Before you apply for a Devtome writer account

So you enjoy writing and you would like to contribute to the Devtome. You can't wait to get started and you're already dreaming about how you will spend all those Devcoins you earn.

But wait. Before you fire off that PM asking for a Devtome account, please read and follow these important guidelines.

Treat this like a real job application

This is not some sort of make money online free for all; nor is it a guaranteed get rich quick scheme. Writing for the Devtome is a real opportunity with real potential to earn from your writing. As such, your application is not guaranteed to be accepted. This is becoming more important as more people learn about the Devtome and want to join the writer community.

Although the application format is casual–you send a forum PM to the appropriate admin–it is a real application and a real person reads it. Just like you would for any other job you apply for, please take the time to make your Devtome writer application a professional one.

Make sure your application is complete

In your forum PM, please include the following two parts:

1. A paragraph or two about yourself, what you have to offer the Devtome project, and how you can be reached outside of the forum (in case the forum gets DDoS'd or goes down for any reason). An email address is sufficient. You can think of this part as your cover letter.

2. A sample of your writing. This should be a complete article with a minimum of 300 words.

Make sure your application is well written

You are applying for a writing gig. Therefore your ability and presentation as a writer will weigh heavily in your signup admin's decision to either accept or deny your application. If you cannot write coherently in English, then this is not the gig for you.

Please make sure your application is free from spelling and grammar errors. An excessive amount of such errors will result in denial of your application. If you have a difficult time catching your own mistakes (many writers do), then please have one or more people proofread your application for correct spelling and grammar before you submit it.

Please make sure your writing style makes sense to an English speaking audience. This is especially true for applicants for whom English is a second language. We welcome your application, but please make sure it demonstrates sufficient command of English language and writing.

Do not plagiarize

Your signup admin will run a plagiarism check on your sample article. If it is found to be plagiarized your signup admin will deny your application. Even if your signup admin misses it, other admins who review your work further along in the process will catch it and remove you as a writer. Plagiarism is unethical and illegal and has no place in the Devtome project, so don't do it. If you are unclear on what plagiarism is, please educate yourself before you apply. You can start with this article titled Do not plagiarize.

It is OK for you to submit an article you wrote which has been previously published on a web page you own or control. If using such an article in your application, please include a link to the page on which it is published. This is very important. If you do not include links where your article was previously published your signup admin may simply assume your application article is plagiarized and deny your application. Your signup admin may verify your ownership/control of any web pages you do provide.

Make a good first impression

As mentioned before, make sure the writing we see in your application will make us want to add you to the community of Devtome writers. Also be sure to present a positive and professional impression of yourself as a person. For example, don't tell us about how financially desperate or broke you are and how badly you need this gig; do tell us how your skills, knowledge and talents will enhance the Devcoin project.

Be patient

Once you have submitted your application, please wait patiently for a reply from your signup admin. Just like with any other job you apply for, if you harass your signup admin or other Devtome admins about it, it will reflect poorly on you and your application may be denied. We are not just looking for writers, but also people who will make a positive contribution to and impression of the Devcoin community. Due to the many applications we signup admins receive, it may take up to two weeks for your application to be processed. Your patience is much appreciated.

If more than two weeks have passed since you sent your application, it is OK to send a polite PM to your signup admin asking about the status of your application. Occasionally PM's get missed so a polite second request is appreciated.

Educate yourself

Every applicant should know something about both Devcoin and the Devtome project before applying for a Devtome writer account. Take the time to learn about both and when you apply, tell your signup admin how you see yourself contributing to the overall goals. In the same way you would research a company before applying for or interviewing for a position there, take some time to learn about this movement and community. The following are some ways to get started:

Read up

There is plenty of content on the Devtome about the Devcoin cryptocurrency, community and projects, with more being added regularly. You can get started here.

Join the CoinZen forum

CoinZen is the new home for the Devcoin community. Membership is free. Please join the community, read over the threads and feel free to post any questions you may have about the project. In other words, join the community. You do not need to be a Devtome writer in order to be part of the Devcoin community.

Keep learning

Once you have sent off your application, stay engaged and keep reading and learning. There is a lot to take in.

About professional writing

We realize that for many applicants, this may be your first professional writing job, and that is wonderful. Because you may not know already, I would like to pass on a few tips about how professional writing works which also applies to writing for the Devtome.

The Devtome is your client

You know the rule “The customer is always right.” In this case, you are the provider or business, and the Devtome is your client. Although no one in the Devtome community truly believes we are always right, and we are certainly open to suggestions, when it comes to your content, it does have to meet certain standards which have been developed and determined over time to work best for the needs of the project.

When you are asked to address an issue with your writing by one of the admins, then please respond promptly and address the issue in question in a professional manner. Your goal is to keep the customer happy.

Work to steadily improve your writing

Regardless of how well you write now, you can always improve. Follow any suggestions you get from admins who contact you about your writing, but also seek out ways and opportunities to improve and grow as a writer. You can join a local writing critique group, or seek out some online resources. Even reading books which are recognized as well written can help immensely. Brush up on your grammar and spelling skills. Most of all, keep writing; you will get better with practice. You can think of this as professional development. It's an integral component to any successful career.

Be prompt and patient

When the client (in this case a Devtome admin) contacts you, be prompt in your reply. When you contact the client, be patient. Basic prompt courteous customer service.

Do not badger the client

If you have questions or need some help, the best place to post your questions is in the CoinZen forum. First check and see if there is a board or thread specifically set up to deal with your issue. Be sure to read over all the writer's guides which have been written and compiled by more experienced Devtome writers and admins. You can find these writer guides linked to on the front page.

Your signup admin is your first contact with the Devtome, and it is OK to also PM your signup admin with basic getting started type of questions. Do keep in mind, however, that your signup admin may take a few days or more to respond. You are likely to get a more timely response by posting your question in the forum. Furthermore, there are Devtome admins whose job it is to provide such support.

Your signup admin's primary job is to register your account. He or she is not the one who evaluates your published articles, or the one who makes the final decision to add your Devcoin address to the earnings list. There are article and earnings admins who evaluate and approve the content of new writers, and they will contact you if there are any concerns.

Please do not badger your signup admin with questions along the lines of “when do I get approved?” or “when do I get paid?” Your signup admin doesn't know, and is not obligated to respond. Please refer to the writer's guides which address when and how payments are made in general, and if after reading them you are still confused, then make a post on the CoinZen forum.

Accept the client's terms or walk away

As the Devtome project has evolved, methods for compensating writers have also evolved and been fine tuned. When you publish your content on the Devtome you are implicitly agreeing to be compensated according to those terms. If for whatever reason the terms do not work for you, there will be no hard feelings if you choose to stop publishing your content and move on to other opportunities which work better for you.

If you believe there is a better way to approach writer compensation or any other aspect of the Devtome project, by all means make a suggestion. You can do this by posting on the forum or even writing an article on the Devtome and posting a link to it in the forum. Much of the fine tuning of procedure has been the result of suggestions made by various members of the Devcoin community. Just keep in mind that ultimately, it's the client's prerogative to set the terms which affect the writers' status and compensation. And it is the writer's prerogative to decide if those terms will continue to work for him or her.

Basically, think of yourself as a service provider and your content as the valuable product that you are providing to the customer, which is the Devtome. From the time you prepare your application and in all things after, conduct yourself in a courteous and professional manner with the aim to help the customer and keep the customer happy.

We look forward to a long, profitable, and mutually beneficial professional relationship, and look forward to receiving your application.

Made it this far? Here's how to apply

Follow the instructions in this article: How to get setup earning Devcoins by writing.


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