Apricot pits as an alternative cancer treatment

Most patients diagnosed with cancer will choose a conventional therapy to treat the disease. Conventional medicine will offer a few choices, like chemotherapy, radiation or surgery if the cancer is localized. All doctors will advise them to stick with the science as the best solution. That is not the best solution, however or the safest one. No doctor can guarantee 100% that the cancer can be cured with either of these treatments. They can only guarantee that the patient will suffer from side effects during the medical conduct. According to the National Center for Health Statistics and American Cancer Society, 70% of all men and 53% of all women at some point of their life might develop cancerous cells. Not always one cancerous cell will kill the patient. Every living being starts as a single cell. After some time, that cell divides into two cells, after a while into 4 cells, then 8 and until we reach trillions of them. Cells work as a network, where each communicates with the other, exchanging biochemical information. Sometimes one of those trillion cells might get broken. Usually, when the body is healthy, the cells nearby signal other cells and they fix the problem with their damaged neighbor. Other times, the neighboring cells are strong and they don’t let the damaged cell disturb their state. The damaged cell then dies without causing additional harm to its immediate environment. And of course, there are times when one cancerous cell will have the opportunity to spread throughout the entire body, maybe upsetting every organ until the body loses its power.


According to the medical society, poor nutritional diets, hazardous lifestyles, genes and environmental factors are the main cause of most cancers. Physicians, medical researchers and scientists tried to find a medicine that will cure cancer. So long, the only recognized medical evidence about the effectiveness of the treatments they’ve discovered are connected to chemotherapy and radiation. Otto Warburg, born in the 19th century published his discoveries under a title “The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer” in 1966. He won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1931, for his discovery about the “nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme” and was nominated for a Nobel Prize three times. The enzymes he observed during his study are called respiratory enzymes because they virtually help the cell breathe. From a biochemical point of view, their work is responsible for the growth of cancer cells and the transformation of healthy cells into cancerous cells. His work was evidence that cancer prevention and its treatment should evolve around feeding the body respiratory enzymes, B vitamins and iron. However, the work of the pioneer in biochemical methodology known as Otto Warburg, remained a hypothesis. Mainly because other doctors after him, thought that synthetic drugs are more effective than natural resources. Not to be offensive, radiation and chemotherapy cured many cancer patients up until now. But they also killed as many. So what happens to the body under the harsh effects of radiation and chemo drugs? Cancerous cells multiply even faster than hair cells and three times more faster than a normal liver cell, for example. When a patient is under radiation or chemotherapy, the treatment affects healthy cells as well as cancerous cells. Cancerous cells are a lot stronger and harder to shrink than healthy cells.

If the patient is diagnosed with tumorous growth and is possible for the cancer to be localized, then surgery followed by radiation may save the cancer from growing or spreading. Radiation will target the cells where the lump is found but also the healthy cells nearby. That means that if a lung tumor was diagnosed, all heart cells and lung cells will start to shred their DNA. Chemotherapy is even more invasive. The drugs taken during this treatment are transferred through the blood flow and they affect every cell in the body, healthy and diseased. These types of therapies might seem like a good choice when presented by a conventional doctor. They will tell you that, the faster the cancerous cells are impaired the faster the body will bounce back to its initial state. But the conventional treatments will stop the division of healthy cells as well as damaged ones and the body will be left with weak cells that aren’t strong enough to fight against any disease. The work of Otto Warburg and researchers like him was suppressed by the mainstream medicine for a very long time. Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars every year and chemotherapy is not easily powered down. Dr. Warburg dedicated his life to cure cancer and nowadays, every paper he ever published can be found, analyzed and taken into consideration. Researchers after him doubted conventional cancer treatments too, so now we have more than proof that this disease is treatable with healthier alternative methods.

