Boca Season 1 Episode 9

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Boca is the ninth episode of the HBO hit series, The Sopranos. This episode deals a lot with Tony Soprano's family life especially his daughter, Meadow. In Boca, Tony becomes a fan of Meadow's soccer coach because of the success he has brought for the team, only to declare the man his enemy and next target after discovering a dirty secret about him.

Episode Recap


The Soccer Coach

The ninth episode of The Sopranos begins with Meadow's soccer coach, Don Hauser, getting recognition from the fathers of the girls on the team because of the success he brings for the girls on the field. The fathers, including Artie Bucco, Silvio Dante, and Tony Soprano, decide to take Don Hauser to Bada Bing for drinks after he produces a win for the girls' team. Shortly after, the fathers learn through a newspaper article that the beloved coach will soon be leaving the girls' high school soccer team to coach at the University of Rhode Island instead. The fathers are displeased by this and begin thinking of ways to bribe the coach into staying and continuing to coach their daughters' team. Paulie Gualtieri decides to have a 50 inch TV delivered to Coach Hauser's home and insists that he keep it, while Christopher Maltisanti brings the coach's missing dog back home apparently after having stolen the dog himself.

Ally Vandermeed

Meanwhile, there is a feeling of unrest amongst the girls on the soccer team. It becomes apparent that Coach Hauser has been having a secret sexual relationship with one of the girls on team, Ally Vandermeed. Ally also happens to be a close friend of Meadow as well as being the star of the team. Soon after hearing that the coach may be moving to coach another team, Ally takes the news badly and goes so far as to attempt to kill herself by slitting her wrists. When Tony and Carmela become informed of the girl's suicide attempt, Meadow confesses to her parents that Meadow and Coach Hauser have had a secret inappropriate relationship. Meadow reveals to them that Ally is in love with the coach and distressed that he will not leave his wife for her.

Junior Soprano

The episode continues to Junior Soprano spending a weekend with his girlfriend, Bobbi, in Boca Raton. During their weekend, the audience learns from Bobbi that Junior has an impeccable knack for performing the sexual act of eating out his girlfriend. Junior dislikes her bringing this up and requests that she keep her mouth closed on the matter, as he feels it would weaken his masculine reputation as a member of the DiMeo family of criminals. Bobbi slips up while at a hair appointment and reveals Tony's special talent. The story continues to circle around until it is traced back to Carmela, who then passes it to her husband, Tony. When Tony and Junior are together for a game of golf, Junior starts poking fun at Tony. Of course, Tony goes on to make a veiled joke about oral sex, which are clearly at Junior's expense. Junior responds with a comment about Tony's therapy sessions. Later, an infuriated Junior shows up at Bobbi's office to hash things out with her. Bobbi becomes frightened and begs Junior not to hit her, and instead Junior smashes a pie in her face. He then proceeds to break up with and fire her.

Contemplated Murder

Tony is disgusted by Coach Hauser's relationship with his student, and considers murdering the coach in retaliation. Tony has an appointment with Dr. Melfi, where she asks him why would feel the need to take it upon himself to right the wrongs he sees in society. Tony later decides to call the hit off for Coach Hauser. The episode ends with Tony stumbling home after a night of drinking heavily on his anti-depressant, Prozac, and informing his wife as well as his eavesdropping daughter, that he has hurt no one.

Special Occurrences

This episode features a number of exquisite musical tracks such as “Woke Up This Morning” by the Alabama 3, “Frente a Frente” by Rocio Durcal, and “Can't You Feel the Fire” by Steven van Zandt.


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