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With all the hoopla surrounding the issues of immigration reform as of late, I've decided to conduct an in depth investigation into the matter. In order to become more educated and well-spoken on the matter, I concluded that I should start by talking to an actual immigrant. On TV, pinions are always a plastic teleprompter away from reality and commercial breaks are as far as you’ll get to the truth these days on the big three networks. You ask a mechanic about your car oil, you talk to a software engineer about writing a program, so then why listen to a mostly biased TV reporter, reading a previously frozen script someone else wrote it, that someone else spoon fed them? You want to find out about immigration issues you interview and actual immigrant and ask them to explain to you why they came to this country. Was it freedom, opportunity, education, fear, boredom, was it the music, the food, the big cars? What was it about America that made them leave their home country and settle into a foreign nation, a foreign culture all together? The majority of people I meet have never moved out of state!

That said and done, that’s just what I did. And by the way, the chances are very good to bump into an emigrant, pretty much everywhere you go in this country. So I made it three feet and spotted myself in the mirror and decided I was a pretty good immigrant. And then I elected myself for a self-interview. You can call it, a sort of an auto biographical interview.

Why did I came to this country?

Why I came to this country is a question that starts out simple and gets very complex and complicated in the end. This is not a yes or no, or one sentence answer type question.

What were the factors that led me to belief that I should leave my national country, a country with a written and documented history of over ten millennia, a country rich in culture and natural beauty, a land my ancestors fought over for thousands of years? A place where all my ancestors are resting, a place I used to be a part of, heart and soul.

What could have determined me to leave an entire life, friends, family, the place I was born, its language its customs, the lakes, the rivers, the sea and snow-capped mountains, and leaving it with a handbag stuffed with a remnant of happenings, a cluster of memories, bound together, in two square feet of nylon cloth and leather.

What could have determined such a radical departure, a revolutionary and evolutionary rapture with one’s own history and identity? Was it fear, was it opportunity, was it freedom?

I believe that there is no stronger motivator for one’s own destiny, than the desire for liberty, justice and freedom. No negative emotions such as fear, can determine a person to leave everything behind them and move to a far away land where their entire social status reboots at level zero. No language skills, no job, no money, no credit, no home, no friends no family, no nothing, but wait, there is something after all. The hope and dreams! The ability to build an alternate universe into your mind and then go about it, constructing it out of dreamweave, inch by inch, pound by pound, misery and rejection, building a dream one day at a time. Empty pockets, heart full of hope.

Pockets may be empty of material matters, even better, more room for the ethereal; They are full of hope, an idea that fills your heart and mind, always the exact change you need, the strongest currency that exists, the burning hot, dream of self determination, the freedom of thought and action, the self realization and completion of life’s quest, the very nature of man’s journey through life, to conquer!

That my friends, is what made me an immigrant, made me leave there, and come here! The belief in an idea, the pinnacle of man’s hope and aspirations, the ideals that made America great, the idea that once on these blessed shores, we shall be free to pursue and even encouraged to seek out a life of liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom, freedom of mind, body and spirit, of belief and of self-expression. Freedom is a kingdom who’s walls are made of sacrifice. It takes much to achieve and is never free. We don’t quite know what it is and how it should be handled but we all believe in it, at least individual freedom from tyranny. There are those who seek to impose their freedom on others and that’s where it gets complicated. Freedom is for the just, the courageous and the truthful. Freedom needs a declaration and a constitution, and The United States of America have obtained such a status.

Respected throughout the world, as well disrespected by tyrants and despots, I believe the ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence for these United States, to be self-evident, and unalienable rights, endowed to us by our Creator. A nation respecting these principles can never fall. However, while clear and simple to conceptualize, these ideals will only exist as the standard of a nation for a finite time, so-long as they are derived from a solid foundation, the most strongest and well respected source, an identity that exists as an authoritative and immutable order, a Divine source, that of The Sovereign Creator of the Universe.

If I were to single out one paragraph from the Declaration of Independence 1), that idea would be that all men are created equal, that they have certain unalienable rights, endowed an empowered with, by their Creator, the Omnipotent Creator of the Universe. This one single idea alone, can and will move mountains, and nations, and minds and hearts. This idea is exactly what determined me to immigrate here, to The United States of America and become a citizen of this country. Another famous immigrant in our family chose this same great nation. He however, took a much different route. Coming by steam ship in the early 1900’s, my great grand father’s name can be found in the Ellis Island register 2) still housing millions of hopeful immigrant names. He chose America for the same reason, the freedom of thought and act.

He also desired the same ideals and saw America as a vehicle for accomplishing his dream. He was quite prosperous in the short time that he spent here. Family records show that he built up a small business for himself and became quite successful. It was the roaring 20’s and America was roaring! Something he could never do in the war ravaged economy of Eastern Europe at the time. Unfortunately it was not meant to last since the voyage over the seas in those days was quite perilous and long by steam ship. My great grandmother and five young girls back home were quite disagreeable on making the trans-oceanic voyage and stubbornly remained in Europe.