Apricot pits as an alternative cancer treatment

There are many alternative treatments for cancer used all around the world, but we’ll start with apricot pits as the most radical choice. Jason Vale is a former cancer patient who was imprisoned for holding lectures and telling people he cured himself with eating the kernels of apricots. The Hunzas are a primitive Pakistani tribe, known to eat apricot pit kernels every day. The prevalence of cancer in their tribe is down to zero. No one ever died of cancer in their community and they are known to have very long and healthy life spans. The reason why you may never heard of this natural remedy is because of the substance called laetrile. Laetrile can’t be developed in a medical lab and no drug company can patent it and make money out of it. The body can obtain this substance only through certain foods. If you need some sort of validation that apricot kernels can kill cancerous cells, here’s how scientists explain the magical components found in this seed. Dr. Ernst Krebb examined healthy and cancerous cells in 1950s. He found out that cancer cells are missing important enzymes that feed the cell with oxygen and keep the pH balance in normal. These enzymes are found in huge amounts in apricot pits as well as other almond seeds. They are called vitamins B17 and have no harmful effects on the human health. To be specific, the semi synthetic part of the Amagdylin structure, called laetrile is the compound that kills the cancerous cells. Dr. Krebb did a lot of research to prove his discovery, he even injected laetrile in himself, to prove that this substance is not lethal. The reason why this natural remedy isn’t approved by the FDA is because Amagdylin is made of four chemical substances, two of which are toxic. You have never heard however, that someone died from eating almonds or apricot kernels. That is because the benzaldyhide and cyanide found in Amagdylin are lethal only as pure, isolated molecules. When they are bonded with other molecules, they are locked and they can't be released to cause harm to the body. In every human cell there is an enzyme who’s only job is to catch the free cyanide particles and melt them down by merging them with sulfur molecules. When this chemical reaction takes place, the deadly cyanide is transformed into cyanate. Cyanate is neutral and harmless substance that is released out of the body with urinating. Cancer cells have another enzyme that is exclusive only to them. It is called beta-glucosidase. When the beta-glucosidase from the cancerous cell comes in contact with amagdylin molecules, the cyanide and benzaldyhide are unlocked. This process causes a poisonous environment for the cancer cells and they expire naturally. And what’s more important, these toxic molecules leave other cells in the body intact and healthy.

During chemotherapy and radiation, the treatment dissolves the damaged cells, but through the blood, small fragments may appear elsewhere in a couple of years. That is why most cancer patients are under high risk of developing the disease again in the future. Other information that will make you change your beliefs and take away the trust you put in conventional medicine is the FDA’s LD 50 standard. When a drug is tested, usually on animals, they have to pass the LD 50 standard. The LD is short for lethal dose and the number 50, stands for 50% of the animals that survived the test. Logically comprehended, every drug approved by the FDA, has a 50/50 chance of killing you or curing you. The FDA banned the use of laetrile and declared it as toxic. On the other hand, Dr. John Richardson has used this enzyme to cure his cancer patients successfully during the 1970s. All his medical documentation was concealed by the cancer foundation known as Sloane-Kettering. Today, there are herbalists and ethical doctors who can provide laetrile treatment for cancer patients. Too much apricots seeds can make you nauseated and dizzy, but no doctor reported death by laetrile yet. It is not recommended to take the treatment yourself, because cancer is a vicious disease after all, and it needs to be monitored by a doctor. Most holistic doctors use apricot pits as part of the cancer treatment, together with other nutritional strategies. You can find interviews with one of those doctors online. His name is G. E. Griffin and he have cured many cancer patients with this alternative treatment.

Other Alternative Cancer Treatments

The biologist Otto Heinrich Warburg, we’ve mentioned before was terrified of cancer. He was known to eat only margarine and bread in the last years of his life, because he was committed to his discoveries. He learned that if you leave a healthy cell without oxygen for 48 hours, it can become cancerous. The body receives this element through the lungs, but even if you live in the country where there’s plenty of oxygen, your body cells might be missing this important component. Many cancer important discoveries have been made since Dr. Warburg said we should eat oxygen enriching foods. The Amagdylin compound has been found in 1200 different vegetables, fruits and other foods. And it’s not the only cancer preventing compound known to the modern medicine. A practiced holistic doctor can make you a list of foods that may reverse the process of cancer cell division.

