance to the parking lot. The new furniture store had a lot of great Grand Opening bargains to offer, especially on whole bedroom and living room furniture sets, and single pieces too. I wasn't in the market for any full furniture sets at the time, but I did end up buying two really nice wood finish end tables to replace the ones that were already sitting next to the couch in my living room.

These two are bigger and have more room for the lamps, vases, and other items that were already there. At that time I planned on using those two other end tables in one of the smaller bedrooms, where they were just the right size and really needed there too. While I was in the furniture store I also saw a rolling entertainment center that was at a really low on sale price. The one I was already using in my living room was not nearly as versatile and convenient to set up and use as this one. It had a lot more shelves and rack space for hi-def tv, cable box, stereo equipment, speakers, accessories, and more, along with the very convenient and helpful easy roll and locking caster wheels. I also got an amazing multimedia storage system that stores 100's of cds, dvds and any other kind of audio or video you might have, such as older cassette and vcr tapes hasn't been copied onto a cd or dvd yet.

Parking Spot Pays Off While Loading Furniture Into Car

It really was a good thing that I was able to find a parking space so close to the mall, because I was able to move everything I bought that day out to my car by myself, without having to pull my car up to the curb where you weren't allowed to leave a car unattended anyway. There are some signs there that say that and the lines painted onto the street next to the curb are an additional warning not to leave a car next to the curb unattended. If someone is with you then you are allowed to park the car at the curb for up to one hour while you go get the items that you have bought and paid for at any of the stores located in the mall, while another person stays with your car. You must do it this way because they have a mall security employee riding around in his mall security car and giving out tickets to cars that are left at the curb unattended.

Since I had gone to the mall by myself, the next best thing to being able to park close to the stores at the curb was a regular parking spot that was very close to the mall and stores too. I used a big sturdy flat rolling cart that was supplied by the furniture store to move the two end tables out of the store, along the sidewalk, down the curb ramp into and across the mall parking lot right up to my car. After moving the ceiling fan box to the front passenger seat, there was just enough room left to carefully fit the two end tables into the back seat of the car. The rolling entertainment center and media storage unit came unassembled in some boxes, so I was able to move them out of the store with the same flat rolling cart and into my car by myself too. The bigger of the two boxes had to go across and on top of the two furniture pieces in the back seat, and the other box was able to fit into the cars trunk.

Driving Car Home With Furniture On Every Seat

On the way home it was not easy to see too much out of the rear view mirror or the passenger side windows, so I had to drive slower than usual and the other cars around me. I just stayed in the right lane all the way home and had no problems to speak of. While driving home through different parts of the town and neighborhood I again noticed some more of those Utility Co crews working on some houses with a lot of their trucks lined up on the street. I was starting to anticipate what it might all be about and what new thing was I going to have to deal with once I got the whole story from one of those Utility Co workers that was working on my block.

Utility Co Installing New Type Gas and Electric Meters

By the time I got home the Utility Co workers had already moved on up the block, but they were still close enough that I could easily go over and approach them, in order to get the whole story that I was waiting for to hear. So I went over to talk to one of the Utility Co workers that was working on the outside of one of my neighbors home. Hello I said, how are you all doing today and he said “all righty then, just getting this utility meter upgrade job done for the residents and homeowners of your town and neighborhood.” So I asked him what it was all about and he said, “go talk to my supervisor, he'll explain it all to you, he's over there in that van.”

Talking to the Utility Co's Onsite Supervisor

I approached the supervisor who was in his van and reading something. When he saw me approaching he rolled down his window and said, “how can I help you,” I said hello and asked him what all of this new work on the block and in other parts of the town and neighborhood were all about. He said, “we're replacing all of the old style gas and electric utility meters and replacing them with a new type of wireless signal utility meter, on all of the homes and buildings in the two adjacent towns, including yours, over the next two months. Then the program and project will move onto the next one or two towns that are slated for this utility meter upgrade program and project.” He then said that I “needed to confirm my agreement to the utility meter upgrades and the work associated with it, by signing the agreement form that the Utility Co or their reps would be sending by mail and or bringing over to you within the next two months.”

