Coin Summary

asicCoin is a SHA-256 coin designed to be mined with ASICs. It was created by a forum member by the name of “AsicUser.” It is believed to be the first SHA-256 coin that uses random blocks in its block rewards. Transactions confirm in two minutes (4 blocks) and difficulty retargets every half hour.
Random bonus blocks are:

     - 1/10 chance (about every 5 mins) for one 2048-coin block (2^11 coins) 
     - 1/100 chance (about every hour) for one 8096-coin block (2^13 coins) 
     - 1/10000 chance (about every 3.5 days) for one 65536-coin block (2^16 coins) \\
The coin has multiple pools and it currently on the CoinEx Exchange. If you have some and would like to exchange some, here is the link:

Site, Download, and Pool


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