Be Careful About What You Wish For

Scholarship In Sweden A Reality

I am busy adjusting to my new life here in Stockholm, Sweden. I am a graduate of a mind technique class. I attended as a reviewee and programmed for a scholarship and at the same time applied for a scholarship in Sweden.

I used the Mirror of the Mind technique. I pictured myself in Stockholm University and walking in the campus with autumn leaves in the pavement. It was so real, I could almost smell autumn and feel the wind in my face. And when you said in the class, it'll come true, I knew right then and there I'd get the scholarship. Unconsciously, or should I say consciously, I was already planning my departure in September for the fall term in Stockholm University. I was arranging my files and delegating my work in the Senate. (Incidentally, I also programmed for my job in the Senate and I had worked there for 3 years.) I was kind of worried because I got my acceptance letter from Stockholm University but I didn't have the financial capacity to finance my studies. In other words, I needed a scholarship. I applied in the Sweden Institute for a scholarship. When I didn’t receive any reply, I was giving up hope because classes would start in Stockholm in one week. I was really giving up hope though deep inside, I knew I would get it. Three days before I was to attend a mind technique graduate seminar, I received my acceptance letter from the Swedish Institute informing me that they are going to finance my Diploma in International Studies program for the whole duration of the program - 10 months.

I was a week late for my classes here in Stockholm and it was autumn when I arrived. The leaves were just turning from green to red and then to yellow. For more than 2 months now I've been walking in the pavement full of autumn leaves. Now, I can't wait to attend your class next year and program for my other BIG PLANS. You were right when you said to be careful about what you wish for because you might get it. It's lonely here but I never regretted going to Sweden. Emilar C. Aquino

Selective Programming Works

I strongly believe in the EFFECTIVITY, the BETTERMENT, and the ENRICHMENT IN LIFE mind techniques has done to so many believers and practitioners.

I only practice the mind techniques when I need it to achieve fruitful and beneficial results. I first do the “controlled relaxation” to gain better physical and mental health. Then I usually use the “mirror of the mind” technique and am successful in negotiating transactions, in getting a visa, in travelling safely and others. Visualization really helps in programming for the outcome until results are achieved. I schedule doing these exercises before sleeping and upon awakening. I couple the practice with fervent prayers. Thinking positively of the results also helps. I am really grateful for sharing this God-given gift of helping others to live a better, more purposeful and meaningful life. Josefina Morgia

Cancer Remission Maintains

I came across the sheet of paper you made us fill up at the start of the course re – “The goals I want to set and realize.” Permit me to share with you my goals then:

1. To fight cancer;

2. To be able to manage pain and overcome my fear of dying;

3. To be able to accept God's will including all the sufferings and trials; and

4. To find my true self

Exactly 10 years ago this month, I underwent modified radical mastectomy due to breast cancer and when I took your course I was still trying to put together pieces of my life devastated by cancer.

Well, I am pleased to tell you that since I graduated from your course I have learned to entrust everything to God, the Divine Healer, and have not taken any drugs nor seen any doctor (cancer-related). Twice daily at 5:00 am and 6:00 pm and sometimes at 10:00 pm. I go to level and using the MOM technique, I visualize myself enveloped by bluish white light from the Divine Healer and healed of cancer.

There is indeed life after cancer. In fact, a more fulfilling life as I learn to value each day, each moment of my life as a precious gift from Him. Praise God. I believe I am in the right direction towards the accomplishment of my goals. Tessie Lucero

Values Of Case Working

QUESTION: What do you say to a person who tells you techniques are not working for him?

ANSWER: Work more health cases.

Q: Why? How is working health cases going to improve my financial situation?

A: The thing you are doing throughout the program, with every technique, is using the spiritual dimension and becoming familiar with it. We do all of our work in the spiritual dimension. Case working, of course, is an ultimate function within spiritual dimension.

In the laboratory, and counselors, that's where you really get into the subjective dimension. The counselors technique gives you an energy, an intelligent energy, within that dimension that you can work with in that dimension.


Case working has so much more relevance than just helping in some stranger's health challenge. It really gets us functioning in the spiritual dimension so we know when we are doing it right. We get feedback in case working, and this is very, very valuable to us.

You must have all three elements of faith: desire, belief, and expectancy. For many people, expectancy might be the most difficult, because you are “hoping” for results instead of following the instruction to “pray believing you have already received.” We say, “Program in the future in a past-tense sense.”

If you have enough desire, that is, a great enough need, you will succeed even with weak belief and expectancy. So keep working cases and by doing so build up your desire and belief, and get so bored that you quit “hoping,” you just relax, and you will start getting the kind results you want.

People who feel a reluctance to work cases are probably demonstrating their low expectancy. Of course, you also find some people who try to convince themselves and others that they have a high expectancy, while subconscious level, they really have a lot of self-doubt and very low expectancy. You can tell this when these people, who often express their confidence vocally, do poorly at working health cases. And if you are wondering whether you are going to be right or fearful of being wrong in case working, then you are thinking about yourself and are not really expecting to be right. The solution for them is the same: keep on practicing until the results you desire begin to appear.


Suppose you want to improve your financial situation, for instance. You can use physical means, logical, rational means, like working more hours.

You can also use subjective means, programming to develop creative solutions and attract to you whatever you need to help you earn more. Relax at the alpha level and imagine your end result. Then the creative ideas will start to flow, and without having to think about it consciously you will begin to notice the things that you need to achieve your goals.

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