And It Begins...

Author's note: This is the first blog post in my new blog which will recount my various adventures in the world of alternate economic means of exchange. Blog entries will be reproduced here in part as a way to draw attention to the Devtome. Future posts will be added to the Devtome as they are written, and appropriate links created so that a Devtome reader could follow my story as it is written just as easily as if he or she were reading the blog.

It had been quite some time since I'd last seen one of my good friends, the proprietor of a local honey and bee products store. We'd both worked together off and on for the past several years exploring alternatives to fiat currency.

On that fateful day, he just happened to mention Bitcoins. All he said about it was that people generated them using computing power. I'd come across the word “Bitcoin” several times before but don't remember how or where. This time I was intrigued and looked it up when I got home.

That was just several months ago. Now I'm a proud owner of some Bitcoin. OK, not an entire Bitcoin. I'm a member of the Bitcoin Forum. I know about things like ASIC mining (more on that later). I know where I can get tiny fractions of Bitcoins for free and where I can earn slightly larger fractions. I know that there is a whole boatload of places where I can spend them (and they are not all gambling sites!). At this time I'm just starting to dabble into Bitcoin and Devcoin stocks.

And I'm about to earn a bunch of Devcoins just for writing articles such as this one.

How did it all happen? Well, that is the story that will unfold here. I'm not going to write it out chronologically, but more by topic. Where is it all going? The possibilities are wide open. That's the truly exciting part.

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