Armchair Monday Morning Quarterbacking Wilson-Brown-Ferguson - What Could Have Been Done Differently?

Written by Devtome wiki contributor, Bomac


In this opinion piece you have embarked upon, we will ask and attempt to answer the following query:

In the aftermath of a series of chaotic, emotional and tragic events, starting with the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18 year old black man, at the hands of Darren Wilson, a white police officer, and culminating in many local, black owned and corporate chain store businesses being looted and/or burned down, what actions could have been taken that could have led to different outcomes than what has unfolded?

The Undeniability Of Bias

It is rather funny that news organizations take the attitude that there is no bias in their reporting of the news. To be human is to be biased. Not only do individual reporters, editors and program directors have biases, but there is a hidden bias at the top that quite frankly, filters & censors all kinds of topics.

That's why, for all the flaws and foibles of MS-NBC (and they are legion), you have to give them props for being up front about being Democratic party cheerleaders. This is in stark contrast to Fox News, which is obviously the Republican party cheer squad, but which provides the Orwellian doublespeak tag line, “fair and balanced.” However the truth is that all mainstream media is controlled and co-opted by the powers that be, and hence share an over-arching bias. 1)

Here's where I see various biases of the American people lining up on the Wilson-Brown-Ferguson tragedy. Obviously, these are not only generalities, they are my opinions, not the result of scientific surveys. See if you agree with my take.

  • Blacks, overwhelmingly believe Wilson, like so many other cops, got away with murder. They tend to see the bad cops issue, mostly in terms of white verses black. Thus, they don't think much about cases of white cops beating or killing white citizens. They probably also tend to think that white people, by and large, are siding with the Officer – which, if true, means they aren't appreciating the fact that most liberals are also unhappy with the grand jury decision.
  • Whites, as alluded above, are largely divided on this issue by party line, aka as by conservative or liberal line. Of white liberals who wanted to see Wilson go to trial, there may be an equal division of those who they aren't sure if Wilson is guilty, and that is why they wanted the trial process to happen, so they could find more information as to his guilt or innocence – and those who are already convinced of his guilt and want to see him go to prison. I may be wrong on the ratio, though. Instead of 1 to 1, it may be 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 who are already assured of Wilson's guilt. The black community, in my opinion, is at least 19 to 1, of that opinion, and possibly as high as 99 to 1. 2)
  • Conservative whites who believe that Wilson is totally innocent of any wrong doing, are probably in the same range as blacks who believe he is guilty as sin – (A minimum of 19 to 1 and a maximum of 99 to 1.)

What is very telling – at least if my perspective and numbers here are correct – is that these numbers have probably not changed much, if any at all, since the day Wilson shot Brown dead. What further evidence could we possibly need, that to be human is to be biased?

My bias in these situations is to presume the cop is most likely guilty of brutality, regardless of the skin color of the cop or the citizen. I base that on the fact that police abuse is off the chain. It always existed, but in the several decades I've been on this planet this time around, it has accelerated geometrically. 3) (To my credit, though, as evidence becomes available, I do not simply cling to my initial, biased presumption. The Brown-Wilson example is a case in point.)

There is one thing that needs to be very clear to everyone. The powers that be, use events like these to divide and conquer all of us; not just the black people and other minorities and not just the white people. If they can get rioting in the streets all across the country, with regularity, they can justify a beefed up, militarized, brutal police presence. If they can get guns being used in group terror events, which riots clearly are, they can justify continued efforts to roll back the second amendment and ultimately, defacto do away with it.

There are other police shootings where cops clearly have gotten away with murder, including cops with a history of brutality complaints (unlike Darren Wilson who had zero complaints), and where the person killed or brutalized was not a thug who strong armed robbed convenience stores, yet there is no national media coverage of those cases, and there are no outside agitators egging on the public to riot. Why do you think that is?

In all probability it has to do with the fact that a very large percentage of conservatives/Republicans would side against the cop, once the evidence of the case became available. The powers that be want us fighting, not agreeing with each other.

