Shipping Bitcoin Accepted Here Window Stickers Worldwide

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In February 2013 Bitcoin Stickers opened its doors for business: shipping “Bitcoin accepted here” stickers worldwide to brick and mortar businesses accepting Bitcoin, and Bitcoin enthusiasts.

About Bitcoin Stickers

Bitcoin Stickers occupies a unique niche in the rapidly expanding global Bitcoin market enabling real world businesses and shops to show customers they accept Bitcoin: the internet based global cryptocurrency with soaring adoption rates. Bitcoin enthusiasts are also using the stickers on their car or elsewhere.

All orders from Bitcoin Stickers include free postage worldwide, and stickers can be purchased with Bitcoin. The stickers cling firmly to windows through natural static electricity; without sticky adhesives and enabling the stickers to be peeled off without leaving a mark, and repositioned easily.

The Bitcoin window stickers are made from high quality static cling vinyl for superior scratch resistance, fade resistance, tear resistance, water proofing and durability and are designed to be a convenient way for businesses to show they accept Bitcoin. Sticker dimensions are 15.24 cm x 5.72 cm (6” x 2.25”).

As little as 2 Bitcoin accepted here window stickers can be ordered at a time, while discounts can be negotiated for large volume orders. All purchases include free worldwide shipping.

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