A Re-Discovery

Abundance and Suffering

An honest look at discipleship

Answering Childrens Question About Death

Armageddon - The Final Conflict

The Atonement: Historically and in John’s Writings

Betting on God

Book Review of C.S. Lewis's Till We Have Faces

Calvary from a Distance

Can We Talk To The Dead?

Christians, Disunite

Christian Themes in Beowulf


Church Clothes and Mini Skirts

Comfort Food Sermon

Compare & Contrast, Christianity vs Budhism

Conditional Forgiveness

Contemplating the Passion and Preaching the Gospel

Does Grace Makes Gods Law Unnecessary

Don’t Get “Left Behind”: When Prophecy Goes Rogue

Edenic Law

End Times Theology in the Early and Modern Church


Giving away the produce

God Has a Plan

God Is Available

Hell...Will It Be Forever?

How to Find Healing After Incest

How Inspirational Bible Verses can Change Your Life

Inside a church scandal

Is It Time To Change The Sabbath Back To Saturday

Jesus Would Vote Yes On A Gay Marriage Initiative

Liberation for the Poor

Life and Growth

Life and Ministry of Paul the Apostle

Life of God in the Soul of Man

Losing the upper hand

My Family Comes First

Of noble sentiment

Peter and Judas

Pint Size Righteousness

Praise God

Prescription For Personal Power

Raising Your Child as a Winner

So our church is the greatest now what

Some Things I Know About Evangelism

Stop Neglecting Your Family and Friends

Survivalism and Me

The Bible - Fundamentalist vs Contextualist Approach

The Christian religion

The conversion of Saul

The Departure

The Eternal Worth of Listening

The Gospels – Variance between John and the Synoptic Tradition

The Life of Christ

The Original Sabbath

The Original Sin

The Paradox of Giving

The Rise of The Protestant Church - A Historical Account

The Spirit of the Antichrist

To Make Up or Not to Make Up

Two Heads for Home

When will my Prayers for Guidance be Answered?

Why I love Advent


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