Perhaps the Titanic 3) had just run into, or better said, the iceberg had just run into the side of it and large trans-Atlantic ships were seen as death traps. I don’t know but I understand, one can only imagine the panic felt by the ocean liner going crowd at such horrific news that’s the best ship in the world at the time, deemed unsinkable, sank. Ever get that sinking feeling? I bet that’s where the expression comes from.

Sailing on, the story goes that he returned home to Europe, homesick and missing his wife and children, gave up on returning to America and stayed in Europe, had more children and so on and so forth.

Fast forward three generations, and two world wars, the hope of America was now seriously fading away, as the soviet Russian communist puppet regime set up by Stalin himself outlawed emigration and made it a serious crime to even consider leaving one’s own ton! As the soviets rolled in, (literally rolled on tank tracks) red and proud, it became unpatriotic. Even mentioning feelings of sympathy for The United States of America could get you a fast one way ticket to the Siberian Resorts (The Gulags 4), prison labor/starvation diet camps, except nobody was camping, just dying, they should really rather be called death farms, since that’s much more accurate. The only real purpose of a Soviet reeducation facility, or labor camp as they kindly called it, is the large-scale development, manufacturing and engineering of death).

The idea of moving was shunned so severally that even trying to move from your home town, the town of your birth, to a different town, became illegal and highly enforced. A citizen had to obtain a passport in order to enter a different city located in the same country. Let’s just say you had to pull a few strings, shall we call them party strings, and I am not talking about a real party where people shoot strings out of cans and scream happy holidays!! I am clearly talking about the Communist Party.

The iron curtain, properly called so, (more like the barb wire and mines, hungry people eater German shepherds and AK-47 armed guards patrolling their own citizens 24/7), was drawn over Eastern Europe as soon as Churchill and Wilson gave Stalin back his napkin with an ink pen outline 5) showing which countries he wanted for dinner. Soon after that, the dreams of liberty and apple pie, became enclosed in reinforced concrete, and stomped on madly, by the man of steal’s communist boots.

But all was not lost in vain. The experience with totalitarian communism and thought police, did teach the younger generations the difference between good and evil, the difference between a centralized, dictatorial and tyrannical form of government compared with the freedom experiment, otherwise known as “the West”. It made them understand the greater truth, which under torture and gun fire stood its ground. That the system they were living in now was the complete opposite of the west, as far as east can get, pure socialist communism. It made them realize how bad things could really get in the short absence of freedom and liberty, the absence of reason and rationality, of freedom of thought and action.

The Communist infection created antibodies. People which loved freedom and morality more than bread and money. People that could not be compromised and sold. People who would rather go to their painful death than sell out their fellow man, sell out the truth. The world, the host if you will adapted and survived the Communist infection. Communism won the battle but lost the war with the West.

The annihilation of the individual self and its replacement with the collective could not be victorious. The good of the many at the expense of the individual was not a fair market value exchange rate and as soon as the tanks left the marketplace, nobody shopped there anymore, because you can’t force people to buy umbrellas on a sunny day, or grow corn when they have been growing grapes for 500 years. So basically as soon as the Soviet tanks ran out of diesel, the fake news in the papers and on TV ran out of ink and sponsors. Communism basically self-imploded into extinction because it was built on lies. Just like a virus, when it ran out of people to exploit and steal from, countries to rape and pillage, minds to destroy and annihilate, it turned over and died.

What communism represented at its zenith was a pathogenic mutagenic infection 6), drunk with power achieved through the product of murder factories, a destroyer of worlds. A thief of the human soul, his mind, body and spirit. The darkest hour of humanity. It left behind hundreds of millions of unnamed and unmarked graves, broken families, orphaned children, devastated cities, countries and entire continents, a trail of tears, sea of blood and corpses. I could go on and on here but that’s beyond the scope of this short article.

Forty years we’ll never get back, fast forward to the roaring capital nineties. The society is a lot different now, however, still desperate for power, not to use the phrase “a lot different” because perhaps the people running the show now, from the comfortable top echelon of society, these people are not so different after all. They do have some similarities in common however.

The desperate craving for more control and more power, always more at the expense and downfall of the many. In my opinion, society shouldn't be a ladder, it should be a freeway. Instead of climbing over one another to get to the top, we should be cruising along, politely signaling your intentions, having people changing your oil, a spare tire, etc. People helping each other to get there by getting along. Civilization should be a road not a wilderness or a prison. Cooperating economically through the free flow of capital and ideas. Now just because someone has an RV or a motorcycle doesn't make them an enemy of the people, it makes them more or less successful, and that’s all right. That’s what civilization is about. A bunch of different individuals building humanity together, for the common good achieved through individual ideals of all its members. Building castles to the sky, in the end, we are only limited by our imagination.