I told him that I wanted to first read up on what these new type of wireless gas and electric utility meters were all about before signing that agreement form. He tried to reassure me by saying that, “these new utility meters would give more accurate readings with the convenience of no more onsite visits being needed from a Utility Co worker, the meter reader. Because they would be able to scan, read, and record your new wireless utility meters wireless signals readout info, while they're walking by your house or sitting in and slowly driving by your house in their Utility Co car, van, or truck, amazing right ?” Again I told him that I wanted to first read up on what these new type of wireless gas and electric utility meters are all about, how they are going to work, be used, and operated, and that I was not so sure that having a wireless cell phone type signal, such as might or would be coming from those new utility meters would be such a great or positive thing, or a step in the right direction. 4)

Especially if the wireless utility meters outgoing wireless signal was not completely turned off 99.99% of the time and only being turned on for a very short time, as in 3-15 minutes max, on 1 day of each month. Just for the Utility Co's worker, the meter reader to be able to scan, read, and record the info being transmitted by the wireless utility meters outgoing wireless signal, while they're walking by from the a30-900mhz-utility-meter-collector.jpg sidewalk or slowly driving by. He then said, “if you don't want these new type of gas and electric utility meters installed on your house then the Utility Co might be able to stop their utility services to your home. Because the gas and electric utility service meters are the property of the Utility Co, which they have full legal rights of access to; install, replace, turn on, service, maintain, turn off, or remove, on or from your property.” 5)

Town Residents Should Have Been Fully Notified

I then told him that, “a major and diverse upgrade program and project like this one should have first been fully discussed, debated, and voted on by all of the towns residents and homeowners at a scheduled town hall meeting. If it was allowed by the majority of the towns residents by way of that voting process, then it should also be well planned out. In order to accommodate and address any and all of the concerns of those who are more aware of the side effects of too much of these kinds of errant and pervasive stray crisscrossing wireless device signals. That are unnecessarily, needlessly, irresponsibly, carelessly, recklessly, detrimentally, harmfully, uncaringly, arbitrarily, and unfairly being allowed to pervasively invade our environment at an increasingly alarming rate.” At that point he said, “we did send out a notice in the mail saying that we would be upgrading the gas and electric utility meters, didn't you receive it ?” I told him that I had, but that it did not mention the type of utility meters that they would be installing.

The notice only mentioned that the upgrade program and project would include a more efficient and cost effective system. He then said, “if you want to get a special request in on how this project is carried out, you'll have to go and talk to your local town board members and top municipal dept employees for assistance in this matter, and to represent and talk for you to the Utility Co. Because, although we do negotiate town programs and projects directly with the town, we only do that with those individuals who are on a high administrative and political level.” I said to him, “that's not fair that I and others who will want these new type of gas and electric utility meters to be used in a 100% reasonably correct and safe way, in accordance with and to the various findings obtained from numerous professionally done randomized studies and tests by accredited organizations, groups, researchers, scientists, and doctors, would have to go through and to so much effort and trouble, in order to simply try to ensure just that.”

The whole time that we were talking so far he was decent enough in the way that he was responding to my questions and concerns about them installing wireless utility meters on, at, or in the towns residents homes and property. Then he said, “look if you want to get certain measures implemented within this projects design, plans, and work orders, you have to get involved in some ways to affect the changes that you seek regarding this whole matter, issue, and situation.” So I told him that I was going to first contact some of my neighbors to see what they have to say about this new Utility Co wireless meter upgrade program. He then said, “that would be a good first step to take and good luck with trying to get some of the types of citizen protecting guidelines, provisions, and measures that you have mentioned, added into and onto the design, plans, and work orders connected to the gas and electric utility meter upgrade program and project.” I then said, “thank you for taking the time to discuss this important town resident and home owner related matter, issue, and situation with me today,”6)

and he said, “I'm here to help the Utility Co's customers, the local town residents and homeowners whos houses and property we are working at, in, and on, as part of and while we are carrying out, the Utility Co's gas and electric utility meter upgrade program and project. By trying to answer most of their questions and concerns as best as I can, in order to help them in any way that I can.” I said, “thank you for taking the time to discuss this important issue, r15-900mhz-utility-meter.jpgmatter, and situation with me today and for being so helpful. He replied, “I'm glad to be of service to you and to help and assist you, in, with, and concerning this whole subject, topic, issue, matter, and situation,” and “if you need any more assistance, info, or have any more questions that need to be answered,” that I could give him a call at the phone-# listed on his Utility Co business card. Then I said, “thank you and goodbye” to him and he said the same back to me. 7)

Calling Town Hall: Can They Help the Towns Residents

Soon thereafter I started calling up some of my local friends and neighbors to discuss and alert them to the possibilities that could occur. Such as the Utility Co most probably deciding to take the easy way out by enacting the policy of just leaving the new wireless utility meters outgoing wireless signal on 24-7 and most of them were equally concerned as I was. I also called the Town Hall and spoke to the town clerk about this whole issue, matter, and situation, and she agreed with our concerns, saying that she would discuss them with some of the town board members, who she was friendly and in close contact with on a regular basis. She said that she will get back to me asap with whatever the town board might decide that they can do. In order to make sure that the Utility Co's new type wireless gas and electric utility meters outgoing wireless signals would only be turned on for up to 15 minutes or less on 1 day of the month, at the time of the actual wireless utility meters info scan, reading, and recording, on a per house or block basis, by the Utility Co's worker, the meter reader. So I'll be waiting for a reply from the town clerk with the latest developments regarding this important town resident and homeowner related issue, matter, and situation.

