Apple Magic Trackpad

Multi-Touch Magic Trackpad

s2.hubimg.com_u_3516755_f260.jpg An innovative multi-touch interface for desktop computing is now available, thanks to the Apple Magic Trackpad. This all new device, released in late July 2010, allows you to control your mouse and computer using your fingers and brings all of the swiping, pinching and scrolling that Apple MacBook, iPhone and Ipad users are already used to.

No Longer Just For MacBook Users

The Magic Trackpad is a substitue for your mouse and fits perfectly next to an Apple keyboard. They have even designed it to be exactly the same height and angle as the normal Apple keyboard, so it will look and feel right at home. Made from a wear resistant glass surface and an aluminum case, the wireless pad will allow you to control your Mac via Bluetooth from up to 33 feet away.

Batteries And Bluetooth

People who already own one of the new MacBook laptops will be used to the large glass, single button trackpad that they now have. This larger trackpad now brings all of the same functionality to any Macintosh desktop computer. It connects to the Mac using Bluetooth and runs on 2 AA batteries. It will also turn itself off when it is not being used, which will help too.

Versatile Controls

s2.hubimg.com_u_3516787_f248.jpg You can now pinch photos to zoom in and out, or whizz in and out of maps on Google Maps. You can swipe left and right to move through pages or options and drag your finger up and down to move through a document. There are also many special inputs you can use, such as swiping with 3 fingers, tapping with 2 fingers or using both hands for optimal control. All of these settings can be changed in the System Preferences panel too.

See The Magic Trackpad In Action

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