The Hidden Agenda

(Since this is largely outside the scope of the topic of what could have been done differently at Ferguson, I will, at least attempt, to not spend much time going into the bigger picture that shows that at the upper levels, the same people and forces are behind both parties and all mainstream news sources, and that an advanced game of divide and conquer is being played out upon us. Behind the scenes, the real leaders of both parties are working to divide the people against ourselves. The more riots in the streets, the more they can claim the need to militarize the police and clamp down on gun rights. The two parties are different sides of the same globalist cabal coin; a duopoly.) 4)

The Big Question

As far as asking what could have been done differently, the big question, first and foremost is, could the death of Micheal Brown been averted? Since we're trying to cover all sides, let's start with Brown's actions.

If Brown had simply quit walking in the middle of the street when Officer Darren Wilson told him to walk on the sidewalk, he would have not been killed, but would have soon be home, enjoying the cigars he had just brazenly stolen, before manhandling, pushing away, and them menacingly moving toward the store clerk who tried to make him pay for the merchandise.

I'm sorry for those who find that fact offensive or callous, but it's the most direct and simplest equation of the entire problem. It's undeniable. As humans, our power stems from personal responsibility. Lives and situations transform when people start taking personal responsibility.

He not only failed to comply with an order to obey the law, for which it appears that the officer wasn't even looking to give him a jaywalking ticket, he charged the officer, pushed him back into his vehicle and leaned through the window, started punching him and going for his gun.

That said, it does not, in and of itself, clear the cop from his responsibilities. Surely, many cops have acted criminally in reaction to something a citizen did or said that she shouldn't have done or said. It does not excuse the cop from criminal activity.

What About Wilson?

Could the cop have done anything differently that would not have ended with the death of Brown? I have to wonder about the number of shots fired. I know this is going to terribly offend the people who automatically defend every cop in every cop shooting, but I don't know why guns have to be emptied into people.

I get that if an assailant gets your gun, you're likely to end up dead. 5) I have never been in that situation and am frankly too cowardly to become a cop. I have had a heroic moment or two when time and space and events aligned and I was called into action, so to speak, but to make it my job, I freely admit, I'm a yellow bellied chicken.

For that reason, I have respect for everyone who puts on the uniform. I lose it when they abuse the uniform, though, and that happens all too often.

What About Taser Guns?


Wilson said he didn't have a taser gun because he didn't like them. They are difficult to handle., too bulky. Tasers can be lethal, but obviously, not to the degree that standard guns are.

If tasers are really that bulky, one would assume the design could be changed. I'm sure there are instances where a taser isn't an option, but I'm not sure if this would have been a type of situation where most cops would have used their taser.

It can't be an option if the officer doesn't carry one. I would like to see all cops have the option to use a taser instead of a gun. (Of course, I don't want it to lead to more cops tasering people needlessly. Can any of us ever forget, "Don't tase me, Bro.“?) 6)

What About Pepper Spray?


Research has shown that pepper spray is more effective than a gun in stopping a bear attack. It would be foolhardy to assume that it would have been of no value against someone the size of Brown.

It's possible that pepper spray may not be enough. It's possible to a taser might not be enough. If you start with the spray, you can step it up to the taser. Then, if needed, you could use your gun. When you start off with the gun, human lives are at stake from the get go.

I'm sure there are cops who will say that it's not practical to always have such a protocol, and that using it every time that force is needed would end up with dead cops. Yet, I also feel that there are cops who probably would have used the spray or the taser on Brown and they would have been able to subdue him, without having to kill him.

Yet, another consideration is when the subject has already punched you in the face and tried to get your gun, is it really prudent to step down on your choice of force level? It's easy to say you would have handled it better, but talk is cheap. 7)

Problem With Police Training


I think there are problems with police training. Some police academies are actively teaching officers to be more much aggressive. Some law enforcement departments, EG, the Department Of Homeland Security, are teaching no more hesitation 8) where officers practice shooting pictures of gun toting children, elderly people and pregnant women. Shoot first, ask questions later. For everyone who is quick to say that is the way it should be, perhaps you will change your stance when you wife gets her brains splattered all over the car when she reaches above the visor for her proof of insurance.