We want to avoid the Utility Co from taking the uncaring, irresponsible, and reckless easy way out. Which is to simply leave their new wireless utility meters outgoing wireless signals left on 24-7. Which they may decide is the easiest, most convenient, and therefore most optimal way for their meter readers to more simply, easily, conveniently, and without any kind of complications, hassles, or delays, show up at any time that is convenient for the Utility Co and the meter reader to use their all-in-one hand held scanner, reader, recorder, to remotely scan, read, and record the wireless utility meters outgoing wireless signal. Which transmits the customers utility meters monthly current and past utility usage and other types of readout info. Without the Utility Co having to be bothered to design, build, develop, and implement a new method, a new way, with new procedures, into their newly designed wireless utility meter scanning, reading, and recording system. So that the Utility Co can simply, easily, and conveniently go about collecting their millions of customers monthly wireless utility meter scans, readings, and recordings remotely. 8)

While the meter reader is simply walking by on the sidewalk or driving by in their Utility Co car, van, or truck past their customers home and wireless meter. And then wrongfully, irresponsibly, carelessly, recklessly, arbitrarily, and unfairly just leaving the wireless meters outgoing signal on 24-7, instead of properly turning the wireless signal off 99.99% of the 24-7 time frame, after they finish that one time per month 10-second long needed meter reading, as it should be. Because they don't want to be bothered by having to figure out and develop a system wide way to keep the meters off 99.99% of the time and to only turn them on for up to 15 minutes max on one day per month. Just as the individual house or all of the houses on a block at a time, actual meter scannings, readings and recordings are taking place. With all of those same wireless meters being shut down within 3-15 minutes, of them first being turned on, the sooner the better. Most of those friends and neighbors that I've called so far and discussed this whole important issue, matter, and situation with, agree that we should have some concerned citizen meetings at our homes and at the town hall. 9)

That the town residents, homeowners, and town board members should build a home and environment protection group within our town and neighborhood, and also get the word out to the other towns before this wireless utility meter upgrade program and project reaches their town too. Also, some people just don't get it, they don't realize and see the harm in being constantly bombarded by these kinds of errant stray and pervasive crisscrossing wireless signals, that are unnecessarily, needlessly, irresponsibly, carelessly, recklessly, euro-utility-meter.jpg detrimentally, harmfully, uncaringly, arbitrarily, and unfairly being allowed to just float into and all around the whole environment, our towns, our homes, and us, we the people. They don't see the importance of assuring that the Utility Co puts the needed wireless utility meter signal related protective program, system, protocols, procedures, methods, and measures in place, along with their new ezy-read wireless utility service meters scanning, reading, and recording system. 10)

Back to the Job at Hand

After that call with the Town clerk about this matter I had to go start unloading all of the new furniture and ceiling fan from my car and into my house. After getting it all inside I distributed it near where it was going to be set up. I removed all of the items that were on top of the two end tables in the living room and moved the two tables over to the bedroom where they were needed. I then put the two new end tables in place next to the couch and put all of the items back in place and it looked a lot better than it did before. Then I started to carefully dismantle all of the wires and connected components on the old entertainment system center that was in the living room. After spending a lot of time doing that, I moved this now empty furniture piece which was too big to just redistribute into one of the other rooms that we use regularly, into a spare bedroom that I use to store all different kinds of things, that are not currently being used. The new entertainment system center was unassembled and in a big box, so I started to assemble it piece by piece.

After I finished putting it all together I started to carefully install the tv, stereo, and all of the related components and wires that I had untangled and removed from the old entertainment center. After that was all done, I opened the box that the media center was in and started to set it up too. After that was all done, I went around my house and gathered up as many cds, tapes, and dvds that I could find, and put them all into the media storage centers separate matching holders. I had planned to remove the old ceiling fan in the kitchen and replace it with the new one that same day too. But after that long dueling conversation with the Utility Co supervisor and the follow up conversations with my friends, neighbors, and the Town Hall clerk, unloading everything from my car into my house, and moving and setting up the old and new furniture. I just wasn't up to also doing the ceiling fan removal and installation job too. So I had to put that important job, which was the main reason for my trip to the mall that day, off until the next day.

Kitchen Ceiling Fan Project

The next day I was able to find some spare time in the midst of the Utility Co's wireless utility meter related controversy and the town residents and board members growing concerns and response, to do the kitchen ceiling fan removal, replacement, and installation job. It was time to finally replace the old fan that only had two of the original four fan blades intact, after being whacked so many times with the end of the broom and mop handle. I didn't want to run into the same kinds of problems installing the new fan, that I had run into when I installed the old one. So I sat down and began reading the instructions, paying close attention for any advice on how to get the ceiling fan at the right height, and for the fan motor and fan blades to spin evenly while the motor is switched onto the higher speeds.

