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Battle for Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth is a free open source game engine that acts in some ways like a computer aided instruction system, in that the author of a “campaign” can steer the player through different screens and scenarios based on their performance or their answers to questions.

The game in its normal single-user form basically consists of re-enacting history, usually with an emphasis on battles. In multi-user mode it is usually used to fight deliberately balanced battles on carefully balanced maps.

It is expected that someday Battle for Wesnoth will support consulting databases over the internet in order to be able to take into account the “current state” or a “persistent gameworld”, at which point it should become useful for actually playing the cutting edge of a timeline in the Galactic Milieu instead of merely re-enacting past events.

A number of “campaigns” set in the Galactic Milieu have been created for Battle for Wesnoth, such as Between the Worlds, Martian Invasion 1594, Mutiny in 1626 and Mystery in 1596. There is also a multi-user scenario, Northwest Port and an Era, Galactic.

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