– 5 Free Bitcoin up For Grabs at This Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino and Sports Betting Platform

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In early June 2013, Ireland-based was launched: an online Bitcoin casino and sports betting platform featuring 100% home-grown proprietary games, cutting edge provably fair gaming technology, plus blackjack, baccarat and a variety of sports betting options. This Bitcoin Casino also offers a Free Bitcoin NFL Survivor League – where players can enter to win 5 Bitcoin (~$550) Free, as well as other pay-to-play leagues for .25, .5, and full 1 Bitcoin buy-in. also just raised limits across the sports book, allowing players to win up to 5 Bitcoin on a single event.

Due to the professionalism of the platform and the quality of its offerings, is already serving large amounts of traffic and players. A large amount of this traffic is for’s free and paid NFL survivor leagues with 5 free Bitcoin up for grabs – any member of the site can enter the NFL survivor league for free (at the time of this publication – the free league already had 76 registered teams). To participate, players simply register, add their entry to the survivor pool of their choice, then pick one team to win each week. If the team loses the game the player is out of the prize pool, winners advance to the next week. Only one team can be chosen for each round, and cannot be chosen again for the duration of the season. The ultimate winner of the pool will receive the 5 free Bitcoin, and no deposit is required to play: players simply need to register an account for free at

Other games available in Bitcoin at include:



Sports betting on NFL


NCAA Football

English Soccer (EPL)

German Soccer (Bundesliga)

Italian Soccer (Serie A TIM)

French Soccer (Ligue 1)

Spanish Soccer (Liga BBVA)

Dutch Soccer (Eredivisie)

Also on the way is a premier affiliate/referral program and backend, more casino games, and a variety of additional Bitcoin sports betting options. They welcome those interested to submit requests for games, to be added to the priority list at [email protected] offers great odds value compared to traditional venues through “reduced juice” and favorable casino rules. Look for “-107” spread lines (107 mBTC to win 100, plus your original bet back) to begin appearing soon – saving the player significantly over the long-term.

All games on feature the latest cutting edge provably fair gaming technology, where the user can change the client seed aspect of the random number generator for each and every shuffle. At’s blackjack game, for example, the blackjack deck is shuffled and translated into a “hash secret” which is shown on the player’s browser. Once “Deal” is clicked the browser sends its part of the equation: a “client secret” which the player can manually select and control. When combined the hash secret and client seed “cut the deck” in effect randomizing the final shuffle. It is entirely transparent: the player can change the client seed at will and can see both the client seed and hash secret for present and past games. Provably-fair online gaming of this caliber is unique to Bitcoin and has utilized it to perfection – Players shouldn’t settle for anything less! most certainly has a bright future ahead. The casino’s NFL sudden death pool with 5 free Bitcoin up for grabs is sure to attract many punters seeking free Bitcoin.

In the rapidly growing online Bitcoin gaming space, Ireland based stands out as one of the more professional platforms, with its 100% home-grown proprietary games, cutting edge provably fair gaming technology, and the huge variety of games on offer.

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