In relation to that it said to make sure that the drop down extension adapter was fully tightened after adjusting for the correct height from the motor housing to the ceiling. There are two main ceiling fan installation options which determines the height placement and position of the ceiling fan. There are three different parts of the ceiling fan that you will notice the different height placement positions. At the floor to; lighting fixture, fan blades, and motor housing, and at the ceiling to; motor housing, fan blades, and lighting fixture. One placement position setting puts the ceiling fan and all of its components closer to the ceiling and with more height from the floor, and the other position uses a drop down extension adapter, which places the ceiling fan and all of its components farther away from the ceiling, and with less height from the floor, for a more classic look. 11)

You can also adjust the ceiling fans height placement and position settings to be somewhere in between the two main choices, which are the close to ceiling position or the drop down extension adapter position. The old ceiling fan was installed using the lower closer to floor to position, so this time I decided to try the close to ceiling position option instead, in order to avoid any more broom ASCII and mop handle mishaps. So I began dismantling the old ceiling fan and taking it down from the ceiling. After I was done doing that, all that was left on the ceiling was the recessed electrical box and the original color coded white, black, and green electric wires, that had supplied electricity to the original light fixture and the ceiling fan being replaced.12)

Installing the New Ceiling Fan

I followed the instructions by first installing the close to ceiling type extension adapter onto the threaded metal extension piece that was attached to the center of the ceiling electrical box. Then I lifted up the heavy fan motor and hung it on the supplied motor holding hook. Then I connected the color coded white, black, and green wires from the ceiling electrical box to the corresponding color coded fan motor wires using plastic wire connectors, which were then wrapped and covered by electrical tape. Then I tucked all of those wires away inside the ceilings metal electrical box and connected the top of the motor housing to the bottom of the close to ceiling type extension adapter. Next I attached the metal hardware onto the wood fan blades and then installed the fan blades onto the bottom spinning part of the fan motor.

After that I double checked that all of the screws were fully and evenly tightened. After that the color coded wires that were coming out from the bottom of the fan motor were connected to the light fixtures corresponding color coded wires with plastic wire connectors. Which were then wrapped and covered with electrical tape, and tucked away into the round metal electrical box located between the fan motor and the light fixture. Then a light bulb was installed into the light fixture and the glass globe that covers it was tightened into place. After testing the ceiling fan on all 3 speeds, there were some minor adjustments needed and thereafter the fan is spinning evenly without any noticeable shaking or wobble. It looks like the newly chosen close to ceiling fan motor position helps to avoid that problem. 13) 14)


Although the Utility Co's gas and electric wireless utility meter upgrade program and project only delayed the kitchen ceiling fan removal, replacement, and installation job from getting done by one day, the ongoing controversy stirred up by the Utility Co over this issue, matter, debate, and situation has not yet been resolved. Someone from our town residents home and environment protection group has recommended that if the Utility Co wants to upgrade their utility meters in order to get more current and accurate customer usage info data and to end the need for onsite visits onto and into the utility customers property and homes by their meter readers. Then the utility meters installed on or in the town residents propery and homes should transmit all of its needed and relevant monthly customer utility usage info data right through the phone lines directly into the Utility Co's own utility meter info data transmission collection center.

That way there would not be any more need for a wireless signal to have to be turned on and broadcast out from the town residents homes gas and electric utility meters at all. There would also be no need at all for the Utility Co's meter readers to have to visit nearby our homes with their all-in-one handheld wireless utility meter scanners, readers, and recorders, as they are walking by on the sidewalk or driving by inside their Utility Co car, van, or truck. In order to remotely scan, read, and record the customers utility meters converted wireless signal, to collect the needed current, past, and other related customer gas and electric usage info data. Someone else in our town residents home and environment protection group has also suggested, that in order for the town residents and homeowners to be deemed legally exempt from having the Utility Co installing any kind of wireless signal transmitting utility meters on, in, in proximity to, or nearby our own or our neighbors private property.

That we should all be getting written statements from our doctors, stating that, “having any kind of wireless electric signal device attached to or nearby my patients home, that is routinely broadcasting in all directions, any kind of wireless electric signal, such as is reported to be used in these new kinds of wireless utility meters that was not requested or asked for by my patient. Should and would be considered as an unwanted, unneeded, undesirable, and detrimental health risk and hazard to my patient. That can and will adversely affect specific aspects of and the overall health and well being of my patient,” So there is a lot more work and negotiations that has to be done and engaged in, in order to get some good and decent results, in and out of this whole complicated and compelling Utility Co wireless utility meter upgrade program and project and town residents home and environment protection related matter, controversy, issue, debate, and situation.

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