In Wilson's case, after six years on the forces, not only has he never killed anyone before in the duty of his office, he has never shot at anybody and he had never unholstered his weapon during the course of his day, other than this one time. There is no pattern demonstrated of him being trigger happy, abusive or racist.

I realize that when you have your gun out and someone is still coming at you, that is a shoot or be shot and maybe killed, moment. I just don't know if I would feel the need to empty my weapon.

That seems to be a part of modern police training. Didn't it used to be that cops shot, not to execute, but to stop the perpetrator, and take them in? Nowadays, it's a matter of police policy in some cases for a dozen cops or more cops to surround a car and empty their guns into all the people in the car.

That's what happened in this video. 9) Later a gun mysteriously showed up when the car was impounded, even though none of the cops had found it that night, at the scene of the public execution.

The Militarization Of The Police


The truth is, the federal government, with help from think tanks and multinational corporations including the Rand Corporation is militarizing the police all over the United States. Police are increasingly being trained to view citizens are combatants. Police departments are hiring people who, in the past would not have qualified. New training protocols are making cops more prone to shoot and kill innocent people. Cops are less respectful than they used to be many years ago.

There are systemic changes that need to made. Good cops need to quit covering for bad cops. Yes, all this is easier said than done, but there are things that can be done to help avoid situations where people are killed or otherwise brutalized.

While the evidence indicates that Officer Wilson should not be brought up on charges and that Michael Brown is at cause in his own demise, we should start making changes in police departments all across the USA. These changes include:

  • Stop the militarization of local law enforcement officers
  • Better hiring standards
  • Better pay for more qualified officers brought in by the better hiring standards
  • Better training
  • More use of pepper spray in place of guns
  • More use of tasers in place of guns
  • Uniform cameras on every cop

The Case For Uniform Cameras

Even though my bias is usually for the people and against the cops in cases where cops hurt or kill citizens, I have to say, judging from the reports that have been released, I just can't see how Wilson should be charged with a crime after Brown attacked him. The evidence isn't there. We can't punish one cop for the instances of other cops who have gotten away with murder.


Some police departments are starting to put cameras on their officers uniforms. If Ferguson cops wore uniform cameras perhaps the evidence would be so clear, it would be impossible for people to be so divided on this case. Cop cams is definitely on the list of things that could be and should be done differently.

One of the great things about cop cams is they can stop cops from committing brutality and it can catch them when they are lying. It would be great if one of the things that came out of this case is a huge push for every cop in the United States to be outfitted with a uniform camera.

The great thing for the cops is it can exonerate them when individuals file false charges against them. I'm sure this is hard for some people to imagine, but that happens all the time.

Micheal Brown's Body In The Street


Many sources have said that Micheal Brown's body was left uncovered in the street for 8 hours. It seems to be an exaggeration and an extreme exaggeration, but police spokespersons have admitted to making mistakes in that area. According to the timeline in the New York Times, 10) Brown's body was picked up after 4 hours, and it was covered within 10 minutes. Somewhere in between, an orange partition that is mostly used for auto collision scenes, was put up to shield people (evidently from one side of the street) from being able to view his sheet draped body.

A Ferguson paramedic was on the scene within a few minutes and had covered his body with a sheet by 12:15, after confirming he had, indeed, expired. The sheet did not fully cover Brown's body. There should have been two used.

The event was called in at 12:07. The police Chef of Ferguson said he was 40 minutes away from the scene. En route, he called the chief of police for St. Louis county, officially giving them the case and investigation, since they are so much larger and better equipped to handle serious cases. The Ferguson chief said it was not long after he got the call when he called his counterpart in St. Louis County.

