Bitcoin Alternative SXC Gaining in Popularity- A Sure Thing According to Max Keiser

Bitcoin alternative SXC was launched in May; giving individuals the most discreet payment option for transactions between merchants who offer adult fare, and discerning consumers who demand discretion. SXC, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users, has partnered with, a merchant payment gateway that supports automatic invoicing, making it easy for anyone worldwide to accept SXC on their sites. SXC can be traded for LTC on popular digital currency exchanges Cryptsy and CoinEX.

The new blockchain based crypto currency has been developed specifically for the adult industry. The coin’s website looks into the mirror and boasts that SXC is, “Super Sexy and Delicious,” and promises to “provide adult content consumers, performers and producers a fast, stable and secure method of accepting microtransactions, protecting their customers privacy and progressing adult retail services into the crypto age.”

The crypto’s developers generated a buzz when they announced SXC’s debut on the forums back in May. Emerefer declared, “I can’t believe it took this long,” iGotSpots urged, “Just release it now and let’s do this,” triggering this caution from Rannasha, “Can’t have a premature release, of course.”

But as much fun as SXC is, it’s serious business, and the development team takes its business very seriously:

“While the industry has struggled with a subscription based business model – or tried to mimic a microtransactional business model that has been so successful in reviving other entertainment industries online, by using ‘inhouse’ tokens on various sites – we aim to provide the first cohesive payment system that allows adoption of microtransactional business models across the entire industry, while eliminating chargebacks and allowing greater flexibility in marketing including the ability to increase points of sale for a particular item.”

“Follow the money,” Deep Throat advised a wise man in 1974. Forty years later, another wise man, no less a luminary than the brilliant and bombastic bitcoin billionaire Max Keiser, said that SXC is the crypto moneyshot and gave it two thumbs up when he tweeted that it is, “the first industry specific crypto that has billion dollar blockbuster encrypted all over it.”

The prescient Kaiser proved to be positively Pavlovian when his prediction sent SXC soaring, but speculators and miners should rest assured that this unique coin has staying power, and should continue to perform.. With its industry specific focus, fast transaction speeds, and support from the likes of Keiser; SXC is an emerging digital currency to keep and eye on in the exploding cryptocurrency space.

To learn more please go to:

Payment processor for merchants accepting SXC:

Exchanges for trading SXC: SXC / LTC SXC / LTC

Media contact:

Name: Jim Stover

Email: [email protected]

SXC Accepted Here Logo For Merchants:

Sexcoin Accepted Here Logo

SXC Technical Specs:

BlockTime: 60sec Confirmations: 6 Difficulty: Retargets every 30 blocks Coins: 250,000,000 Reward: 100 coins per block, halved every 600,000 block Lucky chance to have x5 or x50 sxc block. Port: 9560

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