Boosting self esteem in children

Imagine for a moment that the world’s richest man gave us a surprise call and asked that we write any amount of money we wanted on a blank cheque that could be cashed at any bank across the world how much would we really write on that cheque? As I leave you to ponder on that for a moment here is the shocking truth each of has that opportunity today some of us literally have more than one such multimillion dollars offers waiting for us and it all lies with boosting the self esteem of our kids, yes you read that right self esteem of our kids.

We all seem to think that self esteem is the domain of adults only and that kids will get to master their self esteem later on in life, yet this is the wrong thinking it is crucial that kids are supported to develop their self esteem early on in life this will better prepare them to deal with complex situations later on in life. There are many people in society today who have everything in place brilliant academic qualifications, a well paying job, nice home etc think of all the nice things people desire to get and yet they are still deeply haunted by in ability to free their inner beings and interact freely with friends. Self esteem needs to be developed right from the beginning when kids are still young so that they are able to act naturally without fear later on in life when social interactions become crucial.

Recognize that kids watch your every move:

Parents often assume wrongly that kids are not aware about subtle things that take place in the home, the way you talk to your spouse and conduct yourself often imprints on the kids they can learn from you if you are bold and assertive it will teach them that it is a nice thing to be proud of oneself and their achievements, on the other hand being reserved and quiet may send mixed signals to kids and make them less likely to be outgoing.

Share your inner most feelings with your kids:

Finding time to share your deepest feelings with kids lets them know you value them and that they are a part of you, even for younger kids its best to find an under stable method of communicating feelings to them, during this time encourage kids to share their feelings with you as well, they gain more confidence and trust in you as parents.

Never shout at kids for any reason:

Shouting at kids is never a solution as it damages their self belief they may affect their future interactions with you, it may additionally encourage them to reserve their true feelings and not share them freely even if you are not pleased with something they have done it is best to hide your outrage.

Reward good behavior with positive encouragement and where possible use material rewards:

Kids love to be recognized for their achievements it boosts their morale and encourages them to even do better next time for they will understand that any activity they undertake is important and potentially rewarding. You can observe their daily routine and find numerous opportunities for praising their actions additionally it breeds a competitive spirit among them.

Encourage kids to participate in family conversations with adults:

Whereas this may not apply all the time kids should be eased into family discussions whenever possible parents can adjust the tone of conversations to suit the kids, they can for example ask kids what their take on a particular matter is and gently correct any communication challenges they may exhibit.

Assign tasks to kids and asses each on their performance:

Children like to feel responsible it is a trait they show early on in their actions, its only parents that have adequate time for their kids that can detect and develop these traits by assigning small tasks to each of their children such activities are easily found in a home setting such as sweeping the compound, watering the lawns caring for pets etc.This will teach children that it is important for one to set their own goals in life and work towards achieving them.

Encourage kids to interact at safe social events:

Once in a while it is a good idea to expose your kids to social events involving other kids that are outside the normal routines of home and school life, this is one way to let them banish any fears they have interacting outside these settings, studies have shown that kids who are introduced early on to social interactions have a much easier time in future meeting and interacting with new people who will impact on their lives later on. Teach children to accept failure as temporary setbacks that can be reversed: This is important as one of the leading contributors to low self esteem in the world is a fear of failure that affects many people, as a result they hesitant to take on important tasks for fear of being seen as failures even when they have the necessary skills and training to carry out these tasks. One way to eliminate this in kids is to teach them early on in life that nobody is perfect and that if you fail it is only a temporary setback that may have happened because of poor preparation.

Encourage children to develop spiritually:

We all know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge likewise it is important that parents instill moral and spiritual values into their kids early on in life, spirituality transcends all aspects of life and is often the most rewarding experience one can have in this life. When they learn how to choose between right and wrong they will be confident in making future decisions as they will have learnt early on that life presents only two choices either right or wrong and that there are no gray areas that are the sources of confusion in today’s world Children should be taught how to pray and speak to God

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