There is a time discrepancy here, because the county police chief said that as soon as he got the call from the Ferguson chief, he called the St. Louis county homicide detectives. Their logs indicate that call came in at 12:43, about 38 minutes after Brown was killed.

They say they were busy and other jobs and got there as soon they could, around 1:30, but the pathologist specialist arrived another hour later. If you ever watched the TV show, Dexter, you're aware of how the homicide detectives wait on the pathologist specialists before having the body picked up. (There is no mention, in said article, of why the pathologist didn't get there until 2:30. Perhaps s/he was on another case?)

Police departments from around the country have been interviewed by journalists regarding the average time it takes to remove a body from a scene. There is not set time, as it depends on many variables. Four hours did not seem to make any of the experts shake their head in wonder. It was not some kind of record, but it usually doesn't take so long.

Furthermore, when the medical transporters arrived, (a husband/wife team, contracted by the county), the police were requiring that all personnel wear bullet proof vests, because the crowd was being unruly, with people shouting threats and gunshots intermittent gunshots were heard. They police instructed the couple to get low in their seats and wait for vests. In the meantime, Brown's mother was appealing to the crowd to calm down so that they could feel safe enough to pick up his body.

Some people have said they believed that police deliberately took a long time so they could send a message to the citizenry that this is the kind of power the police have. Police sources have said that's an unfortunate and unintended message that some people may have perceived and they have learned a lesson from this.

The Police And The Protestors

We're not just asking what could have been done differently to prevent Michael Brown's death. There were plenty of subsequent and aftermath tragedies and problems. A lot of them revolved around the protestors and the police.

There seemed to be two kinds of protestors. Some were peaceful and others were criminals. The criminals thought nothing about looting, arson and shooting people. The problem is, the police were often found harassing the peaceful protestors with tear gas, flash bang grenade and rubber bullets. It was absolutely uncalled for to treat peaceful protestors exercising their rights, like that.

They drove armored vehicles with officers in full militarized riot gear sitting on top. They trained their lasers, from their “assault” type rifles, onto the bodies and faces of peaceful protestors to let them know, or have them fear, that they may be shot any second. That was absolutely inexcusable, as was the way they assaulted media and took down their equipment. 11)

Then when the show of force was absolutely needed, the night of the announcement of the grand jury decision, the police were not protecting businesses, as you might have expected. They seemed to be strangely absent in the type of numbers one would expect, lending credibility to the speculation that somebody want the rioting to happen. That's not even the half of it, though.

Who Gave The Order To Stand Down The National Guard?

Five days before the decision was announced, the governor of Missouri had declared a state of emergency, which then gave him the authority to call in the National Guard. They were waiting at the ready, but on the night of the announcement, they were nowhere to be seen.

This led to the Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder accusing the Governor, Jay Nixon to bowing to pressure from Attorney General Eric Holder and/or the President Obama to order the Guard to stand down. Nixon said that was the most ridiculous thing he ever heard of, but he has yet to answer exactly where the National Guard was, and why they were in the center of the action, guarding the very businesses that everyone knew were going to be attacked.

Nixon said that were, “other places,” like the outskirts of town. Is he really that incompetent? It stretches credulity to consider that the move to keep the Guard away from the action could have been done without nefarious intent.

This is definitely something that could have and should have been done differently. The fact that it wasn't, warrants a serious investigation. We need to know what happened and why.

Did Brown Really Move His Hand Inside His Waistband?

I have to say that I'm dubious on Wilson's testimony when he says that when Brown was charging at him, he reached into his waistband. That conveniently allows Wilson to be in the frame of mind that he's reaching for a gun, at which point, emptying his weapon into Brown can hardly be questioned, even by biased Monday morning quarterback cowards like me.

