Biography of FinShaggy

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Section 1 - Early Life

FinShaggy was born in Dallas, Texas and raised in McKinney, Texas. According to the man himself, he lived a “fairly uneventful life,” besides a short career as a child model and a long divorce between his parents. Apparently, his mother used to dress him up in “stupid outfits,” such as leather closed toe sandals, Hawaiian flowered shirts, and “weird” shorts. Also, he was forced to bleach his hair white until the fifth grade (around ten or eleven years old), when she started making him “gel it up” so it would be “spiked.” As for the child modeling, his sister and he were models for “Toys R Us” magazines, catalogs, and things of that nature, as well as a model for the “Finger Print your Child, In Case They Get Lost” company. FinShaggy does not know where any of that money ended up, because his parents divorced when he was in Kindergarten.

Section 1a - Adolescence

In middle school he started wearing the “ironic” shirts, but it was his decision, not his mothers. He did not have the ability to skateboard, or “skate” to quote the slang of the times, because he did not actually have to ability to “skate” (skateboard). He just got the fun, humourous shirts. He had a friend from Kindergarten named Ryan Jordan who, to FinShaggy, was bossy, controlling, and mean. One day, in middle school in around the 7th or 8th grade, Ryan was making fun of his girlfriend. Fin did not approve of that and said to him, “Don't talk to me anymore, I like 75% hate you.” As he severed their ties, he distanced himself from Ryan Jordan, and that is when he made another friend. The friend that he had made was Matt Phelan, who he continued to be friends with throughout high school. In high school, when he was fourteen, he was arrested at his own school, McKinney Boyd High School, for smoking marijuana. After his arrest, he spent eight months in an alternative school known as Red River Academy. (What Fin describes as a “lockdown facility.”) Once he completed his semester at Red River Academy, he was placed on probation for six months and went to another alternative school. After that, he was placed back into a regular high school. In grade nine, FinShaggy describes himself as “weird.” He wore eyeliner a “few times” and even let “girls in art class do [his] full makeup and hair, then [he] would have [sic] three classes left looking like that.” He was taking mathematics final exams one day and he finished early, because the teacher was afraid that he would cheat. FinShaggy believed cheating should have been called “sharing” and there should be a class for it.

Section 1b - Further High School Years

When he was fifteen, he became an ordained and certified minister with the ULC (Universal Life Church). The ULC is famous for ordaining ministers at no charge, almost instantly. At sixteen, he was put into college, but later was placed back into regular high school after running away from home, while still on probation, to the town of Hawkins, Texas. At the age of 17, he was arrested once again, and he was placed in “juvy”, or Juvenile Detention, for six months, and that was where he graduated high school and began writing.

After Graduation

He continued writing after his release. Six to eight months, about, after his release, the local police “broke into” his place of dwelling, on April 20th, 2010, apparently without a warrant or probable reason or cause to arrest him as well as a friend. The arrest was for possession of marijuana (which was on their own personal property). After appearing in court, FinShaggy stayed in Denton, Texas, before leaving the state. His case was reopened and it is still open. The possibility of legalizing marijuana on one's own personal property is a reason.

To be continued...

In the next segment, I will finish up Fin's high school experiences and move onto the years beyond.


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