Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad - A combination of the most random characters to make an amazing story. The show that just ended was about a school chemist who gets lung cancer, and is indirectly inspired by his brother in law, who is a DEA agent. Hank (the DEA agent) shows Walt (chemist) a meth lab that has been raided by the DEA, and Walt sees how much money is in the drug-associated business. Walt seeks help from one of his old druggie students, whose name is Jesse Pinkman. Jesse was the partner of the meth lab bust that Walt went to with Hank, so Walt sees that Jesse knows how to make meth. After Jesse gets away from the bust, Walt goes to Jesse’s home and confronts him about making meth to earn money to support his family, because Walt knows that he does not have many years left. It turns out; with Walt’s chemist skills and Jesse’s previously acquired skills from methamphetamine lab. Walt earns the name of Heisenburg, which many of the meth heads around town call him when they are craving his famous blue crystal meth.


The plot of this television series was EXCELLENT. The writer of this storyline obviously had a genius idea to make a normal life schoolteacher into an overly powerful drug master. Every episode in the series had a point, or some sort of meaning. No episode made me want to stop watching the series. In every new installment to a season, there would be some sort of plot twist or conflict with anything from the drug cartel to a huge fight. Once again, the plot of this best hit television series exceeded any other television series plot, in my opinion.


The actors in this show were definitely carefully selected, and they were all great choices of actors/actresses. Every person in this show presents an act that shows they are very into the story, and they show no sign of fakeness or acting. In some key parts of the series, there are some pretty dramatic scenes and every actor or actress acts like they are MEANT to be there, or supposed to be there. The acting really pulls the viewer in to the show and makes it feel like you are really there in front of the scene that is happening.


Honestly, I have gotten bored of television series before. Breaking Bad is different though, I cannot think of one point in any episode of any season where I felt bored or wanted to stop watching. Just when things start settling down in the story, another conflict boils up. This is not like other series, where the same thing happens pretty much every episode, though.


This show is not just about drugs and meth making. A viewer could pretty easily become attached to a character in the series. There are a lot of side stories that each character comes with into the story with, which affects the story later. Jesse Pinkman has a pretty rough background, and there is a lot of sympathy created for him really early. On top of the rough story that Jesse already has in his drug polluted mind, more events happen to add on to them. To be honest, Jesse gets pretty beat up throughout the series. I mean this physically and mentally; seriously, if you watch this show then you will see what I am talking about.


As mentioned a little bit before in this essay, there is no episode in this series that is dull or lacks any activity. The most boring thing that would really happen in this story would be a small, quiet conversation between groups of characters. Even that is not boring, though, considering the group probably talking about meth or some type of drug deal.


A thing that I really liked about this series was that there was really no major character that was not followed up. I mean, no character was left without an ending story or event that made a good spot to close with them. I feel as if when the creators of this show started getting towards the conclusion of the series, they had “no man left behind” in their minds. It seemed as if everyone in the story had his or her own little conclusion, all-revolving around Walter White, “Heisenburg”.


Character relationships were a huge role in this series. Walt often acted as a father figure to Jesse. Jesse was basically forced to leave his home because of his drug abuse issues. After Walt starts to cook meth with Jesse, there is a strong relationship that is formed between the two characters, where they trust each other with a lot. This relationship starts to fall apart though, when there is sort of a forceful stop to Walt and Jesse’s communication when Walt’s wife, Skyler, finds out that Walt is talking to his old student. She does not think much of it, and she is certainly not suspicious that her husband (who usually keeps to himself and minds his own business) is the man that Hank, their brother in law, is trying to track down for most of the series. Actually, there are a lot of times where Walt and Jesse’s relationship is changing hugely pretty fast. If you do wish to watch this show, you will see what I am talking about.


This show will literally take up a large portion of your time, so if you do want to watch it, be prepared to find yourself obsessing over the show many times. This show is by far one of the best series that I have watched and enjoyed, and I think that many other people would agree that this show is amazing. I wish that this show would have kept going, they probably could have done a lot more with the idea, but they did leave the show with a great ending.


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