Yes, Brown was unarmed, but if Wilson was thinking he was reaching for a gun, grand jury members are going to be less likely to vote to indict him. While I don't know that Wilson was lying about that, let's just say, I wouldn't be surprised. 12)

It would be great if all cops had uniform cameras and sound devices that record what the officer is seeing and hearing. It would stop them from a lot of lying they do. Perhaps this is a newsflash for you, but cops are notorious for lying in their reports and for perjuring themselves in court. They usually get away with it. 13)

The Politicization Of Discontent

The two mainstream political parties tend to approach these kinds of situations from different perspectives, and neither of them are good. Republicans are in a state of denial when it comes to police treating black people worse than they treat white people. Whereas the Democratic organization see these events as recruiting opportunities. They organize protests in black neighborhoods so that black Americans will believe that the Democrats are watching their back.

There is something deeper going on here though. The elite cabal that has a supranational shadow government hellbent on world domination, is playing the people for chumps. They have Republicans oblivious to the realities of being black in America, and they have the Democrats instigating the seeds of discontent,

They use the media to play up events with racial overtones and thus create conditions that are conducive to protests that become riots. These people want things to get out of hand all over the country, so they can have an excuse to bring in the militarized police, and to keep enacting stricter gun control and not only prevent a lot of people from owning guns, but get to the point where they simply outlaw them.

The more they can instigate riots, the sooner they will accomplice their goal. Everyone is playing right into their hands. At the federal level, the leaders of the Republicans and Democrats know exactly what is going on.

They way you can tell neither of the parties has the best interest of the people in mind in general, and black people in particular, is because neither party is seriously calling for the decriminalization of drugs. I don't mean a few good people at the local level. I'm talking about from the top down.

Guess What?


Both parties, which are actually, in effect, two branches of the same ruling party, stand in complete solidarity against drug decriminalization. It is undeniable that African Americans are affected by the war on drugs many times more than white Americans. While everyone would benefit from this failed policy that has done nothing but put more people behind bars in the US than in China and India combined, blacks would benefit the most, since they are hurt the most by it.

While Democrats are actively seeking the agitation of the black community over police shootings as a way to get more power for their party, Republicans are in denial. They automatically side with the police when these stories come out and very few of them ever waver, even when the evidence indicates the cops are in the wrong.

They don't think that cops target and harass black people more than white people. They don't believe in systemic inequality. When it comes to that stuff, they are operate in a, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, mode.

I am not one of these people who can't fathom why a black person would be a Republican. There are many issues that Republicans talk a good talk on, like small government and stopping wasteful spending. They don't really seem to ever walk the talk, but the talk is good enough for me to understand why people would be attracted to the party, regardless of skin color.

What I can't fathom is when black Republicans say that they have never experienced racism from a police officer, even from an off duty cop working security in a store. There is no doubt that cops key on black people as shoplifters more than white people. There is no way an black adult American can truthfully say s/he has gone through her entire life and never noticed that s/he was ever different badly or disrespectfully due to skin color.

This issue of political party perspective could not have made a difference in the particular case of Wilson Brown, but if both parties would change their extremist ways, in time, it could help to create an environment conducive to reducing police shootings, as opposed to either being in denial that sometimes there is racism involved, or crassly looking at them as membership drives.

What About The Individual Level?

Of course, the problem of extremism isn't just systemic in government and political parties. We the people tend to filter everything though our biases and refuse to judge these events on a case by case basis. As a case in point, I have no doubt that if comments were allowed on this wiki, I would be shown massive hatred for say that the bottom line is Micheal Brown is at cause for his own death.

Yet, on the other hand, I would be also shown hatred for saying that the bottom line is that George Zimmerman is at cause for Trayvon Martin's death, even though Martin was on top of Zimmerman, bashes his head on the sidewalk.

Personal Responsibility

If we don't start taking personal responsibility for our lives, we are always going to feel like victims. Most people who agree with me about the Trayvon Martin case (that Zimmerman is at cause), can't understand why I am not calling for putting Officer Wilson on trial for the death of Michael Brown. Zimmerman was a private citizen. He had no duty to confront or follow Martin, and in fact, was told to stay in the car and wait for the police.

