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When I first started internet marketing, it was seemed so complicated deciding on what I needed when starting my website. I had bought enough books and absorbed enough knowledge to know that I needed my own website to really be successful in this online game. The first thing that people need when getting a website is a domain name, you can get a free domain name using weebly or other free platforms, but really the best investment would be for you to buy one. Its more professional looking and you can easily get one cheap for the first year, like at name cheap or go daddy. You honestly might come out of pocket with 3-4 dollars when you first purchase a domain name, and you don't have to renew until the next year.

We got a domain name now so next thing to do is to get hosting. You want to go with a reliable hosting company with at least 99.99% up time and some one who has great customer service. When first starting out if you can afford to pay the monthly hosting fees, then there is a website that I used when I first started, and they let you have the most control over your website that any other free service that I have seen out. You won't hear a lot of people talking about this site, and you would have to do a lot of digging just to find out about this site on your own. I' m not gonna keep rambling about my SECRET free hosting site so without further rambling the name of the website is 000webhost and it is a .com at the end of that. Trust me its not my site at all I am just trying to lend a helping hand.

If you choose to go the paid route I would definitely suggest host gator, as they are very affordable with there baby plan and it's really all you need when you are starting out. From my dealings with them, I have had no complaints at all about their customer service. If you run into any problems, you can either contact their technical support through online live chat, or you can just give them a call. They are very friendly and no matter how technically challenged you are and no matter how many questions you ask, they will not seem annoyed or try to rush you off the phone. They will keep on explaining to you and help you fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Another thing you will definitely want to look into investing into is an auto responder. If you want to build a successful business online you got to have a reliable auto responder. Now this one is very important because, if you can't afford the auto responder fees then that is understandable but if you can dish out the money, it will be one of the best investments you can make. Now, if you can't afford an auto responder, a good free auto responder would be mail chimp. Mail chimp does a pretty good job in delivering your messages to the individuals that sign up for your list. Now if you want to go the paid route, I would have to suggest Aweber as one of the best auto responders on the market. They are very reliable, and they are very reliable getting your messages to the individuals inbox instead of the spam or junk mail folders.


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