How to build backlinks on Facebook without annoying your friends

You've heard about how important it is to build backlinks to all the content you create in your Internet marketing efforts. You've also learned that social bookmarking sites are a great place to post your links. Out of the hundreds of available social bookmarking sites, there isn't a bigger one than Facebook. Not only that, you most likely already use Facebook.

What better social bookmarking site to start with than Facebook?

That's when the magic ends, at least temporarily. Do you really want to post a link to every piece of content you've ever created to your wall? You could be posting a link five times a day, or at least once a day. What will your friends think, especially the ones who are used to getting personal updates from you?

There is a way to build backlinks on Facebook without annoying your friends. Who says your friends have to see your backlinks anyway?

There are two reasons to build backlinks to your content. One is to generate traffic to your content. You hope a few people will click on the link and actually read the content, then take the action you want them to take. If you hide your links from your friends they won't help you generate traffic, at least not at first.

But there's another reason to build backlinks on Facebook and as many other places as you can. That is simply to have them. Google really doesn't care if anyone actually sees your backlink. It just sees that Facebook linked to your page so your page must have something special. Your page rank is determined in part by the number of backlinks from other websites, so you want as many as possible, especially from highly ranked sites such as Facebook.

Now you're ready to build backlinks on Facebook. First, log into your account. Next, create a fan page for your online marketing efforts. The easiest way to do that is to type “create fan page” into the search box and select the appropriate result. Follow the directions to create a fan page for a local business.

Once you have created the page, start posting links to your articles and web pages. The links to EzineArticles content comes out looking especially nice.

Make sure you “like” your page so you can see the links on your own wall. You can also invite your friends to “like” your page if you want. Then it's completely up to them if they want to witness your link building efforts. They can always “unlike” your page if they get tired of the endless parade of backlinks on their wall. Unless they also become fans by “liking” your page, your backlinks will not post to their wall.

Even if you're just building backlinks to have them, a Facebook fan page with no fans can be a lonely place. The best place to get fans is your own website. You are already generating traffic to your site by writing articles. Those visitors are going to be the most interested in reading your other content.

Pick a Facebook button you like (, link it to your fan page and insert the code on your website. People can “like” your fan page with a single click and they'll get all your links posted to their walls, but hey, they asked for it :-) If you're lucky, they might share some of your content with their friends, giving you another backlink.

Throw in a few non backlink building actual status updates to make the page more interesting for your fans and you're good to go.


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