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Breast Cancer And The Various Information That Everyone Ought To Know

Do you know someone who is suffering from breast cancer or knows somebody else who is? You can let them know you care when you yourself would try to learn more about this dreaded disease and figure out what kind of remedy is best for them. Breast cancer is a concern that can’t just be ignored. People who are inflicted with this dreadful disease need a lot of caring and comfort.

When you talk to these patients, let them know that you are there for them, too. The sense of touch is the most effective means of comforting somebody who is in trouble. Now, acquiring knowledge about breast cancer and the remedies that go with it will really show that you do care. On the Internet, there are lots of sites that offer these knowledge and information and if you really are serious to help someone or just show your support and your care, it’s best that you need to do a little research over Cyberspace.

A lot of people have done their own research regarding breast cancer and have gathered lots of different breast cancer information from what breast cancer really is, the causes of breast cancer, the various breast cancer symptoms, the different breast cancer treatments, the many other breast cancer facts like the existence of male breast cancer and, of course, the most important thing that anyone can learn- the preventive ways in getting breast cancer.

And since this age is what they call as the “internet age”, most people go online to find more information about this disease. It's a pretty good thing that you can now learn a lot of things especially when it comes to health and health problems. If you yourself or if you know someone who has breast cancer, then, it's high time that you should learn everything about it.

According to the 2012 breast cancer statistics, an estimated new cases of this dreadful disease is around 190,000 and an estimated 65,000 plus have an “in situ breast” cancer. Out of the number, around 40,000 women die from breast cancer. With this record, it clearly shows that if patients will only abide to the strict prescription and advices from their doctors, there is a bigger chance that they can survive the onslaught of this women’s dreaded disease and the number of individuals dying from it will dramatically decrease.

That is why, it is said time and time again it is important for women (and, of course, the men) to understand their situation so that they can have basis to what they are going to do and not to mope about their situation for the rest of their lives and it is also up to the people around them to give the support and tender, loving care.

If you think that you can't have this kind of disease or, say, you're a man and you really think you cannot get male breast cancer, think again. The breast cancer statistics also shows that for all cases of this type of cancer, there is only 1% of men who can have it. There really is a possibility that this type of cancer in men can also exist because of one common reason and that reason is the existence of toxins and free radicals.

Specifically, around 229,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in women in the U.S. and about 2,200 cases are diagnosed in men. Any men or any other person, in that case, cannot say that he or she won't have breast cancer because everyone is vulnerable to toxins and free radicals. Everybody gets toxins through eating, drinking and breathing. Why, they can even get toxins and free radicals that cause cancer from stress.

Particularly, breast cancer in men can also exist because it is a hard fact that men possess a small amount of non-functioning breast tissue that cannot produce milk and is concentrated in the area directly behind the nipple on the chest wall. Like breast cancer in women, cancer of the male breast is the uncontrolled growth of the abnormal cells of this breast tissue.

What are the different symptoms of breast cancer? Unexplained weight loss is one of the symptoms that is even overlooked by most people especially women. That's because, particularly in women, losing weight is like a blessing to them. So, there is a chance that if they lose weight, they will be happy about it. However, if she loses weight and she's not doing anything that causes weight loss, then, it's something that she should worry about.

Other symptoms including bloating, redness and thickening of the skin on the breast, lumps on the chest area, dark discharge or bleeding from the nipple, retraction of the nipple, creased and dimpled skin over the lump and abnormal change in the size and shape of the breast. Sometimes, the breasts have different sizes and shape from each other.

So, these facts really shows that everyone should learn all the breast cancer information and the most important one is how to detect this dreaded disease before it gets worse or before it even exist in a person. Detection is really important and the most important and primary of all facts on how to prevent breast cancer is SBE or self-breast examination and how to do it. Self-breast examination can help in detecting the most common of all symptoms and those are lumps on the chest area especially on the breasts.

So, how does one perform self-breast examination? First of all, you have to face the mirror, undress yourself to the waist. Look closely at your breasts. Look at the size, profile, flow, the nipple in particular in its color. If there is a difference in level between nipples, dimpling, puckering of skin, retraction of the nipple or if the nipple is turning towards you (indrawn nipple), you should have the idea by now. Here are the methods on how to detect these: you should hang your arms loosely on your sides and then, raise them both up high above your head.

Then, turn side to side slowly while fixing your eyes on your breasts. You should see your breasts at different angles. After that, shrug your shoulders and learn forward. If the breasts are hanging evenly, you don’t have to worry about anything. Next, clasp your hands under your chin and flex your chest wall muscles. Then, place both hands firmly on your hips and press them hard. Your chest muscles should tense up. If you see some irregularities especially in the shape or size, you need to go see a doctor.

However, be reminded that if you see or feel some lumps on your chest, do not be alarmed. Do not panic. You cannot conclude that you already have breast cancer if you have lumps. What you need to do first is to go to your doctor and let him confirm or verify if you really have this kind of cancer or not. It is only your doctor who can officially say if you are already stricken with this type of disease. Once he confirms that you have this form of cancer, only then can he give you some prescriptions and all the other breast cancer facts that you need to know. Yes, one of the symptoms of this kind of cancer is having those lumps. But, always put in your mind that your personal doctor is the only person who can confirm it.

Now, what else can you do in order to prevent breast cancer or any other types of cancer, in that case? Time and time again, it is always said that every person should adapt a healthy lifestyle. Everyone needs to go on a balanced and healthy diet. With a balanced diet, you can get rid of toxins from your body along with those free radicals that can cause cancer cells to thrive inside you. Regular exercise is also one of the best ways to prevent breast cancer. However, when it comes to exercise, you should also consult your doctor and/or a personal trainer and ask him what type of specific exercise is good for you.

You also need to learn how to manage your stress. By doing so, you also prevent cancer cells from spreading and thriving inside your system. The proper type of breathing is also very important. By proper breathing, you provide your body with the right or adequate amount of oxygen and letting the oxygen travel throughout your body. You see, cancer cells hate oxygen and they die when there is sufficient amount of it. If you are overweight, it is also high time that you need to focus on weight reduction. People who are obese or overweight are the most susceptible of all people in getting breast cancer.

However, the symptoms go beyond from the medical point of view like going for the best of all breast cancer treatments. There are some patients who can experience it and there are some that can’t. We all have been told about the symptoms of breast cancer that were mentioned above. But there are some women who will experience depression, anxiety, fear of being left alone (even though that would be impossible) and there are others who will think about death and will have fear of death. Other than the presence of lump, a woman with breast cancer also feels physical pain, right?

But the most devastating thing that she can experience is emotional pain. That is why, families, relatives and close friends of the patient are encouraged to learn more about breast cancer, the breast cancer symptoms, the many therapies and remedies and of course, the proper love and care that they should give to that person inflicted with this type of disease. One of the first best thing to show to that person that they do love her is to get educated about breast cancer. That alone will make her think that she is not all alone in suffering. She still has her family, her friends and her relatives.


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