Ideas to Improve Devtome

I am a frequent reader of Devtome and I really enjoy all the things I can find on the website. Unfortunately, sometimes I can find a well researched and amazing content and other times it is more like I am reading the homework of a random child.

Steps for Improving Devtome

I think Devtome can be improved a lot, and suggest the following steps:

Writing Quality improvement

  1. Make a harder evaluation of the writers, so the really good ones can earn up to 2 shares per 1000 words and poor quality writers earn .05 shares
  2. A voting system should be added, so the visitors can vote on the article and give a more impartial viewpoint of the writer’s quality
  3. A good addition to the site should be adding the option to leave comments in the article.


  1. Google is the main source of visitors of any site now, so only having as the main and unique site is a huge risk. In the past great and cool sites like suite101 ( were severely penalized by Google’s panda algorithm, losing more than 60% of their visitors (and the income associated with those visitors), my suggestion to reduce the risk, is to have several specialized sites instead of publishing only to

Each site can have an exclusive category:

  • Arts

In this wiki the people can post about poetry, paintings, novels, etc.

  • Science

In this wiki the writers can share specialized matters in Science including historical facts, physics, math, etc.

  • Software development

The perfect place for software developers, in this place people can share source code of multiple projects and can talk in a very specialized form without caring about non techie people.

  • Business

Tendencies, risks and ideas should be placed in this wiki

  • Personal blogs

For everything that does not fit in the other site categories and people who want to post something with continuity.

  • Geek

Hardware, gadgets and that kind of stuff would fit perfectly in this place.

  • Homework aid

Writing destined to improve children’s education, scholarly essays, etc.

  • etc…

With specialized instances of relevant articles, Devtome will stop looking like a huge multi thematic blog and visitors will have an idea of what to expect from each site.

Each sub site of the Devtome project should have fixed categories, to add other must be approved by a council. Moving the current articles to the specific sites would be a titanic task, so I suggest leaving Devtome with all the articles untouched and only post Devcoin related information from now on, moving the articles slowly to the specific category sites may be planned in the future to avoid Google’s “indexing weird things”.

This way Devtome should be become a Devcoin reference site for everyone, and contain global information of all the sub sites (NOTE: Adding sub domains is a bad idea to fulfil the task, suite101 did the same and almost went to bankrupt).

Categorization Robot

  1. To improve the categorization of Devtome, I suggest a modification of the robot to make a list of orphan articles and some administrator can do the manual assignation of each one when it was identified, each fix should be counted to the Administrator share list.

Ease of Use

  1. I suggest the inclusion of the guest writers, the only thing they need to do is to write an article and put their DVC address, instead of earning the full share, the maximum amount they can earn is only 50%, the other 50% goes to the admin who checks the article (no plagiarism, good quality, etc.)

Joining Devtome

Joining Devtome is a test of patience, a lot of people don’t have a bitcointalk account to send a PM to an admin, and once they register, they must post 10 times and wait up to 1 week to be allowed to send a Private message to a Devtome Administrator. When they finally reache an admin and a Devtome account is created, they don’t see the number of words they have. To avoid this, I suggest a simple form with the following fields:

  • Nickname,
  • Email,
  • Age,
  • Brief description and a written example of his/her work

When the candidate submits the form, an email will be sent to the Administrator who reviews the application. In the case of approval an account should be created, otherwise a rejection message can be sent to the registered email.

Delivering Content

  1. Improve the design of the site; Devtome in general looks really outdated, with a modern design visitors will be more comfortable.
  2. Sometimes I want to read Devtome in my cellphone, it’s a tedious task because Devtome is not optimized to be viewed in that format, I think making a Devtome version for cell phones/tablets and mobile devices would be a great idea. On my blogs almost 30% of the visitors came from mobile devices and 20% tablets, to have returning readers it is important to think about them. It’s not necessary to build a specific app to serve like a reader, Creating a good mobile design that fits the most common models should be enough.

Quality Control

In the part of quality, plagiarism, copyright checks, etc. a good idea would be to make a bot which gathers random articles and sends them to the different Administrators, then the Administrator can evaluate the content in a proper manner in a semi automatic way, The Administrator can also ask for more work and be rewarded according their work.


Devtome is not open for everyone; it is still attached to the English language, as non-native English speaker I find myself disadvantaged.

I propose Devtome open to other languages, each language with its own site and giving them the same weight as the English one. In the beginning, having one native speaker as Administrator to do all the work should be enough. The Spanish speaking community is one of the most active in internet, that’s why I’m sure Spanish will be a good addition.

I have considered all of the points of this article and I hope they can be taken on board to improve the Devtome site.


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