Most people who agree with me on the Brown case, can't understand why I put the onus of the Trayvon Martin's death on George Zimmerman. My reasoning, in each case, comes down to personal responsibility. It was Brown's responsibility to not strong arm rob a store and then walk down the middle of the street and refuse to get on the sidewalk, and push a cop back into his car, reach in and punch him and try to get his gun, and then come at the officer again. If Officer Brown had subdued Brown and was submitting him, having gotten him on his knees and turned around, and then summarily executed the young man out of revenge for talking shit to him 14) and trying to take his gun – then obviously Wilson should be tried and convicted, even though Michael Brown still would have ultimately been at cause for his own death, since Wilson would have never shot him if he didn't choose the actions he took that day.

There is no evidence that Wilson executed Brown. There is testimony that Brown's cohort, Johnson was lying when he said Brown raised his hands and said, don't shoot. Indeed Johnson said he saw Wilson shoot Brown in the back, and then later changed his testimony when he discovered the forensics disproved that.


The great irony to all this is, I have no doubt that the vast majority of protestors in the Michael Brown death would also have tried their best to shoot Brown if he were reaching into their car, going for their gun. 15) When it's not you who had your life in peril, it's really easy to criticize that excessive force was used. When it is you who has to go through that, you will have an entirely different perspective.

Wilson Wouldn't Change Anything

Darren Wilson has taken a lot of heat for saying he would not have done anything differently. I imagine that nothing he could have said wouldn't have brought heat. What if he said he would have tried to not shoot as many times, so that maybe Brown could be subdued rather than killed? Wouldn't that have been more incendiary a comment?

If it were me, and I have this benefit of hindsight, I might have said something to the effect of…

“I wish there were a way to have gotten through this with me alive and him alive. I'm rethinking my decision to forgo the use of a taser. I'm not sure I'd of chosen it in this case, since had has his upper body in the car and he was attacking me and the taser requires some space between myself and the assailant, I would have used the gun inside the car anyway. I don't know if I would have had the time when I got out of the car to apprehend him, to holster my gun and unholster my taser, or even if that is the weapon to use when someone is charging at you, since you have one shot only, but it's a question I'll keep asking myself. Could I have done anything to ensure that my life was saved and his life was saved too? Right now, all I can say is, I don't know. I really don't know.”


Of course, the other big thing that could have been done differently would not have saved Brown's life, because it would have been after the fact. The grand jury could have decided there was enough evidence of the potential of some kind of wrong doing to put Wilson on trial.

Some of the people who disagreed with the grand jury do not have an opinion on Wilson's guilt or innocence. They say there are not enough facts to know at the moment, and the reason they wanted him to stand trial was so that more evidence could be discovered.

Of course, if he went to trial for manslaughter, the protestors would up in arms that it wasn't for murder. If he went to trial and was found not guilty, the protestors would be irate as well. Even if he were to be found guilty of manslaughter, that probably would do next to nothing to satisfy the protestors.

They (and several members of the St. Louis Rams), seem to have accepted the false meme of, “Don't shoot, hands up,” started by the same guy who swore he saw Brown get shot in the back. It seems to me that the protestors don't want to be bothered with the facts, and that's too bad.


On the other hand, the evidence is overwhelming, that police brutality is out of hand. The police state in the United States is getting worse and worse. Black Americans bear the brunt of it disproportionately, despite the complete and utter state of cluelessness, in this area, of the vast majority of conservatives.

That said, the answer is not to make a good cop, the sacrificial lamb, for all the bad cops who have gotten away with murder.

