Bitcoin Live Bets – The World’s First Bitcoin Live Sports Betting Platform

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In May 2013 Bitcoin Live Bets was launched: the world’s first Bitcoin gaming platform enabling live Bitcoin sports betting for punters across the globe. Based in Panama and serving sports enthusiasts and Bitcoin gamers worldwide; is rapidly becoming the online Bitcoin sports betting platform of choice with its unprecedented live Bitcoin sports betting feature.

The Bitcoin Live Bets gaming platform offers worldwide LIVE Bitcoin sports betting on Soccer, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Darts, Ice Hockey, Handball, Tennis, Volleyball, Aussie Rules and Rugby Union. The full list of sports which can be bet on with Bitcoin can be seen at Hundreds of Bitcoin sports betting combinations are available and punters can also place regular non-live Bitcoin bets on all the aforementioned worldwide sports. Due to the global nature of Bitcoin anyone worldwide can play – as long as it is legal in their jurisdiction to do so.

Bitcoin Live Bets prides itself on super fast automatic Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals of clients’ winnings to their Bitcoin wallets. Beyond their live betting feature they are also seeking to differentiate themselves from other companies in the Bitcoin sports betting space by offering fast professional customer service and support for any and all issues customers may encounter.

Serving punters worldwide the Bitcoin Live Bets website can be accessed in French, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Italian and Czech. Depending on the players’ preferences betting odds can be displayed in the European Decimal, American, English, Hong Kong, Malaysian or Indonesian format.

With its world first Bitcoin live sports betting feature, attentive customer service and professionalism Panama based Bitcoin Live Bets is a stand out in the increasingly crowded space of online Bitcoin gaming. Integrating live sports betting technology into a global Bitcoin sports betting platform is an unprecedented move and is sure to attract widespread interest in the Bitcoin space – and beyond.

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