Bitcoin Town

The mission of the town is: Freedom, as guaranteed by the constitution of America Plans are to have a size of land between 600 acres and 6000+ acres by sometime in 2015

  • First Things First

  • Seed Stock

  • Voting System

  • 3D Printers,

  • Everyone Gets a Vote

  • Individual Freedoms

  • Public Cars

All you need to start a town is 51% of the people's vote, and a written constitution or some other founding document. If we invest in our own town we can be the founders, and with BTC it will make it easier for us to come together from around the world to get this done. As well as not worry about paying taxes as long as we don't exchange cash (we have a way to do this that will be explained only to people who are very interested in supporting the town). And we could have the elected town leaders & business hubs pay federal taxes and do all our fiat exchanges for us, so that our “no tax town” system is viable.

And you only need 6 acres of people to agree… So I looked online and there are patches of land that are 600 acres (nearly 1 square mile. As well as much larger plots.) for sale in New Mexico. If 200 people each put in $10,000 (or equivalent in BTC) the property would be ours (I think this could be accomplished in 1 year). And at that point we could start using the land to farm and produce things and anyone who could afford a house or an Earthship could start building, while anyone else can rent their land out to earn money, or sell it (we will all come together and vote on what the land can and cannot be used for during this time) and once we have some communal money we can help people build Earthships and start working on Solar power and getting a super solid internet connection. Then we could start building FPGAs and ASICs, while we farm and produce what we can.

Other projects that will be completed before, and/or inside Bitcoin Town

New Mexico

  • New Mexico

I feel New Mexico would be the best place to start something like this for a few reasons:

1. Billy the Kid ran out the Illuminati by starting a war against the corrupt “Justice System” where the people were literally shooting at cops.

2. the Freemasons messed up with their farming methods which was the reason for the “dust bowl”. So all the people that would oppose Bitcoin are gone (central bankers and such).

3. Land is cheap in New Mexico.

4. It is a good place for affordable “Earthship” living, and could easily accommodate regular housing as well.

5. Tons of sun all year round, so we could try to start the community with some solar power, and work towards making it all solar powered. And anyone who wanted to farm could.

6. In New Mexico you don't have to pay taxes on most food trade anyways.

Once the town got started we would buy a some tractors, and use them to build better roads and farm better. Then we can start opening gift shops and things like that, and eventually work on starting our own franchises, or bringing a few to town and accepting bitcoin.

But we could make it a town where no one pays taxes, and the “town government” is nothing but a service



We will be attempting to start a restaurant, so that the town has a good place to eat and food supply ready to move in right when we get there Smiley If we can't start the restaurant before the town, we will start it IN town once we have a small community.

The things that we plan to have on the menu so far are these:

Pancakes Eggs/Omelets Burgers (REAL ones, not like McDonalds) Funnel Cake French Fries Carne Asada Burritos (and every other variation of tortilla and contents, which means chips and salsa too) Noodles Sandwhiches A Salad Bar And anyone involved's “specialty”


We are going to work together with the environment to create the ideal natural living conditions. There will be an eco-council that watches the flora and fauna each year, and they will release a decided number of certain animals and plants, then the next year they will see if anything new needs to be done to balance the eco system.

Ex: Buy and eventually breed drangonfly eggs to be released into town ponds, to eat mosquitos and similar pests, while adding to the “enchantment” of New Mexico.

Breed and release free-range Guinea Chickens, for eggs. Also for their “watch dog” qualities, as in, Guinea chickens will alert you when someone that is not from the neighborhood, or a new animal is around. They also eat ants, TICKS & spiders. So they are pretty good animals to have around.

Put up bat houses to attract bats, as well as bird houses to attract birds. And fruit trees (and cactuses like “saguaro”, which grow to be over 50 foot tall and live longer than humans) that grow well in New Mexico (like Pears, Apples & Peaches) to feed them, and so that public workers can collect food to be distributed. Bat guano can also be collected for many uses, including fertilizer. And both animals eat bugs that are pests.

We will have a rabbit farm to feed both humans and any pets, while providing fertilizer.

This is just a few of the ideas that will be presented in the videos soon, so that we can live in a near perfect eco-system. And we can sell the eggs from the dragonflies and chickens, as well as the guano from the bats and the fruit from the trees, on the internet and at market.


For the people that could not afford their own house, this is the kind of house we would be building as public work (public work is for people who need money).

