Table of Contents




A Culture of Fear



An Argument Against Mill's Theory of Right Action

A Post-Structuralist Interpretation of the Image

Chaos in the Media

Commentary on Sophocles Antigone

Complete Introduction to Philosophy

Defining Pacifism in Literary History: An Examination of Vietnam War Era Poetry As It Relates to Pacifist Philosophies


Emigration and Civilization

Ethics and Utilitarianism

Externalization of the Soul - Self in Literature

A Flexitarian Approach To Healthcare

Free Will

Freeing Your Spirit

Hobbes Leviathan

How Dualism Rules The World

How Ethics Arise - comparing Luther Kant and Shantideva

How To Manifest Coincidences To Illuminate, Enrich And Change Your Life

Hume On the Mind Independent External World

Humes Pyrrhonism

Introduction to Metaphysics

Is Knowledge Possible

Kantian Ethics Vs Consequentialism

Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye vs. Kab Balah Part One February 2014

Kitaro Nishida

Lessons from Dead Stars

Let the Machines do the work

Midgely On Relativism

Moral Responsibility

Morality Is Its Own Reward

Natural Rights: Easy as Pi to Refute

Notes From My "Commonplace Book"

Notes on Free Will

Nozick Loves Bond

Of Divination, I

Of Happiness

Of My Learnings

On Buddhism, Suzuki vs Thoreau

On Competition as Human Nature

On The Impossibility of Reason

On what there is

Pascal's Wager and The Law of Attraction

Phenomenological Anthropology

Philosophy And Mental Illness

Philosophy of Language

Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of Physical Realism

Philosophy of William James

Problem of Nonexistence

Recent thoughts on the Black Bloc


Robots are like another ethnicity of humans

Rousseau On Social Contract Theory

Teleological Argument Criticism

The American Culture & Moral Relativism

The Concept of State throughout History

The metapsychological structure of introspective thought

The Mind-Brain Problem - An open ended argument

The Past, Present and Future of Skepticism

The Philosophy of Religion

The Rise and Fall of Fundarationalism

The Role of Education According to Plato

The Third Way Philosophy and How It Works

The Twilight of the Cultoid

Thoughts on Crime and Morality

Thoughts on Rights, Autonomy and the Struggle for Change

Toni Morrison s Beloved and Reconciliation to the Past

Voice and Phenomenon

Where Does the Time Go

Why Stories Are Better Than Predictions

Will and Morality according to John Duns Scotus

Will Texas Rebel

Williams On Descart

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