Crime | Politics | Law Enforcement

It's not just a bias at the level of the media. It's an AGENDA. No matter how opposite you may think two networks may be, E.G., Fox and MS-NBC, they are in lock step on the globalist issues that take away national sovereignty. They refuse to look at and discuss the evidence of what really happened on 911 and many other important events in the United States. It's not because those who believe that the official story of 911 has massive holes are a small minority of extremists. Polls consistently are showing that most people believe the public has not been told the whole truth and much has been purposefully hidden. For Pete's sake, most of the 911 commissioners have go one record with similar and even stronger views and statements, yet no mainstream news outlet will broach the subject, except rarely, in instances where they try to discredit the notion of the need to have a true 911 investigation.
It really hit home to me how many black people are in solidarity on this point when I saw this video of obnoxious (and masked) Ferguson agitator/protestors getting in InfoWars reporter, Jakari Jackson's face, yelling at him, challenging him with questions and not letting him answer them, yelling over Jackson's words every time he tried to speak. They were imploring their right to commit crimes in protest to the grand jury decision, which Jackson repeatedly disagreed with. The most vocal among them told Jackson that the issue was that the cop got away with murder, and Jackson agreed, “Right,” he said. Later, the agitator/protestor asked Jackson, his opinion, as a black man, about the decision, and Jackson repeated his solidarity with the agitator on the guilt of Wilson. I was taken aback when Jackson didn't say something to the effect of, “What do you mean, my opinion as a black man? Does my skin color automatically mean that I have to agree with you because we have the same shade of skin?” I also was surprised to hear Jackson say Wilson got away with murder. With all the testimony and forensic evidence that corroborated so much of Wilson's testimony, I would have guessed that if he had any doubt of his innocence, Jackson would have expressed disappointment that the grand jury didn't let it go to trial, so that more information may be forthcoming – and so that the defense could put Wilson in the hot seat and ask him or his lawyers to explain any aspects of Wilson's testimony that they did not agree with. Despite all the black eyewitnesses whose testimony totally went against the testimony of Brown's friend, Dorian Johnson, and despite the forensic evidence that backed up most of Wilson's account – and the lack of forensic evidence that didn't contradict it – to say that Wilson got away with murder, frankly shocked me. In my opinion, Jackson is guilty of what so many people are doing in this case, and that is not looking at this case on this case merits. He knows the problem is so vast, he's filtering out evidence so he can pigeon hole this case in the broad category of police who got away with murder. Based on the evidence we have been presented with, I believe the only reasonable opposing stance to take at this point is to have wanted a trial to help discover the truth; to have Wilson face charges and defend himself to try to prove his innocence; to challenge him to take the stand (which he would not have to do) so that we could not just hear a relaxed, rehearsed account from him, but to have him face cross examination and have to face tough questions.
Here's a repulsive example of needless brutality in this video repulsive and disgusting. The two cops were fired, and I say, good riddance. On the other hand, I also say that they would not have been fired if I was the guy they were arresting. I would not have been the victim of broken legs and many other injuries, because I would have done my utmost to show them their job was going to be an easy one, with me. In fairness, I do have to say that I'm sure that there is a survival instinct that comes out in many people who are being abused that shuts down logic and turns down the sound of compliance orders. In me, my survival instinct turns up the sound of such orders, but not everybody is wired that way. This man, and Rodney King, and so many others, kept sustaining blows mainly because they were shielding themselves from blows, and also because they didn't show the ass kissing compliance cops demand. There is no excuse for cops to keep giving vicious blows because the person puts their hands up to try to shield herself or because they are not complying fast enough for them.
I can tell you that I once handled someone with pepper spray who was close to the size of Micheal Brown. He was trying to steal my friend's car in a parking lot. He got out and was mad as hell that I spray him, but he kept his distance, while taunting me to put the pepper down and fight him. He left when he realized I wasn't as dumb as he hoped I was. However, that's not to say if I were in Officer's Wilson place, I wouldn't have stayed with my gun as my weapon of choice, once he started hitting me and trying to get my gun from me.
They said they were simply helping the media. Hey, thanks for the tear gas, guys!