The freeway, the actual road in this little illustration is the state structure, the apparatus if you will. It simply serves to allow the uninhibited transportation or flow of goods and services. It is a bridge builder, employing architects and civil engineers. It provides traffic signs, on ramps, off-ramps, sidewalks and fences. Lights for driving at night and overflow flood canals. It however should always build to the consensus of those driving on the freeway. And yes, the state should have the power to regulate drunk drivers and as well have the eminent domain jurisdiction. For example, if a city of one million depends on a bridge across the river for the betterment of the majority of all its constituents, it should have the ability to forfeit the adjacent properties it is forced to in order to complete the expansion of said bridge.

For the sake of this illustration, the state should never pull you over and ticket you if you drive too fast, rather it should build a bigger road. Or raise the spending limit, or speeding limit in our example. Driving fast and avoiding crashes is the equivalent of a highly successful business that has adapted and thrived, becoming the new red sports car of the market. In a fair and balanced society, the said success story would be given bonuses and the ability to conduct a prosperous enterprise. The ideal state would reward success and punish larceny and corruption at all levels. From my reference point that’s how I see it. The West, the East and the in between, my opinion on what the state should be doing and not doing.

After the iron curtain self-imploded and Eastern Europe became democratic and capitalist, I still left. I left because the changes were cosmetic. Underneath the new names on the new cabinet posts, underneath it all, the new leaders were all connected to the old party aristocracy and given the chance provided by the void and chaos, divided the spoils of the old economic order between themselves and their progeny.

These ‘new’ eastern European economic and political leaders have taken the soft glove “Corruptocracy” approach 7). They are not breaking your finger nails with hammers or telling you what to think or where to go at gunpoint, they simply sell it to you on TV and in the newspapers and in the marketplace. Then they penalize you with taxes and corrupt laws, rules and regulations. The new pseudo-capitalism, implemented in a society suffering of sever amnesia, after a 45 year long communist coma, has completely misunderstood western market type capitalism. The previous 40 years have ingrained in the citizenry that lying and cheating and stealing are good for you and viable techniques to get ahead of the curve, stomping long and hard on whomever gets in the way. An emotional paralysis that has frozen the public intellect, turning it into a wild monster that feeds on fear, hate, jealousy ad greed. Unaware that it’s cannibalizing its own children’s future, these fake democracy experiments are the reason why I chose to emigrate, to leave and never looks back.

Why stay, life isn't built on memories of the past and unfulfilled wants and desires. Life is built on hope and faith, the present and the future. Life is experienced and constructed carefully, day after day, generation after generation, brick by brick and founded on truth and justice.

Moral of the story, you can’t build safe and efficient freeways with old stolen crumbling bricks and communist ghosts hunting your roadways, you’ll scare the foreign drivers trying to pour capital into your nation state. Instead you’ll get the mafias, the lowest of the low, the flip-em and grill-em, the turn and run.

And that’s what we got now. The wheeling and dealing mega corporations that will poisoned our rivers and lakes, deforested our mountains and prostituted your young and feeble. A fire sale of an economy, a dismembered conscience of a once proud and viable healthy state. The child that communism fathered, a soulless creature, an empty shell devoid of compassion and understanding, an unstable one lane rotten roadway leading on a downhill slope to nowhere. I hope I've made it somewhat clear why I left.

And this is why I came here, as far west as it gets on a map, farther still and I’d be in Japan, but that’s considered the East and it gets confusing because we live on a rotating sphere so East actually becomes West if you keep going. I came the United States of America! I came because my soul was tired, it was earning, it was thirsty and hungry. My soul longed and searched for liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness!

This nation was founded on these equitable and cherished principles and these ideas have stood the test of time. This nation showed the world that it could be done. It showed what a new nation, a nation founded on the truth, can and will accomplish in a relative short period of time, so long as their focus does not waver from the righteous and faithful pursuit of a righteous, common set of ideals.

Truth does not dwell where there is chaos and confusion, it does not lie where there is corruption of mind, body and soul. As a matter of fact, truth didn't originate with man, neither does it come from this time and space. The truth I believe in, lies at the source, the spring-well of knowledge, the tree of life. The truth that sets you free, the Alfa and the Omega, the One and only, the Light of the world, the Creator Architect and builder of the seen and unseen universe, the maker of heaven and earth, the way the life and the truth, the Almighty God 8).

And no I am not referring to the multitude of little gods that people of various cultures and nationalities have fashioned from wood and stone and metals. I am not talking about the Hindu god, not the Native American god, not Buddha and not Allah.

I am talking about the God of the Hebrew Torah, or the Holy Bible, that is the God our nation’s fathers talked about and often quoted. They structured the Constitutional frame-work upon the very precepts found in the Holy Bible. As Lincoln once said, “those principles are what founded this great nation and have guided her all along.” The United States of America has been founded upon the Ten Commandments9) found in the Holy Bible. This is the main reason why this nation has prospered and become the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

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