Britclan is a clan structure that has been set up within various aspects of the Galactic Milieu.

For example on the CrossCiv server, Britclan has used the clan-house system there to set up clan-houses on the main galactic diplomacy planet and on at least some of the national character starting zones provided there.

Britclan basically proposes that at least the British, English, and Cornish nations of the Milieu are related, all being offered membership in this clan.

Britclan was instrumental in initiating the “Britcoin” blockchain-based currency experiment back when various nations had it in mind that having numerous “national” blockchain-based currencies was an idea worth pursuing. As various other “altcoins” came along, it became clear that a blockchain can actually be quite a vulnerable structure, thus the Brits, like the Martians and the Canucks and certain intergalactic corporations, have for now settled on using Open Transactions to run their “Britcoins” currency for now, leaving open the possibility of moving back to a blockchain based implementation at some future time if transaction volumes ever reach levels where “mining” might conceivably be sustainable on the basis of transaction fees.

With the commencement of tests of the CoffeeMUD platform as yet another possible software tool within the Galactic Milieu, Britclan has also, along with the Canucks, begun exploring that platform. It is also believed that they have been exploring the OpenSimulator platform.

Britclan seems to tend to represent itself as pertaining not only to the Freeciv nation of the British but also the English, the Cornish, and arguably even potentially the Scottish, Irish and Welsh. This probably is at least partly related to the way nations break up during civil wars in Freeciv, such as is seen in the Battle for Wesnoth campaign Mutiny in 1626. In that campaign we see both English and Cornish; Britclan apparently can serve as home clan to both. We also see a very large nation of British on the planet known as B29, which is the primary seat of Britclan power within the Galactic Milieu.

Britclan is a wealthy clan and, we are led to suppose, a large one. They spend more than any other clan or nation on hosting and bandwidth services, partly because of the sheer size of the British nation on the planet known as B29. Thus they can be regarded as probably having a larger stake in the Galactic Milieu project than any other group or nation. However that may also be an artifact of the way the various timelines have thus far been played out; it seems likely in actuality that by the time the Martian timeline has been “caught up” to the same year that the timeline of the planet known as B29's timeline has been extended up to, the Martians will turn out to have a much larger stake than the British or even whatever total family of nations Britclan ends up subsuming.


Britclan was one of the first clans to enter the MUDgaard server, along with the Canucks and Faery. Like the Canucks they chose the Union type of clan organisation in setting themselves up using CoffeeMUD's built in clan system. Both prefered this structure to the Fellowship structure chosen by the Faery clan for the practical reason that it let them change things and implement decisions faster due to not requring a general vote of all the members each time something needed to be changed within the way that CoffeeMUD implements clans, such as designating a clan morgue room, a clan donation room, and a clan home room, or designating characters to serve in the various offices that enable certain functions such as the ability to build structures on clan land or the ability to access the clan's bank account.

Initially the first characters to obtain land on the MUDgaard server all lived together in the Midgaard Stables within Midgaard city, but once the Endless Plains area was deployed, specifically for the purpose of providing rentable lots for characters and clans, they moved along with the Canucks to lots rented by the Canuck character Kenzie, then once both they and the Canucks had actually set up their official clans within CoffeeMUD's clan system they moved to clan-rented land nearby Kenzie's land, while Kenzie turned over his lots to his clan.

After many months of playtesting on the MUDgaard server, Britclan decided that the cost of a dedicated clanhouse area of their own, using the same design that Fellowship Faery had been testing, would be worth the expense, and they began working with area designers to ensure certain improvements that the Faery clan had determined to be worthwhile would be incorporated into the design. These improvements include a shallow indoor pool area for refilling waterskins, to avoid the recurring need to rebuild fountains, as the discover that fountains run out of water thus need periodic rebuilding was turning into quite an inconvenience. Indeed it was largely the desire to avoid maintenance that provided the motive to get a proper dedicated clanhouse area of their own as soon as possible. This will be associated with the deployment of rainy areas intended to represent a British Isles type of geographic region, so the Brits are also, like the Canucks, revisiting the question of whether lanterns, being able to operate in rain, might in the long run turn out to be a better light source than torches. In fact the expectation that their new clanhouse is likely to be associated with rainy areas presuambly gives them more incentive to re-examine lanterns than the Canucks have. On the other hand since lantern oil is expected to actually originate in desert areas the need for light sources that can operate despite rain must also be weighed against the likelihood that deserts are probably distant from rainy areas, thus possibly making lamp oil a resource that will have to be shipped in from far away. The “clan donate” spell that the CoffeeMUD clan system provides to clans makes actual shipping of such things from a distance relatively easy, but nonetheless if Britclan deploys its own people to deserts to obtain oil there remains the problem of either getting those people to the desert each time they set out on a drilling expedition or somehow maintaining those people near the desert. Thus it currently seems likely that torches will remain the primary light source at least until the actual frequency of rain in areas designated as rain is actually experienced; possibly if lanterns do turn out to be pretty much a necessity for operating in such areas a deal will be struck with some outside group to tade for lamp oil something that other group is as dependent upon, and has as much reason not to gather for themselves as Britclan does for not gathering lamp oil themselves. What that trade good might turn out to be though is not yet known.


Now that Ripple is in public beta the possibility presents itself for various groups and individuals within the Galactic Milieu to start incorporating the use of Ripple into their operations. Britclan is known to be actively interested in these possibilities, and as the primary force behind the United Kingdom Britcoin (UKB) currency their interests also of course include the possibility of issuing UKB-denominated IOUs on the Ripple network.


Above: the Britclan clanhouse in the planetary capital of the galactic diplomacy planet implemented in the CrossCiv server of the Galactic Milieu, with the east gate of the British Quarter visible to the east and a part of the woods and flowergardens around the northern portion of the Elven quarter visible in the northwest.


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