Who knows? Maybe like Michael Jordan, sticking his tongue out like Miley Cyrus does these days, when he would go for a dunk, Brown just unconsciously adjusts his junk when he's charging cops in life and death battles.
I often say I am both conservative and liberal. Other times I say that I'm neither conservative or liberal. I'm all over the place. I don't have a scorecard that tells me what my views are supposed to be. So I listen to conservatives talk shows and find myself agreeing with a lot of what they have to say… And at the same time, I find myself thinking, “What a total load of crap the host just said.” One area I find so much crap is when it comes to denying that there is a problem with how cops treat people they feel like treating badly, and how blacks get treated worse than whites. Conservatives, almost to a person, are in total denial. Those people have NO IDEA how often cops lie, because they don't want to believe it, so they filter it out. Defense attorneys, however, know how dishonest cops can be, because they deal with it every day. It so ironic the way conservatives love to bash defense attorneys and consider them all liars, (of which a ton of them are, no doubt), while they believe almost no cops ever lie on the job. They are so out to lunch, it's rather embarrassing. So also don't want to believe how common it is for the government to railroad people and have them arrested and get them convicted for things they didn't do. Often times, it's only because of good defense attorneys that these innocent people don't go to prison. Conservative want to believe that all cops are good and defense attorneys are bad, but if they ever get railroaded, they'll begin to see things more realistically. Again, it simply shows how we all have our biases. Did you see that video showing a woman walking down sidewalks and getting catcalls? They vary from degrading to downright threatening (especially when the catcallers get offended that she won't respond to their questions, like, “Hey baby, how you doin'?”) Well, Rush Limbaugh's view was that almost all of the catcalls were compliments that should have flattered the woman. How can you even have a conversation with a person on that topic whose perception is so filtered? When a man calls a woman who is walking by him, that he's never seen before, “Baby,” it's a lack of respect. When he says, “Hey Baby, you're so beautiful,” it's not a compliment. He's not saying it to make her feel good about herself. He means, “Hey Baby, I'd love to slide my hard cock between those titties until I cum all over your face.” Yeah Rush, that's SUCH a compliment. And then some of them go off into, “What? You won't talk to me? So that how you are, huh?” It's eerily reminiscent of Glenn Close's psycho character talking to Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction, “I will not be IGNORED!” When you factor into the equation how common it is for women to be sexually assaulted, often in horrific nightmare fashion, how in the world can anybody really believe that aggressive catcalling, or even non aggressively doing it, is any kind of compliment? To get this back on topic, the point is, the mind frame of a person like Limbaugh who sees that video and thinks the woman was being complimented, is the same mind frame of a person who doesn't believe there is a huge police problem in general, that is much even worse for black people than white people. The problem with so many people whose mind frame allows them to see that reality, is they assume that every time a cop kills in the line of duty, it's murder and it's never defending their lives. The Ferguson protests, whether the protesters know it or not, are merely about the Wilson-Brown case. It's about the long sordid history of cops getting away with murder. If the protesters could open their minds, they would be able to see the Brown is at cause in his own death to the same extent the George Zimmerman is at cause in the death of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman shot Martin because he was getting the shit kicked out of him. The fact that Zimmerman had a gun, made Zimmerman fear for his life, because if Martin were to find it, he couldn't be sure than Martin wouldn't have used it to kill him. After all, he was already kicking the living crap out of him. However, Zimmerman created that situation by making a subjective judgement that a guy in a hoodie is suspicious, and by following him, instead of following the dispatcher's advice to wait for the cops so he could point Martin out to the cops and they could see what was up. If Zimmerman wasn't so gung ho, making bad choices, which caused Martin to fear for his own safety, as evidenced from the testimony from the female friend he was talking to on the phone, who inadvertently probably made things worse when she joked to Martin that maybe the person following him was going to rape him, Martin would be alive today. Zimmerman was at cause in the Trayvon Martin death, just as Michael Brown was at cause in the Micheal Brown death. It's called personal responsibility and accountability for your choices and your actions.
“You're not going to shoot me. You're too much of a pussy.””
On second thought, I think the street wise people would have shot Brown, and most of the out of their element liberals would have had their gun taken away and been shot by Brown.

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