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 [[:​Adventure Time]] [[:​Adventure Time]]
-[[:​Archer|Archer (TV Series 2009-)]] 
 [[:Arrested Development]] [[:Arrested Development]]
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 [[:Deal or no Deal Box 23]] [[:Deal or no Deal Box 23]]
-[[:Frisky Dingo|Frisky Dingo (TV 2006-8)]] 
 [[:Money for Trekkies|Money for Trekkies?]] [[:Money for Trekkies|Money for Trekkies?]]
 [[:​Rediscovering Star Trek Enterprise|Rediscovering Star Trek: Enterprise]] [[:​Rediscovering Star Trek Enterprise|Rediscovering Star Trek: Enterprise]]
-[[:Sealab 2021|Sealab 2021 (TV 2000-05)]] 
 [[:​SquidBillies]] [[:​SquidBillies]]

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