Bird Law

“Bird Law in this country is not Governed by reason.”- Charlie Day

Bird Law Office:

  • Most states do not allow the buying, selling, trading or possession of Quaker Parrots, because they are afraid they will gang together and threaten the territory the are in.
  • It is Illegal to bury your dead pet bird in your own backyard in most states.
  • If the couple only has one parrot that they’re fighting over, the judge will decide which party should get the pet. The other person will get the fair market value of the animal.
  • Birds Have Full Immunity in America, which is bullshit (What if a bird tries to break into my house? Can I not hit it with a bat? Or what if I need to make a traditional, authentic Native American head dress?)

All wild birds, with the exception of exotics (birds, usually non-native species, legally sold as pets), are protected by state and federal law. It is illegal to harm them in any way. Except, Game birds may be taken according to state hunting laws. It's illegal to keep wild birds as pets or to sell them, or their parts, including feathers. Furthermore, the law states that they cannot be held in captivity without authorization from both state and federal wildlife agencies. Obviously, the laws were enacted to protect wild birds from being killed, harmed or exploited in any way.

  • The cities of Boulder, Colorado; San Francisco, Berkeley, and West Hollywood, California; and the state of Rhode Island have passed ordinances in the last two years, reclassifying people with pets as “guardians” rather than “pet owners.” Next, they will be allowing you to marry your bird…

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