Blessed Snow

A billion sparkles in the sky
As snowflakes coat the town tonight
The cool brisk air that gusts around
Forms a beautiful soft white mound
That kids will dive in the next day
As thoughts of school are cast away
This joy and splendor much too short
It’ll be gone like a ship at port

Throughout the night we’ll watch it fall
The town will slow down to a crawl
But that’s not bad as we’d believe
It gives us time to truly be
As lovers lay by the fire
Their passions shall never tire
And all families can take solace
They now have time usually missed

Even the lonely down the street
Gain comfort from this falling sleet
Its beauty keeps pure endeavor
That pain does not last forever
A reminder that yet to come
Amazing things with greatest sum
So this dream we all give great cheer
A blessing for all that are here

Soak it in and take its wonder
Unknown when there’ll be another
For though it slows our paces
It brings joy to many faces
Don’t think about what is now lost
This great glory above all cost
Right now we have earth-bound sprinkles
Just like the sky’s starry twinkles

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