They are called EarthShips

upload.wikimedia.org_wikipedia_commons_thumb_a_a4_g2_global_model_earthship_taos_n.m..jpg_300px-g2_global_model_earthship_taos_n.m..jpg earthship.jpg] upload.wikimedia.org_wikipedia_commons_a_a2_brighton_earthship.jpg pbt1920.files.wordpress.com_2011_07_earthship-sustainable-housing-18.jpg

The outline of an Earthship is made with old tires for insulation. The tires are framed with wood, and filled with concrete, some people fill the tires with soda cans or dirt, then concrete. Then some people put soda cans on the outside of the tires in the concrete also.

explore.theskillery.com_wp-content_uploads_2013_02_earthship-build.jpg www.practicalenvironmentalist.com_earthships.jpg theblondecoyote.files.wordpress.com_2011_09_p3221514.jpg

There are many benefits of Earthship living www.daviddarling.info_images2_earthship_design.jpg www.gaiaengineering.com_images_graphics_biomimicry-geomimicry_earthshipbrighton26dec06.jpg [Casa llanta|


We will also offer publicly built Geodomes for greenhouses and living. www.colourbox.com_preview_4966674-989653-geodome.jpg earthshelters.com_wp-content_uploads_2010_08_geodome_current_gazebo.jpg

We will also offer trailers to bury and use as basements, or use above ground as housing: 2-ps.googleusercontent.com_x_www.trendhunter.com_cdn.trendhunterstatic.com_thumbs_xsunset-breezehouse-prefab-home-i-wish-i-lived-in-your-trailer-park.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.9htpuzu66v.jpg www.mondinion.com_pictures_hash134_1435270-8.jpg

We will also add “cobb” extentions to each house, using what we dig up when making basements. Cob is fire & Earthquake resistant.

Earthships are built east to west, with the glass facing the sun rise, and usually they try to use the dirt to make a small hill facing the sunset, which is where the rainwater collection chamber usually is. But reading about Cob material, I'm thinking we can just use the sandy ground in New Mexico, dig until we hit clay or buy some, then grow some canary reed to use as straw (grows very quickly). Then just add water and we can make an extension to each house, instead of a hill facing the sunset.

It will be practical, because we plan on getting trailers to bury and use as basements (so everyone has room for mining machines), so we will probably get a backhoe to dig holes, and will have plenty of raw dirt/sand.

People could also choose to have no Earthship, but it would be good to have at least one room designed like an Earthship, just because they are like massively insulative, so if there were ever a rare cold New Mexico day, a small fire could be made (or small heater plugged in) and heat the room effectively.

tinyhouseblog.com_wp-content_uploads_2009_11_cob1.jpg {}} www.thiscobhouse.com_wp-content_uploads_2012_05_cob-home-living-roof.jpg {{}}|

]] www.sdrp.org_images_sikes_august2003-image001.jpg www.claymineadobe.com_images_mortar2.jpg upload.wikimedia.org_wikipedia_commons_1_1f_adobesurfacecoatingrenewalonwall.jpg upload.wikimedia.org_wikipedia_commons_8_81_san_pedro_de_atacama_church.jpg

And our EarthShips will be different than most:

1. Each person will have at least three acres, so we won't be making small ones.

2. Geodomes outside will be used as green houses, making more room in the larger EarthShips

3. Trailers will be used to make basements, allowing for WAY more space.

4. Cobb building material will be used to build extensions to each Earthship, making it even larger, and sometimes 2 stories.

And again, an outside company will be contracted for regular building, these will just be built for anyone that wants publically built housing. You only get a Cobb/Earthship/Geodome if you want a FREE house Smiley

The free market will still be there. “Town work” will just be posted on bulletin boards or the internet, the whole point is just to have the town approve it so that the workers are paid by the town (if you can't afford to hire your own people), and people in town can earn some money.

Some people won't be moving to the land they buy, so we will have some plots that are rented out for maintenance or cash (by people that want to live in town but can't afford $10,000 for a plot, or by young people who get their parents to get them a place in town or something) by the owner, and those people will most likely be looking to the bulletin boards for work all the time.

And if you wanted to hire someone yourself from around town, that wouldn't be a problem at all. As long as you paid them with your money.

Also, we will be digging wells all over the land, so everyone cross your fingers for oil when we're looking for water. And we have a professional dowser who can find water for us Smiley As well as a Geologist/Engineer who could tell us if oil is possibly nearby, and appraise any minerals we find Smiley


  • Biodiesel & Transportation

TV & Radio Shows

Energy Supply

The Arts


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