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Between the Worlds

Between the Worlds is a Battle for Wesnoth campaign portmanteau which offers the player a number of different characters to play, including a Space Cadet and a Time Cadet.

The campaign was initially created from a version of Wesnoth's built-in tutorial, so typically each storyline begins as a modified tutorial.

It is hoped that eventually the Space Cadet and Time Cadet storylines will become character creation systems useful for starting off a character, choosing its nationality and planet of origin and starting its adventures in the Galactic Milieu. That awaits new capabilities that are expected to be added to the [Battle for Wesnoth]] engine that will apparently allow the engine to consult databases over the internet in order to participate in a persistent virtual world, universe or multiverse.

Until that new functionality of the engine actually arrives, the campaign bundle is primarily useful for learning selected background information about the Galactic Milieu, Space Cadets, Time Cadets, and some of the nations and planets of the Milieu.

The campaign's thread on Battle for Wesnoth's forum is

In the Space Cadet storyline the character Scotty, who first appears in Martian Invasion 1594 and first recurrs in Mystery in 1596, re-appears, despite being by then old enough that his appearance here indicates at least some humans must somehow have attained some means of extending human longevity beyond the lifespans presumably typical of humans generally at the end of the sixteenth century of the common era.


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