Fats are usually bad for the blood and overall health, but not essential fatty acids. These types of fats are called essential because they are necessary for the body. The body can’t produce them itself, so they must be taken through food. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are the fatty acids the body needs most when there is a cancer treatment involved. These fatty acids stimulate the oxygen receptivity in the cells, bringing their pH balance back to normal. Vegetable oils are the richest source of these essentials as well as margarine. If you want a holistic approach to wellness, your doctor will recommend pumpkin oil, olive oil, canola oil, corn oil and sesame oil to be part of your daily intake. Sunflower oil is also a good source of Omega-6, so if you want to continue using this oil in your cooking, you will have to find another Omega-3 rich food. Using flax seed oil is one way to supply our body with this essential oil. This alternative oil treatment, combined with low fat organic cottage cheese, is called the Budwig Protocol. Your doctor can explain this protocol better and demonstrate what a cancer diet actually is. Excellent power in curing cancer holds the powder known as cellist. It was developed by the biochemist Fred Eichorn and he cured himself of pancreas cancer with his own discovery. You can order the powder online, but if you choose this alternative treatment make sure you consult the dosage with a doctor. The doses are being calculated according to the patient's weight. They should be smaller at the beginning and higher as the treatment reaches the end. If you choose to cure the disease with alternative treatments, you can find a holistic expert to recommend the best approach for your cancer, its stage and progress.

The Soothing Effects of the Therapeutic Touch

All Holistic methods and whole medical systems are called complementary and alternative medicine. If you or someone you know is diagnosed with cancer, tumor or other tissue destructive disease, there are holistic therapies that have proved to be effective, healing and safe. Acupuncture is one complementary treatment that includes unblocking the pathways of the nervous system so that the body can start healing itself. Our cells are all made out of molecules, which observed under a microscope are pure energy. That energy is transmitted from one cell to another and from one human being to another. The same energy is found everywhere around us and in the universe. Holistic practitioners have found a way to use that energy for treating many diseases, including some tumor growths and cancers. This holistic branch is called Reiki healing. Cancerous cells are the cells that are loosing oxygen and oxygen equals energy. So without energy the body looses power. The Reiki therapist is proficient in guiding or channeling the universal energy on physical bodies. He uses light touch together with ancient symbols to direct the healing energy all over the body. Just like Jesus cured people in need, this practitioner can help you lessen the pain. This type of treatment is usually complementary to other types of healing or used as method for faster recovery. The relationship the Reiki expert and the client have is vital for this alternative treatment. The practitioner will tell the patient what the intention of the session is, what to focus on and guide his thoughts for best end results. It’s crucial for the patient to overcome the feelings of fear, confusion and powerlessness and the Reiki teacher will help the client to understand the idea of the body, mind and spirit healing themselves.

Factual evidence of Reiki healers curing cancer hasn’t been documented, but after a few sessions, patients reported they were feeling balanced, comfortable and stronger than before. This treatment is best and most effective for patients already under chemotherapy. Reiki balances the chakras, induces calmness and peacefulness, terminates pain and increases the relaxation levels. After hearing devastating news like a cancer diagnosis, Reiki sessions will most likely help the patient lower his stress levels, as stress is the last thing the body needs when it’s fighting a disease. There are couple of Reiki procedures you can perform on yourself, like visualizing techniques, guided meditations and etc. Every doctor, conventional or holistic will tell you that the worst thing when you try to heal yourself is to focus on the disease. In the universe everything works according to the law of attraction. The type of energy you focus on, the things you feel and thoughts you send out will eventually come back. Whichever treatment option you chose, has its benefits and people before you have been cured in the same way. Don’t focus on the end results because your mind is already under pressure and might easily wander off in the wrong direction. Instead, do everything you can to make yourself feel good, keep yourself occupied and give yourself treats whenever you can.


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