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Angry Birds Go! is the newest addition to Rovio’s slew of animal-based titles. The game is entirely based on the free-to-play model, meaning that it is listed as being free in the Apple App Store but further charges may be necessary for full advancement through the game. The free-to-play model is new to the Angry Birds series as past titles have ranged anywhere from $0.99-$2.99 USD. The game was released on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 with compatibility for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry 10.

Rovio has recently released characters and cars to accompany the release of their new title. A unique code may be held up to the camera on the device being used to play Angry Birds Go! and the item will instantly be available for use within the game.


Being a racing-based game, Angry Birds Go! is the first of its kind produced by Rovio. The new style of gameplay is in its early stages for the company so many changes are bound to take place over the few months following the game’s release.


As with most titles in the Angry Birds series, the game is a quick and easy ‘pick up and play’ game. Each track typically takes no longer than one to two minutes to complete. With few turns and a maximum of eight racers in each run, the downhill races are very straightforward. On occasion, when a player races on a particular track enough times to get to the next level of that track, shortcuts that have been previously blocked off will open up for use.


Being a free-to-play game, Angry Birds Go! focuses part of its resources on being a time-sensitive game. After each event, the character in use loses an energy dot. Once a character reaches the point where it has no more energy dots, it will be retired to the tree on the main menu and the player will be required to select a different character to race with until the other character has regained energy. The character can also be automatically recharged by using gems (an in-game currency that can be purchased).


After completing an event, the players score is tallied and placed into an algorithm to determine how many points he/she scored. The typical three star scoring system as seen in all other Angry Birds titles is still carried over into this iteration. The final score is placed on a leaderboard and translated into coins that can be used to buy upgrades to vehicles. Furthermore, if the player wins a boss race, gems will also be distributed in addition to the regular coin amount. Gems can be used for extra power-ups and various other things within the game.

Unlike other titles from Rovio, the menu system setup in Angry Birds Go! is extremely confusing and disorganized. From the main screen, options are given to travel up, right, or downwards. Unfortunately, the buttons are different sizes, shapes, and colors, breaking any uniformity that the main menu could have achieved.

Character Selection Tree

The up arrow leads to a tree where different characters can be selected for racing. Each character has a power-up (ie. the red bird has a boost power-up and the pink bird has a bubble/floating power-up) and can rest in the tree while not in use. After five races, the character in use will be tired out and must be swapped with another character that has been unlocked. As more characters are unlocked, the player will be able to ascend the tree even more to view the new characters.

Car Selection Cave

The down arrow leads underground to a cave where different vehicles can be selected for racing. Each vehicle has different qualities that will give it advantages over the other vehicles in races. The three available vehicles when first starting the game are the Semi-Skimmer L1, the Music Maker L1, and the Tape Deck L1. After leveling up all stats on a vehicle, the next level of that vehicle will automatically be supplied (ie. Semi-Skimmer L1 to Semi-Skimmer L2).

Race Selection Board

The right arrow leads to a set of planks where different races, tracks, and types of events can be selected. On each set of planks, a regular race, a time trial, a fruit splat race, 1v1 versus mode, and a boss race can be selected. Each set of planks has a different boss and is centered on a different track.

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