Can NLP help me?

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is a very useful tool. In a nut shell it's a tool that examines our mind, the language we use and the “programs” we run.

The Mind

Let's look at each element in turn. Our mind is a powerful instrument, in fact it's probably the most amazing “computer” that anyone could build! However sometimes we don't use it as best as we could.

Sometimes we are not in a great “state of mind”. NLP looks to see what is going on in your mind and how it can be changed.


The language we use is very important, although most people don't even think about it! If you stop and listen to the words people use you can find out a lot of information about them. If you want to fit in with people you have to speak their language. This is seen in business - there's a “secret language” ie the language of the industry. If you don't speak this language you won't be able to convince people that you are credible. The language you use should fit the situation you are in.

For example a policeman might be very educated and proper, however when dealing with a criminal he might not say “Please sir I request that you put down that firearm as soon as you possibly can or we may be forced to shoot you!” as you can see in this situation the following is more appropriate “Drop the weapon now scum or we'll fire” - OK they might even make it more forceful, however you get the idea!


The programming that we have. This element cause a lot of confusion with people. They say Richard I am not a robot, however in some ways we are. We have a routine that we like. We do things the way we like to do them - the way we do them may not be the most efficient however it's the way we have always done things. But what if there was a more efficient way of doing things - would you do it differently? How many times have you had a co worker or boss who likes things done his/her away and no other way. There may be more efficient ways but they won't hear of it.

So what NLP does is examine what state of mind you are in now, or when you need to do something the examine the language you use and what programmed response you act out.

So let's take an example.

You tend to over eat. The first question to ask is when does this occur? What state of mind are you in? What is your response to this state of mind?

To answer these questions

Well I usually over eat when I am stressed (state of mind), I talk to myself and tell myself that a nice muffin will help me feel better. It's only a small muffin or two so it's not that bad for me (language) and the good thing is I can nip outside to the coffee shop and grab a muffin - they always have them on special offer (programming).

So you see how this person operates? With NLP we can come up with a strategy to help them. This could be to change the response to stress by waiting 30 seconds and then asking themselves to think about how that extra muffin will affect there weight. Also to show them that they are not tackling the cause of the problem, therefore the stress will re-appear and that they will adversely affect their health.

As you can see from this simple example NLP can be very useful.

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